Moloch fags BTFO

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Civil War 2 incoming

Looks like I'm moving to Dixie.

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No it’s not.

abortion should be the default. parents must show ability to financially support child to not abort.

>feminist tears

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Fucking finally

If you haven’t taken a morning after pill, eaten ru-486, or otherwise gotten your shit together by 8 weeks: fuck you, you don’t get an opinion.

8 weeks is as good a time as any

too bad you're a nobody with zero power so your bullshit rules are meaningless.

The demoncrats lose all their power once the abortions stop. Satan will destroy them once they are unable to give him what he wants.

Roasties vaginas look like a Lion's Choice roast beef sandwich covered in horseradish sauce now I'm fucking hungry for Lion's Choice and I don't live in Missouri.

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All roasties must line up for the day of the toast.

so let me see they cry that the can't abort after 8 weeks?

How retarded are woman? After the first 2 weeks they should notice that something is wrong with their period. aka not happening.

No, people will just abandon the south even more.


God and his son Lord Jesus Christ are on our side.

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holy fuck you are not going to handle the future very well, son

Close your fucking legs and stop rawdogging it with every fucking stranger that walks by

At this rate, secession is probably the end game

Fuck off kike

I'm sure this won't backfire.

What does this mean. Explain it to me like I'm retarded.

Even if you support pro life you have to admit it’s fucking crazy how they all start passing these bills at the same time. There’s something kind of unsettling about it.

how about no have SEX
>did'nt they teach you in SEX ed how babies are born?

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So you have two fucking months to decide if you want your baby or not. Condoms are still available. Plan B is still available. Pregnancy tests are still available. 1 month after fertilization you should know if you are pregnant.


That’s the art of war faggot

>States filled with nonwhites banning abortion

We've got the court now
Lots of organizations have been waiting for that to happen, 2nd amendment orgs too.

>be southern
>it was beautiful growing up
>towns were wholesome
>people kind-hearted
>very, very low crime
>catching crawdads in streams, fishing and hunting with dad
>witness the last 10 years
>deluge of foreign license plates
>cities become shittier and shittier
>the people become meaner
>a drive by shooting occurs in a town that never had such things
>people getting murdered while hiking
>all of the newcomers are rude, spiteful, and destructive
>gradually, you come to hate yankee and cali transplants
Yes. Please "abandon" the south, you fucking swine. Like you moving here in droves has done anything but degrade and debase wholesome southern communities. Go pay your taxes in your shithole states. You should be forced to suffer the consequences of your vile choices.
If pro-life laws keep y'all out, that's reason enough for me.

People are moving here more than ever, pal.

Yeah, its evil northern whites, not your native goblinos and 13%ers

>all the black states ban abortions
>a way higher percentage of southern whites have the money to send their pregnant daughters north

I'm surprised so few of you see what's happening. Make America Black Again!

>Yeah, its evil northern whites
Can't speak for Texas, but yeah, they are objectively evil.

Wouldn't they be imprisoned if they came back? Get an abortion, never see home again.

Looks like that post birth abortion bill passed a few montjs ago caused a little bit of a backlash.

No worries Thots you got plenty of time to travel to Wisconsin to kill your babies.

it punishes doctors not the whores

the civil war is ending. The war on the unborn is finally finishing

>Increasing the nigger population
Have you all no shame?

This is why you will always be a shithole. You refuse to accept responsibility for your own people's actions.

Moloch is always fed.

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Hey, slack-jawed jizz brain: you read that wrong you cheese faced penis fish.


>According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States -- that's roughly 2,000 per day. Of those, there are 115 child "stranger abduction" cases each year, which means the child was taken by an unknown person.

Oh no all the kikes and lefties and niggers and satanists are going to leave the south what ever will they do without you.

moloch reptilians btfo

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shit is lit senpai

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Use a condom or a birth control pill you dumb bitch.

Parents should show the ability to support a child before they can have sex.

My city is being flooded with faggots from Washington, Oregon and California. I would be more than happy for them to leave. Nashville used to be a nice city before they all showed up.

Why should he? Reconstruction fucked the south over and still does to this day. Why don't you go suck off some Jews?

There isn't much (((discussion))) about how this might be pushback for the late term abortion states.

So, be happy. Nut in women and fill them with your seed. Not worried about it at all.

For the too many niggers crybullying, good. It will make New Africa happen faster, maybe before the entire US is filled with Mexishit. Once the US balkanizes, our greatest ally won't be able to fuck us so hard. Everybody wins.

>at eight weeks
that's two months.
Aren't abortions limited by x amount of months already?
What was the legal period before?
Hell... What a barabaric society.

>What was the legal period before?
Generally 20 weeks.

Ahhh, NY late term abortion laws that were passd months ago are already memory-holed

>Allowed latest available abortion ever
>its a good thing, its not cotroversial, goy
>its for babies with deathly birth defects or mothers who may die from giving birth, about .2%

Past month
>States begin to restrict abortion to less than 10 weeks.
>its a bad thing,the most controversial laws ever, goy
>B-but what about the incest? What about the rape? 98% of all pregnancies are caused by incest and rape!!