Are nukes real?

Are nukes real?

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ask japan

Yes. But more importantly is quaydarius really one of the good ones?

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Bro... There's so much shit we just dont want to believe...
Just enjoy the ride.

All love.

A carpet bombing could accomplish that same effect as well, and the locals could've believed whatever they were told.
We've yet to see actual video footage of nukes that's not from a government source, and all of the nuclear detonations of recenty history (since the invention of easily transportable video recording) were all underground.
Unless a superpower is willing to use it in combat or host a demonstration to the public, I refuse to believe they actually exist.
They're just too conventient for the world superpowers to maintain the current balance and never have to worry about being overthown.

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Nukes are real, but people fear them too much. They are riddled with complexity. Landing one on target in this age might be near impossible unless it’s a defenseless 3rd world shit hole or you completely saturate defenses.
They got bored of big yields half a century ago anyways. Those monster fuckers do not fit on a missile tip lol.
There is hysteria surrounding nuclear weapons like it’s the boogie man. I don’t get it

It would be hard to have video from a non-government source though.. Just think about that for a second, nukes are most definitely real. They should have never made them.

Owen Benjamin said they don't.

Why? Just announce it that for example the US will detonate one in the middle of the desert. Then tell the public about the specifications of that detonation, so they can place video cameras on tripods and quadcoper drones in the vicinity, and set up telescope video recorders. With live streams and stuff.
Once we've seen an explosion from hundreds of different angles, I'll believe that they're real.
And it's not even that hard to set up. The US is supposed to have thousands of nukes, they could spare one for this. It'd be great for the national morale too.

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The US actually made Japan capitulate by airdropping in jews. The 'Fat man' was actually a 400-pound kike.

and he's based and redpilled. He showed a dude who worked on the manhattan project discuss how nuclear bombs aren't possible, nor are nuclear meltdowns. They are all a fear hoax and also benefit the (((oil companies))) since nuclear energy is safe, clean, and out competes combustibles.

lmao based, that would be a more dangerous entity in the long run anyway

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he should stick to comedy, he's funny, and indeed start to get redpilled.
but science wise, he's a retard.

You're going to find out soon enough.

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>the engineer who worked on the Manhattan project is retarded
it wasn't his words stupid surrender frog

i said owen is retarded, science wise.
how are we making most of our electricity in France then if nuclear power isn't harnessed?

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No. Old ladies have been living just fine around Chernobyl since it melted down. Everything nuclear is bullshit fear mongering psyops.

This isn't because of Nukes it's because I'll be thrusted into power and get to implement my plans.

You'll find out, soon enough, user

Yes, very real. The nightmare reality of these things is beyond the imagination of H. P. Lovecraft. We are right to fear these things and spending so much time negotiating to get them controlled. The US was absolutely right to execute the Rosenburgs for sharing the tech with Russia and France deserves hell for proliferating the tech to the Middle East and Pakistan.

come on toothpastebro. at least post the real version of the meme.

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I like your meme, but his is more accurate. The monkeys won't wreck the zoo if the zookeepers are doing their job right.

what if the zookeepers are niggers too?
pro tip : they are

There is a reality there but white Dems lay the path.

bro i still want to see pictures of Flint being completely dug out upside down by niggers trying to find lead pipes because the nigresse mayor lost the city plans showing the pipes. kek

>We've yet to see actual video footage of nukes that's not from a government source

Not true. Nuke tests in the 1950's were visible from Las Vegas, 75 miles away. A short-lived tourism boom ensued.

so chicago's problems stem from white democrats? baltimore? st. louis? dont look now but your nigger is showing...

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>tourism to get willingly irradiated.

Vegas wasn't typically down wind of the test sites
Also there's a reason they terminated atmospheric tests

yeah i know everything is underground now..

No, because anime isn't real

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I never seen one just on ((tv)))

Kill yourself for that gif.

Don't be an idiot. There's a development path that goes like this: 1. white male Dems 2. white female Dems 3. calls for diversity 4. black Dems 5. ruin
13% of the population doesn't ruin things on their own. They are empowered first and then they don't know what to do with the power they have.

Don't remind me

>A carpet bombing could accomplish that same effect as well
from mil standpoint and casualties and damage reports by Japs
1 nuke == 2-3 weeks of standard air-raids

If you give keys to a truck to a 11yo and he wrecks it, is it the kid's fault or yours for giving the keys to him?

Post photos or videos then. But even those tourists and tourist reports could be faked. I want live streams at this point.

are you this retarded to search on google?

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soon my friend we we have glorious shaky vertical cell phone footage of big booms that we will debate authenticity for the rest of our lives

Speaking of Chernobyl, have you watched HBO’s new series? It’s total fantasy and fear-mongering.

if youre going to strawman at least do it correctly.

albert einstein said they were impossible

who do you trust more, a german or some italian?

really, sven?

Nukes are fake and gay Jewish fear porn. Nuclear energy is just an expensive way to boil water and does not translate into a bomb. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed by advanced incendiaries, likely napalm or something similar. They had rice paper houses ffs. If you read the Jap papers after the bombings they claim many many bombs were dropped and the damage was so devastating (civilian populations knowingly and relentlessly attacked) that the Japs surrendered. Flowers were growing a week later from the ashes. Japan has not shown any signs of advanced radiation poisoning or cancer. Its all a Jewish hoax. (((Einstein))) (((Oppenheimer)))

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Yes, but they only seem to deliver 3.6 r/h...

There are people who refused to leave Chernobyl and still live there today.

1945 AP Report Shows Hiroshima Was Firebombed Prior to Claim of Atomic Bombing

Been there... with a survey meter.

Nothing but standard background, seen the burns and remaining building. There is NO, repeat NO additional radiation anywhere near ground zero.

That being said, I was not actually expecting to find any.

Nothing you don't experience first-hand is real, possibly. According to the double slit experiment anyway.

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He's scared of Generation Zyklon, Shop naming the jew spooked the shit out of him.


yes, but way under used

It's the most toxic place on earth, by far.

It was intended to be so, and was done in the name of satan. Dont think so, check this out...

Unironically, they may be not. The quality of nuclear tests footage correlates with level of development of cinema industry of the country that conducted that test, and hiroshima/nagasaki could have been fire-bombed because of surviving stone buildings right in the epicenter of explosion. While they may be nuclear explosive devices, they may not be that compact and easy to use to allow to be employed as military munitions.

No. All that bomb test footage was faked using small scale models and radiation is a meme. (((They))) (Einstein, Oppenheimer) invented it to scare us into voting for whatever regime “promises” to prevent it from happening. Japan was carpet bombed.

The Jew uses it to scare us into voting whatever they want us to vote for.

At the moment, Chernobyl is wild life paradise including endangered species.

Voting is for slaves. The Jew already owns every candidate in the race. It doesnt matter who you vote for you will get the same policies.

I was referring to inside the Sarcophagus and the fission products spread throughout the site.

Not the surrounding exclusion zone where plenty of mutations can be found in the vegetation and mammals.

The products from that core can be found in the teeth of adults who where adolescents at the time. The NSC was intended to keep all that posion on the immediate site.

Exactly my point.

Yes my father works for a nuke

yes but they arent as bad as they would like you to believe

Why does it matter? Still Diversity's little bitch in destructive capacity.

Idk am I real?

yes Owen.

Additionally, everybody has cancer, knows somebody who has died of cancer, is undergoing treatment for cancer or show significant finding during screening for cancer.

This is not a coincidence, this is not normal.

This is a result of fission products and fuel released (in aerosolized form) into the biosphere. It was deliberate, coordinated and highly effective.

>USA fakes the invention of the nuclear bomb
>Soviet Union fakes the invention of the nuclear bomb too
>USA knows Soviets faked it
>China fakes invention of the nuclear bomb
>India fakes invention of the nuclear bomb
>Pakistan fakes invention of the nuclear bomb
>Etc, etc, etc,
>USA never calls out any of them
Explain this.

what does this even mean??

>he thinks the common polack can brain
enjoy the shitposting and take it easy

detonated above the ground

Came here to post this. Based clown larping as a schizo boomer.

>Are nukes real?
Why don't you go camping in the desert north west of Vegas and see if you get cancer to find out?

Like I said, did not expect any.

You're an idiot, because of

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