Welcome to hell, as envisioned by American leftists

Welcome to hell, as envisioned by American leftists.

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Nah Zionists are the problem and you all need to die

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>all the text bubbles needed to explain
they really can't into anything

>Men bad
>Capitalism bad
>Christianity/Catholicism bad
>You didn't give some nobody magazine an interview? To hell you go.
Rent free.

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>Everyone I don't like deserves to be eternally punished for daring to disagree with me
Goodness these cunts are insane

>Goodness these cunts are insane
That's why they can't be allowed to live

>Everyone I don't like deserves to be killed for daring to disagree with me
Goodness these cunts are insane

>le ebin strawman and false equivalence
Oy vey.

Hey bros what's on your mind I think I am in the middle of a war but I am really fucking dumb so can some one please explain to me how to overcome this war we are currently in?

Always just walls and walls of text covering the image.

a condensed version

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Whoever made that gay fucking image is going to hell hate to see it.

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They are just like children. US should have physically removed communists in the 1950s, while they had the political power and national support.

Ur fucked.

Sigh... the leftist world view is just comical garbage.

>hell is for the only people who actually believe in it

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If you need things to be explained to you in fictional form, you are a retard

At least part of the shadow government is at the bottom.

Nice try Rabbi. Whatcha doin?

It becomes clear that they don't actually hate the things listed as negatives they hate the people they assign to them.

They don't hate the rich just the koch brothers because they were told to.

>robot call programmers
Can't say I disagree with that
>inb4 my cars extended warran-tee

There is too much going on in this picture. No one will see it

Why blame the programmers and not the people who pay them
After all, the programmer isn't specifically taught to so only that, he's only trying to make a living.
It's like blaming a factory worker for making a gun that killed someone.

>Women who don't support other women
I'll never get this "women are a monolith" thinking from the left.

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>men who don't like Amy Schumer go to hell

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Fuck off Israel, no one likes you

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That part is specifically referencing TERFs.
The emphasis on "other women" is meant to emphasize that trans women are women.

That's a nice pair

>the punishment for men who say women aren't funny is to be forced to listen to a female stand-up comedian
The cartoonist didn't think this one through.

Because programmers, as members of the professional-managerial class, have real agency in the economy. Their relatively high bargaining power allows them to pick where they work, and some options are less moral than others.

Truly, it staggers the mind. I bet you only find fault in this cartoon Shlomo because there is a jew depicted in the bottom.

Where is the federal reserve and the BIS? That can't be hell.

in heaven presumably.

I found Pepe!

Good point, though I really don't think they think like that.
There's no programmer's Union or anything like that.

As members of the P-M class, programmers tend to be very faithful adherents of the (neo)liberal ideology. A lot of them are outright right-libertarians.

highly doubt that
pic related
$1.5 billion/day of interest alone on the debt paid by US taxpayers in April

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Only fifth circle for internet racists? That's some shit. We need to pump those numbers up.

weird and scary

>super rich doosmday preppers in hypocrycy/heresy level
i dont follow. How do they get there?

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i have question. why do you have obsession w/ hell.

You are thinking about it too much, it is just the hate of rich people and anyone they deem to be on the "right".

Only people are the right prep.

No but seriously... how the fuck do preppers, super-rich or not arise their ire? Is it the "heresy" section in thinking that this globohomo might not last eternally?

Why blame the guards when the camp is run by the government?

Every year at Davos they meet up and talk a lot about the Pressing Concerns of the day, especially climate change, ecological collapse, wealth inequality and "political instability". But they actually use any meaningful amount of their wealth to improve the world and help avert a global catastrophe. They instead build massive underground bunkers in Alaska and New Zealand and hire consultants to figure out how to keep their guards and maids and cooks subservient even after the collapse of the global economy.

if you look closely at that image, you'll notice that there aren't any Nazis, this is a subtle nod to the fact that they were the good guys

hitler is at the bottom near the glowniggers

>tfw it features Bill Cosby

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he is, but not the rest of them

But women are not funny...

>NFL team owners
I don't get this part. What do they take issue with here? The NFL and NBA have produced more rich minorities than any other set of organizations on the planet, I thought they wanted to see minorities succeed.

Not one mention of the Fed, unsustainable debt, goldman sachs, central banks. The one consistently sleazy, underhanded, corrupting, usurious root of all evil, the financial sector and its ilk are not on the list.

now we know who drew this

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Making you obsess over public debt is a mechanism of control.
It doesn't even make any sense economically. Even ignoring the whole MMT controversy, private debt is much more dangerous than public debt ever will be, but it's never discussed with the same intensity.

Im on two minds about this. On one hand, they are the reason world is going to shit in the first place, and seeing them scurry away from the shitpile they created seems like escaping karma.
On the other hand, no single person can stop this leviathan, this infinity-nigger generator from working, without our blessed lady Ebola. Prepping seems like the only thing they could do.

Because lets be honest, what is the solution the modern world wants from our elites? Is it to not feed niggers? No, its to give all your money to install solar panels on mudhuts.

>Making you obsess over public debt is a mechanism of control.
Please. Corporate debt is the elephant in the room now. The Fed will be abolished in my lifetime. It is inevitable.
The FFR and IOER are proof of the incompetence of central banks. The 10yr/2yr curve inversion also evidence their loss of control.
Even the average schmucks of the financial sector now is having a hard time keeping up the lie and watching fundamentals go out the window.

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>All these demons & "Forced" labor.
Just don't do the work you cunts. What are the demons going to do, kill you?

Conservatives follow laws tho to be fair. Tbs, they would follow these laws for eternity.

why do these fuckers love marx so much?

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Sounds amazing, can’t wait!

like these fuckers believe in hell.

>CIA niggers, FBI, and NSA go to the worst circle of hell

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And yet they still want in for some reason.

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>Building a wood wall.
Just get some flint & steel & burn it down.

>cultural enrichment...

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this pic need to become reality

>Deep State in the lowest circle
wtf I love leftists now

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the entertaining part of this argument is that some of us are smart enough to learn from history.

Weird. Trump isn’t at the very bottom.

Is the fact that leftists hate the alphabet agencies somehow a surprise to you?

I’ve read Kings.

Either suffer now or suffer eternally.

Trump is a symptom, not the disease.
He's a uniquely vile individual, but he is the result of degeneration of American political culture, not its case.

They caved in on the pledge.

>drawn by an atheist

i've read the protocolos

If only landowners got to vote he never would have been elected.

wheres the joke in this image??

>Trump, uniquely vile individual
poor ole Trump just cant win over those pesky Jews no matter how much Jew cock he sucks

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Is there anyone in USA who likes the CIA at this point?

no, or the IRS, Fed, FBI, DOJ, and the ESF


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>the ESF
what the hell is ESF?

exchange stabilization fund
the slush fund of the cia and the central bank

look up eric deCarbonnel, frank vanderlip's grandson, for some informative videos

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also dailymotion.com/video/xn4a62

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part five

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what's with the American Right being full of finances cranks and goldbugs?

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left- right paradigms are for kikes go die nigger

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>“Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all. industry and commerce...when you realize that the entire system is very easily. controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not. have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.” -James Garfield assassinated Pres of the USA

>women who don't support other women

kek that one's pretty good actually

there is no left or right only jew boxes

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