How to know a girl is into me?

I'm too autistic to know subtle signs. Women are very subtle.
Qt girl at gym always glances at me. Not sure if she thinks I'm ugly, pretty or if she's just looking while I work out. Need help.

- What does a girl do to show she's into a guy she doesn't know yet? (Any physical clue?)
- How do I approach a girl if I think she likes me? What kinds of subjects should I talk about?

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You know everything you don't notice or understand? Start noticing and understanding that


also OP, when you start noticing it, try to understand it, because you can only understand it by noticing jt

And make sure that when you’re noticing, you not just understanding, but also really feeling what you’re understanding while noticing.

In words of pusha t
>if you know, you know.


just use your common sense bruh

Same boat as OP, all advice in this thread makes me feel isolated because:

1 Noticing things and ascribing correct interpretations to them are very different processes. People say so many things with their faces and bodies that it can be exhausting to maintain a conscious awareness of these things all the time. Asking for signs or actions to look for is asking for help sorting through an onslaught on information.

2: Understanding what you are feeling as you notice other people's actions is fairly simple, recognizing beauty, your own capacity to perceive beauty, or or someones gaze in a general sense is different than understanding an appropriate response. I can think someone is beautiful when they express something they perceive as negative or automatic, that does not mean I should address it as though we understand and feel the same things about each other

3 Telling an autist to use their common sense in this situation is like telling a guy with a flamethrower to just point it at their cigaratte and git smokin.

You don't have to consciously process each bit of information, that would be impossible to do or even explain. The OP wants something that would be impossible to provide and even harder to implement. It's a question that comes up constantly and never gets smarter correctly.

Be normal. A normal person talks to someone else and feels their intentions. You likely have a voice inside you telling you exactly what these women think of you, but you don't listen to it, for one reason or another. So the correct answer is notice the voice and understand what it is telling you. There is no manual option. Some people have successfully used marijuana or shrooms to get in touch with it.. Others might just need therapy

Here's the truth on the matter op.

If a girl likes you, the only thing that will tip you off is that she'll try and be with you more, or try to initiate conversations more. She'll smile when you're around.

The sad part is that even after this, the only sure way to tell is to ask her out on a date.

The simple "come talk to me" signal for a woman is to catch your eye and smile.

The simple way to find out if someone is interested enough in you to date you, is to approach them, introduce yourself, and ask them out on a date.

>Some people have successfully used marijuana or shrooms to get in touch with it.

fucking lol

a girl at work smiles at me everytime we pass each other she glows when she says hi she also searches the room before she sees me and smiles again but we've never got past that point as we don't have mutual friends or place that both of us hang out, how should I approach this?

You won’t ever know mate. Life is not a mathematics problem and you
rarely have complete information. Luckily you’re human and have instincts which are worth trusting, unless you’re legitimately autistic, but don’t confuse autism for social inexperience and simply overthinking things.

Thanks mates. Op here. Yes, I have to work on my insecurities, I'm not very experienced with women. This girl is beautiful seems special, introvert - she catches my attention.

OP here. I'm thinking about asking her out as soon as I get a job - I'm working on it. Thanks mate

Thanks mate.

Could any of you share similar experiences of when you liked a special girl, how did you act?

Except I get this from women in relationships. Some women are just nice so it's hard to tell.

The autism might disable that.

she'll pay attention to you more, be more likely to laugh at your jokes than anyone else, in my case she's also normally quiet but gets more talkative with me. Speaking of which it depends a lot on her personality.

same as above

>Qt girl at gym always glances at me. Not sure if she thinks I'm ugly, pretty or if she's just looking while I work out. Need help.
i can relate, but i always give the excuse to not approach her that if i hate being talked to while i am training so i think other people will too, so i just keep glancing at her hoping one day she might say something. then i go make a >tfw no gf thread on Jow Forums

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If they're in a relationship, then they're just being nice. Never assume.