John Maynard Keynes

Thoughts on John Maynard Keynes?

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Kind of a dumbass

How so?

He was a queer who wanted welfare for his fuckbois.

Basically, Keynes collected and catalogued his sexual activities as obsessively as other men did postage stamps (indeed that was an early hobby of his – make of it what you will). He kept detailed records of encounters, with names or initials of partners, allocated by year from 1901 – his first sexual experience, with a fellow Etonian, at age 17 – though the classification had ceased by 1925, when he married the Russian ballerina Lydia Lopokova. She was no beard – they were deeply in love, and apparently greatly enjoyed foreplay: "I want to be foxed and gobbled abundantly," he once wrote, while she referred to his "nimble fingers". He wasn't a perfect lover, however, and was rumoured to suffer premature ejaculation. Wittgenstein went on honeymoon with them, which can't have helped.

He didn't account for western world leaders importing an entirely new slave class to keep wages low.

Bi, bi-curious, gay, straight, or what? Keynes seems, successively, predominantly homosexual and then mostly heterosexual, changing his mind – radically – about the balance of his sex life in middle age, much in the way he rejected classical economics for his new theories. ("When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?") Before then – it's not known whether he was monogamous after his marriage – he was promiscuous and in Edwardian times, as now, there was plenty of cruising, if you wanted it. And Keynes did. He went "feasting with panthers" in railway carriages, Cambridge colleges, and across London – Soho and Bloomsbury were centres of this demi-monde, as were public parks and baths. One list reveals his catholic tastes: "Stable boy of Park Lane; The Swede of the National Gallery; The Soldier of the baths; The French Conscript; The Blackmailer; sixteen-year-old under Etna; Lift boy of Vauxhall; Jewboy; Grand Duke Cyril of the Paris Baths…" He had 65 encounters in 1909, 26 in 1910, 39 in 1911…

Thus did Keynes at least meet people from less privileged backgrounds and less clever than he – which may have made him more liberal and tolerant. That in turn gave his economic mission – to ensure everyone had the means of life and to enjoy the arts – a personal motivation. There were longer lasting affairs too, the most significant being with Duncan Grant, an artistic dilettante and former lover of Lytton Strachey. When the latter found out about Maynard it sparked a bitchy reaction; "Oh heaven! Heaven! The thought recoils, and I find myself shrieking and raving." Keynes was "reeking of that semen".

>tool joke

>Thoughts on John Maynard Keynes?
complete idiot.

Rent boys were not ruled out, nor ménages à trois. A Mrs Anderson, for example, was picked up because she wanted to watch "you two boys having a bit of fun together". This later developed into a foursome, with a bowler-hatted young man from Ealing joining in: Keynes nipped out to get him much as you might pop to the shops if you'd run out of milk.

The Cleveland Street Scandal of 1889 alerted wider society to the practice of men procuring GPO telegram delivery boys for cheap sex in makeshift brothels (four shillings the going rate – about £23 now). Yet even after the life sentence laid down for sodomy in an 1885 law (it's an apocryphal story that lesbianism was omitted because Queen Victoria couldn't understand it), and the trial of Oscar Wilde for gross indecency, things were less repressive in Keynes' day than in the 1950s, when police persecution and entrapment of men such as Alan Turing, John Gielgud and Lord Montagu peaked in its cruelty. One wonders what we might have lost had Keynes, who died in 1946, suffered what Turing did.

The mighty mathematician Keynes did not discover a correlation between his luck in bedding his conquests and movements in national income. A link between gross domestic product and gross indecency would have been a great discovery: about the only opportunity this econo-sexual missed.

Good ad hominem. Just because he was X or Y does not mean that he can't be right.

he was a zionist and a philosemite

it is best just not engage with Keynesian or Neo-Keynesian figureheads they are nothing more than GANGSTERS
Keynes was important for state power.... he's like a gangster innovator.

Fake and gay.

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As always, FPBP

He is the second bad thing that happened to economics after Karl Marx.

Capitalism shackles these nasty men to the desires of the people. Communism would allow these nasty men to rise to positions of total control.

Capitalism for the win!!!!!!!!!

Yet another jew promoting bullshit

The grandfather of neoliberalism.
Kalecki was the guy who foresaw everything.

But why dont they work? If they truly worked there would be a whole different situation.
The Syrians we got, the educated ones are already going home, like all normal people would do, only the retarded no good lazy scum stay. They are so retarded that when lets say the welfare stops couldnt even work, too low IQ and also small and weak, so if this is our new slave class then I think they fucked up.

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As a NatSoc, I can't help but respect his work. A lot of his ideas came naturally to the NSDAP, but he really introduced a whole new world to the Anglosphere. The main problem is that modern "Keynesian" politicians like to LARP as Austrians bitching about (((national debt))) and (((balancing the budget))). There's an interesting quote of his on the New Deal. In it, he says that he doubts democracies can ever spend enough to actually implement his ideas outside of a war. I find it so funny when people say Keynes' ideas didn't work because unemployment was still high under FDR's New Deal, and the depression didn't end until WW2. They're admitting themselves that deficit spending actually does boost the economy, but somehow don't see it.

>Said the man who worked for nastiest of governments
>for the nastiest of reasons
>with the nastiest of results

He basically "lifted" America just to be ready to sacrifice 500k of their youth to WW2 and help the Soviets and Chinese commies to survive.