It's happening dudes. MGTOW is blowing my mind. I never knew I could break the system like that. GO MGTOW...

it's happening dudes. MGTOW is blowing my mind. I never knew I could break the system like that. GO MGTOW, let women and children beg. Leave them. Be a lone wolf. Kill lust.

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based mgtow pill user.

just dont go irl with them philosophy. It triggers normies harder than natsoc.

Mgtow + nofap = next evolution

>I never knew I could break the system like that.

the idea isnt to break the system, but it does do that overtime as a side effect.
peak mgtow is when the system is functioning yet before the compulsory bachelor taxes kick in

antinatalism is actually a tier 0 redpill

MGTOW is the abortion movement for Men.

Horrible image to convey btw. Jane went to Vietnam to stop the war. John went to Vietnam ordered by the jews to massacre and rape vietnamese women.

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>save the white race
pick one
the latter is pathetic; are you too weak to put a woman in her place? so you just run away from a problem.

have sex

>just dont go irl with them philosophy

What do you mean?

Kys pedo cunt

He means it's dangerous to talk about mgtow in public


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More or less dangerous than saying you'd tap this?

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apply fight club rules 1&2 to mgtow.

dont make it a movement or group that can be combated, just do you. its that simple. no need to talk about it.

The best thing about it is the fact its the game changer that normies never considered. Thats why they bash incels so hard. they cant figure out how to maneuver or manipulate men who are already functional without sex.

>Mgtow + nofap = next evolution
No kids = no evolution

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stop participating in a competition with inferior males in order to impress females that see you as dispensable in the first place. Do NOT RUT WITH INFERIOR MALES.

>More or less dangerous than saying you'd tap this?

more. Think in terms of social control. what do you do when you cant market to and propagandize men with sex anymore.

Even if youre into underage girls, there are countries whose economy is built around having underage prostitutes. So its encouraged.

If you abstain from sex manipulation as a man,, you effectively become a wild card and access to your wallet becomes limited.

Which countries?

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MGTOW is pretty pathetic desu; and anyone who calls themselves MGTOW probably wasn't date-able to begin with.