I am more concerned with the survival of civilization than race...

I am more concerned with the survival of civilization than race. If blue-eyed blonde snow niggers want to run around pretending to be barbarians I am happy to see them wiped out.

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Agreed, I am putting all of my hope for the future in China

>If blue-eyed blonde snow niggers ...
Shut up, mutt. You're just jealous that you aren't part of the Aryan master race.

Civilization has already died, user. You're watching it, right now. The hope lies in saving the people who have the capacity to remake it as it once was. Our civilization is dead, and you're hearing the death rattle all around us. What comes next can be a nigger infested shit pile, or it can be rebuilt by people who already did it. Several times over.

What do you have that I should be jealous of? Show me evidence of civilization created by snow niggers.

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Civilization is a product Nordics. Without them civilizations don't exist. Chinks create ant mounds.

That statue was created by Cellini who had German ancestry. Hahahaha

What are you doing about the people who actually pose a threat to the continued existence of civilization?


"I am more concerned with the survival of civilization than race. If blue-eyed blonde snow niggers want to run around pretending to be barbarians I am happy to see them wiped out."

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OP is wise


>"civilization is a product of the nordics"

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>born in italy to italian parents
>raised in italy and schooled in italian arts
>b-b-b-but some e-celeb said his great great great great grandfather was a snow nigger or something so it counts!
okay retard

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Unironically this.

>Civilization is a product Nordics
its a product of the minoans actually

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You self-absorbed faggots really have to reign in your unwarranted and monstrous egos if you want to accomplish anything, probably even to see your race survive the century.

Same goes to you being from America. A country colonised by Anglo's.

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Civilization won't exist without whites sweety.

yes it will, but it will suck ass big time

Cellini says so himself in his biography. He is of Teutonic origin. Which is Germanic, so we're almost all of his contemporaries, including your first post.

Actually Sumerians.

The best mathematicians are Germanic you shitskin

Pfft says the Turk.

What do you mean by whites? You are conflating race with Western civilization. What makes someone white? Is some idiot LARPing as a warlock and burning down churches 'white' because of his skin color?

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> said by a greek

Stfu shitskin and fuck off out of my country

Before or after Romanization? :^)

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t. turk

>I am more concerned with the survival of civilization than race.

The two are inextricably linked you moron.

The Germanics and celts had roller bearings in their wagons and chariots wheels before the Romans arrived.

stupid wigger, you're not a nigger.

Civilization as a whole maybe, but Western civilization was kick started by Minoan milkers.

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Hilarious two Turks fighting.

Lol the ultimate gay flag has anything to say, you fagg i have been to your shithole of a country, your women carry black babies

i'm not a turkroach or a nigger.

Hellenic Master Race

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This Germanics were far more advanced in metallurgy than romans and Greeks

Most likely because everyone got in their ships to see the milkers and inevitably spread what they learned from their visits to all the neighbors.

which isn't to say that we aren't skilled in such ourselves.

Dude your women literally look black, couldnt distinguish a Turk and a Greek even if my life depended on it

Fucking paki golden dawn ape. You are all just a bunch of paki larpers. Get the fuck out.

So did the Greeks, however evidence of all of this is only suggestive at best.

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Ok fine, kick the Turks out for good this time you have my full support. Don't let them subvert your elections.

says the mongoloïd

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You are a disgrace to Hellas

i know you are but what am i?

I honestly am lost for words...
THIS guy is the leader of your (((far-right))) political party, just stfu dude

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You belong nailed to a cross

Yeah that's why half of your nation is getting ARABED, you women can't see the difference between a European and a middle Eastern dick kek

>This Germanics were far more advanced in metallurgy
Greeks had fucking flamethrowers and shit, dude. People constantly underestimate how advanced they were.

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Well hold up. I m blonde and blue eyed, but let's leave this aside. Do we look like Turks or the European side of turkey looks Mediterranean? Think about it.

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European barbarians having our time in the spotlight has been a brief historical interlude from the long-term bottom line, which is Chinese Supremacy.

Even the edgiest white supremacists admit that the average IQ in China is 5 points above that of even the best white country. And China is huge - if you look at regions and cities, some have considerably higher IQ averages than even that.

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There is no comeback to "no u" I lost

Then why are you even concerned? If race does not matter it doesn't matter if civilization falls to ashes because it will always rise again. So in short you are just a faggot.

>shilling for literal mongoloids

Stop coping, barbarian mongrels.

The world is Hellenic.

Greeks were advanced on different aspects, scientific research and logical reasoning were the major contributions of ancient Greeks, but you really can't say that Germanic races were savages, they just weren't civilized, they had a culture thou

and that, my good sir is why you don't EVER self project.

>be nigger
>move to Japan
>have nigger baby with another nigger in Japan
>that baby is Japanese????????


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What type of civilization did you have before you met the Romans?

>Philosophy since early age.
The most lauded and demanding military unit in greece and second most lauded in the world.
>fit, proficient in martial arts.

He could kill you in literal seconds, roach :^)

no, it's what is known as a mongger or a chigger.

>being this ignorant of Pythagoras, Euclid, Archimedes, Eratosthenes etc
Man, modern Greeks really have nothing to do with their "ancestors" do they

>what is white
So tiresome. I was hoping to have an actual conversation and instead you are just here to push your civnat talking points we've all hear a million times

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That person is evidently not greek. He is the shill that larps as nordic in every single thread that is about greeks.

Lurk more.

If they are not civilized, they are barbarians.

No, its still just a nigger.

not if it intends to grow up and breed, which is inevitable because it's a nigger after all.

Dude looks like a half-breed, cope harder

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are you that guy from reddit that hates his own heritage? can you shut up already?

>not white

Sorry pal, but in spite of what Jow Forums cries about, the closest reconciliation between actual science and Jow Forums science states that all of Europe, much of northern Africa and the Levant, and even as far east as central Asia and Siberian Russia, is 'white (Caucusoid, i.e. Homo sapiens with Neanderthal admixture).' Proof of this can be found in both genetic sequences and in observation of basically every major society in history being in these areas (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc.).

Literally the only Greek on this thread with an entire brain. Γειά σας!

I think we are in agreement. A nigger in Japan is still a nigger

Are you one of those plebbitors who feels its ok to post here? Go away forever please.

That's sad man

Gake and fey, no negroes in Japan

>compares ancient philosophers with modern mathematics
I know about the Greek philosophers you britbong, my point was that Germanic people contributed also to science and civilization like you did also

only God can judge me.

Nah, turk.
Dude is going to massacre a lot of your compatriots when the time comes :^)

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Skase re vlaka Kai anoikse kana vivlio xrisaugiti tis plakas

>only using Jow Forums.



I'm only concerned about whether or not everything dies in the end or everything lives forever.


>Civilization is a product Nordics.


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and as for you, God fist the queen and her death machine.

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karkino sta paidia sou, alvane.
Giati larpareis san ellinas?

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Yeah which brings us to the point of asking ourselves, why civilization is superior to barbarism?

If you honestly think that dude is white, I give up

>I am more concerned with the survival of civilization than race
Well all real civilization is white. So your statement is fucking retarded as hell.

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>snow nigger

HAHA, you even have to call them niggers because Germanics are just clearly and objectively the master race. It's true what they say, you can't insult Whites. You can insult wogs and dagos though.

Peak civilization nigger

The yakuza employ them to harass you on the street which I suppose helps them corrall basedboys into strip club and prostitution scams.

Re vlaka to narkotika pineis exeis anoiksei pote Kanena vivlio paliokathisterimene na ksestravotheis, malakismeno 10xrono

n... not bad

you're unworthy of the flag fag

>i give up
It's your natural state, sasarian.

You will be out of commission soon anyway.

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Ironically only greeks and romans created the civilization and they arent considered white among most yuropeans.

It's a product of Ancient Atlantean Nordic blood, Scandinavians never did much compared to other Germanics (Germans, Dutch, English). I reckon it's mainly due to environment and partly due to inferior genetics in relation to other Germanics.

Vikings were little more than White trash, apparently. When they went to America Scandinavians did a bunch of shit though.