Why are men so spineless nowadays? Not only do they not ask girls out...

Why are men so spineless nowadays? Not only do they not ask girls out, you manage to get in a relationship and they don't even want to have sex

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Fear of getting MeToo allegations if they initiate. It's a serious problem.

Men are realizing women are too much work, it’s much easier to just fap to porn

Depends, some have deeply rooted issues that keeps them from asking most attractive women out so they just decide to go with other girls that hit on them.

It's not, everyone who's having sex can see what a silly cope that is.

30% of men over 18 report having had 0 sex the last year
It's pretty high considering men are supposed to be the more lustful sex

By now people have figured out that sex isn't as big a deal as it's often made out to be. It doesn't actually FEEL much better than masturbation, it's only better due to the emotional highs that come with it. You can achieve emotional highs elsewhere in life and just masturbate, won't really lose out on much.

False. If you are going to post a meme statistic at least get it right. Posting lies will only make you look like a low intellect incel.

Why do we have so many bawwwwing/venting threads on Jow Forums now?

>muh "PROOOFFS???!!! IN KEL IN KEL IN KEL" retard

Jesus Christ shut the fuck up

>30% of men over 18
This is what you said. Your link says otherwise. Are you stupid or a liar?

Premarital sex is a sin


I have a better question, why is this board filled with bait threads

>men are finally realizing that most women are vapid cunts who only cause problems
>durr y r men spineless xDdD

Because Jow Forums is leaking again.

>Single, stress-free, only obligation is your job, and you can spend the rest of your time for yourself, maybe go to a hooker or pickup a tinder slut once every 3 months.

I wholeheartedly believe women were send by the devil. The apple is not the forbidden fruit. Eve was.

Wanting to have sex with a woman is sexual harassment.

Who hurt you, user

True, it's zero partners since turning 18, which is even worse.

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More like why women are so unattractive that men rather prefer vidya.

Dumb. Wtf is wrong with you guys that you think all women are evil. You have never met a nice woman in your life dumbfuck?

I've met plenty but they're all with guys much better than me. That's just how it is. So I cope with videogames and fictional women

women are nice at a distance

That such a lonely sad life though. I don’t blame you 100%, because it is more difficult, but I don’t blame you 0% either.

It’s not that bad out there user. It’s just shot in a certain order, no different than leveling up in a video game

That's surprisingly accurate. Decent women date decent men, not people like us.

It's not that sad user. The loneliness hits me hard some times but other than that I'm reasonably happy with my lot. I have a good life, I do lots of sports and I really love my videogames and waifus.

I hear you, but it’s still a shell of a life. Life is meant to be enjoyed with other people. Even good friends can provide intimacy that you and I and everyone else need.

But companionship with a mate is the best. We have to work a little bit to be ready, but do you really think no one is out there for you? No woman lonely just like you. There are shitloads of lonely women out there. Fucking oceans of loneliness

Pretty much true.

Perhaps if women were more interesting than video games, men would pursue them instead.

Everyone is indecent at some level. You have gone down this road a long time, you can take a different path as well but you have to try.

Decent guys have jobs and actual hobbies.

Some women like video games, most younger women at least tolerate them. You guys all think you’re undateable, women and men put up with a lot of shot. You’d be surprised

>video games isn't a hobby because i say so

I'm not decent on any level that makes me datable yet I'm indecent in many ways which make me undatable. To get a partner I would have to fundamentally change who I am, which begs the question of why even bother? Clinging to some false hope of getting a gf? Actually getting a gf is about as probable as winning the lottery for me and it makes no sense to steer my life in a direction which will likely end in failure.

But i'm a fucking stud. Most lonely girls are lonely because they ugly af, or have an african baby, or just overall is a terrible person.

But yeah you do need a job. Vids are tolerable, not having a job is not acceptable to vast majority of women.

Can’t get a job or won’t?

>actual hobbies.
I know some good women who enjoy video games. Unsurprisingly they're not single though.

I do have friends I enjoy being with, but I'm kind of a loner so I need a lot of alone time. I was super depressed before I started filling my free time but now I'm quite well thanks to all the exercise and self care I do.

I'm sure there are lots of lonely women out there but there are plenty of great men for them that will actually put in the effort to date them and not stumble over themselves like me, so it's all good.

For fun they might be friends someone that plays videos games all day but they would never consider that person a serious contender for being a bf.

Ok but that’s just the ones you know. Surely you must know that statistically not ALL women that like games are taken. That would be impossible

For a time period of one year. Ages 18-30. At least get your facts straight. Why is it literally impossible for incels not to lie?

There are goofy women that stumble over guys user :). There is a woman out there that is lonely and would be perfect for you, but she is sad because she can’t find you. You’re really not that difficult from most guys: most people on this planet are not happy, most have some kind of insecurity and mental illness.

Just try and meet some shy girls like you, try like 3 girls. You’ll see that you aren’t some Quasimodo but really a pretty normal dude

Women who play games are flooded with male attention, I don't have anything special to offer.

Lots of boyfriends / husbands play vids all day. It’s pretty common. It’s not healthy but it’s damn common

>actual hobbies
such as...? drinking? watching sports?

Well don’t hit them up on gaming sites. Hit up women on dating sites, they are not taken or they wouldn’t be on there. Ease in to gaming slowly

>Hit up women on dating sites, they are not taken or they wouldn’t be on there
Really? Online dating is even worse for this. Anything online is to be quite honest.

>dating sites are the worst place for finding girls to date
What did he mean by this?

My ex would ignore me all day to play video games and then expect me to come over to have sex. He's throw autistic fits when my libido dipped/I wasn't interested because it was literally this all the time.

Asking them out doesn't mean that they will instantly grant you the access to their pussies if you're an average-looking male. Although I do pray every night that fine maiden of the female gender one day would be kind enough to let my penis into their vagina and finally take my virginity, hopefully hers too.

Ah, I see you've never been a man on a dating site

I have. Sounds like you haven't.

What I mean is that women on dating sites are flooded with male attention much like they are playing video games.

*that a fine maiden

Praying is useless. You need to just try. Learn, ask around, get better.

What you think your prayers will be answered and pussy will just fall from the sky? Nah

Shy girls like that tend to have lots of guys after them because protector instinct, plus it's quite hard for two shy people to meet anyway. I remembered once I tried Tinder and it took me like a week to work up the courage to say hi to one of my matches. That's kinda when I realized dating is better left for the confident, assertive guys. I'm really not a catch by any means, just a regular guy trying to be happy.

So? Guys still get dates, it’s a numbers game user

>What you think your prayers will be answered and pussy will just fall from the sky? Nah
No? Just praying for an opportunity, that's all. I've already put in a lot of effort and I've approached girls of all ages. :)

8 year olds don't count you dirty dog

Well praying for an opportunity will not happen either. You need to go where women are, dating sites is one option. Also large companies have a ton of women, depending.

Like o said it’s a numbers game, maybe 20-30 women before you start figuring shit out. Yeah

>it’s a numbers game
I think that is what that other guy was complaining about.
He is drowned in the numbers.
It is the McDonald's of social interaction.
You don't find the one you want but you get presented with so many people who don't want you.

VR porn is almost here. The last valuable thing women had going for them has almost be automated. Men are checking out.

Cost-benefit analysis. Literally nothing is worth doing anymore. I think everyone who is cognisant or even subconsciously somewhat aware of the current situation is just waiting for it to fall apart.

That’s a value you put on women. they’ll be fine without you, lol.

It’s not falling apart. There has always been a hierarchy or a class structure. Even in a collapse “you” would still be someone’s bitch.

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of course, but the current iteration of that is a pretty big joke

>le everything was better in the old days and modern society is collapsing meme

People in general are having less sex because everyone is alienated and depressed and sees no point in building a future with someone or putting effort into even throw away pleasure, but no one gives a shit about women caring less about sex because it's not culturally shocking.

Why are women such cunts nowadays that men would rather play videogames than put up with them for even half an hour?

Are you saying it was different before?

Both are true without contradicting each other. The percentage of young men with no sex in the past year and the percentage of young men with no sex since turning 18 are both rising and are unsurprisingly correlated.

you could beat them

When and where was this?

There is a big difference though. 28% of men vs 18% of women.

There should be more data on this, one single data point isn't enough to treat is as gospel, especially when there is no rational reason behind that apparent anomaly.

I don't disagree with you but I think there is an actual problem underneath all of this. If you pay attention to social media the zeitgeist seems to be desperation, loneliness, hopelessness, low self esteem, negativity in general.
And I do think this is affecting young men harder than young women. Young women have the feminist movement as something to empathize with each other, to give them a sense of belonging and support in trying times. Men don't really have these support structures available and it is easier for them to fall into ruts. There is also that the societal expectations of genders and the perception of them are changing. Yes, most men are normal people, but the fact remains when you listen to the news or media anything about women is usually positive (to the degree that woman is basically an intrinsically good thing in popular perception) and anything about men tends to be either neutral or negative, and these things DO affect men even if you have no reason to identify with the bad apples.

I don't know. All I know is that something is wrong. Most of my male friends are somewhat depressed and in this "it is what it is" mindset where we just drift through life, working a job without really much to look forward to. The ridiculous number of male suicides also seem to indicate there is something wrong there. It also doesn't help that when anyone brings up any of these issues you instantly get shut down by idpol people telling you "omg muh male feelings!!! Noone cares!!!". In fact I would say "noone cares" sums up the young male experience pretty well

19th century.
And you could marry a girl before she rode the cock carousel and you could build a family with her before the old hags pushed for age of consent to be raised because they couldn't compete with younger girls.

Not him but I won’t. Fuck wageslavery


>there is no rational reason
There is a rational reason you just disagree that this might be it.

Where does your knowledge of the 19th century come from? Jow Forums memes?

What's the rational reason? Because the rise in sexlessness is easily enough explained but not the apparent gap between males and females.

Why do normies and whiteknights feel the need to sell, like a telemarketer, sex and relationships? It’s very strange to me. A guy wants to stay inside instead of providing a females with her 100th offer for a date. So what? She’ll be taken care of one way or another. Just let men cope with the emptiness of life how they see fit.

>the apparent gap between males and females.
women can find a casual partner much more easily than a man. There we go, a plausible explanation.

Nope, I've read a lot of books. Or what is your view of the 19th century?

Females have sex with more partners per capita

Men can easily find a sexual partner. Easier than ever. Not a plausible explanation.

Is this backed up by statistics? Answer: no. In fact statistics show the opposite.

If everyone is struck with low self esteem, the gender that can still have partners even while being passive will naturally still have more sex than the other one.

>Men can easily find a sexual partner. Easier than ever.
Far less easily than women

Not really. It is always easy for a man to find a sexual partner if he lowers his standards and just keeps at it. Actually the same as for women.

You're legitimately deluded

Elaborate why you do not agree and why you got so triggered.

So women have less sex than men? Is that why there are more male virgins?

Generally women have a bit less sexual partners. And what makes you think there are more male virgins?

Stop taking his bait. Even if you're trolling with common sense, you lose

Men have on average more partners because those surveys usually take into account only sexually active men, and since there are more virgin men obviously the ones who do have sex will have more partners

Those surveys are based on honesty, so dosent make for good data. It’s not data that can be used in any scientific way at least.

>men arent asking girls out
>be 5/10male
>have to aim for 3/10girls because hypergamy
>she is still not happy about it