When the left tries to mock your position but they actually get it right

>when the left tries to mock your position but they actually get it right

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das racist

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I don't believe a child should be killed because their mother wants to keep their beach body tight. In other words, I am against killing living, genetically-distinct humans for convenience at any stage in their life cycle. THis position has nothing to do with me refusing to vote for officials who will tax me under penalty of fines and jail time so they can inefficiently throw money at people. Especially since all the welfare over the past 55 years has only marginally reduced poverty rates while leading to the destruction of poor and minority family structures.

Jewish children cannot be innocent and it's ok to kill them.

>until the baby is transgender

This person really gets me. Would gas last.


Isn't the left the biggest supporters of killing nig and spic babies though?

the didn't get anything right, as usual. Might as well have a sign saying You're Pro-Cookie, Until Cupcake.

Pro responsibility

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Aren't there more blacks in America than ever before despite the abortions?

Like black US populations in terms of percentage are higher than in the past.

>pro-lifers don't care for the disabled
That's just false

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If my baby was a sick disabled poor transgendered gay black mexican I'd definitely abort it.

Ultimately I just want disgusting whores to have to conform to decency and social mores. I know there will always be failures in that standard, but the majority matters, not the unfortunate exceptions. Give it a generation, maybe two, and women will be back to not being such openly hypergamous skanks. Also as a sidenote, niggers and other assorted browns aren't people; if they don't conform it doesn't matter. They shouldn't breed because frankly they shouldn't Be. We'll fix that without women's political power and return to human normality.

the worst thing is that the typical cuckservative unfortunately dont think like that

So liberals think gay is the halfway point between black and Mexican now?

You know what effective lowers both crime and welfare rates? Abortion.

Those people eventually self-abort anyways so I'm still comfortable thinking you shouldn't kill babies.

So we all agree that it is a baby now and they’re still ok with killing it.

>a gay baby is half black and half mexican

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A more effective way of accomplishing this would be to take away child support. Unwed pregnancy would drop to 0.

My newborn son grabbed a pink toy once. Time to cut his penis off.

Fuck those social mores, they're worthless holdovers from the agrarian era holding our species back. Complete garbage, monogamy is the only norm with value from back than.

Abortion is 1st degree murder in its most basic form. You don't want another human to live so you take it upon yourself to have them killed. Case closed.

wrong, also babies can't be transgender or gay

We should abort all of those things, and allow abortions after it child is born.

These people have never actually engaged with a pro-life person. They have no idea what they believe. They get all their information about them second-hand, through TV and facebook memes.

>transgender babies
good god

I'm atheist and would want to get an abortion if the child was retarded or otherwise had a moderate to severe physical disability. My girlfriend is Christian and says she wouldn't consider abortion in any scenario. Thoughts? I suppose adoption is an option

Just abort the entire black bar, and we'd be golden.

this all comes down to sluts' wanting to have frequent, unprotected sex with random men and not have consequences afterward

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It's remained steady, because 60% of black pregnancies are aborted.

When has the right ever advocating for murdering babies post-birth?

It's not a human being yet. Abortion may stop a beating heart but there's barely a brain at that point. Fetuses aren't conscious and can't think, better to give 'em a mercy killing than create even more unwanted children.


>>transgender baby
Yeah right.

That's true, the developement of sexual conducts begins when the sex hormones start kicking in. There is no trace of sexual urges in prepubescent childs unless they are taught to react in certain ways to sexually inciting situations. They are just kids lol.

>transgender babies

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>mercy killing
Flag checks out.
We confiscated all your food. Better to just kill you all now instead of starving. It's the merciful thing to do.

>transgender baby

America was a mistake

HERE I fixed it for you

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>kulaks burn their crops
>it's the government's fault

And Stalin banned abortion anyway after the early Soviets legalized it.

Epic post

Not murdering means endless welfare

>When has the right ever advocating for murdering babies post-birth?

> "kill all niggers"
> "kill all muslims"
> "kill all jews"
> "kill all spics"
> "kill all libshits"
Every single day on this board, newfag...., and we're not wrong.
Try to keep up.

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So the left isn't advocating for killing children? Only the right is?
Or are you saying that they both advocate for it?
And the right, understood as Christian's does not advocate for killing anyone.
The left though is very much pro abortion as a block, even for post birth abortions.
So in the end the left is much more bloodthirsty than the right will ever be.


Ghosties gon ghost

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Nobody is born LGBT. its aquired after birth.

Its also a fallacy to think that if i dont want my neighbors to murder their child im somehow obligated to pay for and adopt said child.


Protester gets my position perfectly correct. We should codify that sign as law.

Theyre still having the same number of kids though, abortion is irrelevant. Each negress in the country could have 20 abortions each and still maintain their current 1.7 fertility rate over the next 5 years...

Good parenting, a loving home environment, a community built of shared common morals and values, clean schools, decent police presence?

I disagree. It's fate. You can't pray the gay away or use medication to fix a mental illness that manifests in deviant behavior. It doesn't work. Transgenders are killing themselves at 40% of the population per year, and 200K of them are contracting incurable deadly diseases per year at current rates (HIV/AIDS for example)

Jow Forums has never said to kill "nigger babies"...

Yes and?

> what does "post-birth" mean?
Anons on Jow Forums actively advocate for killing off entire ethnic, religious & political demographics all day every day.
I'm perfectly fine with that.
To engage in some sort of convenient virtue signaling denial that it never ever happens here on this "board of peace" means that this is either your very 1st day here or that you are simply a full of shit LARPer.

Use a condom or a birth control pill you dumb bitch.

100% accurate for race at least. Heterosexual whites need to be protected, regardless of income level.

Although gay is a learned behavior, and occurs well later on in life.

All drug addicts, non-whites and communists should be genocided. Disabled whites can be cared for by the state. People who get sick are responsible for themselves regardless of income level.

How can a "blob of cells" be any of those things? Are leftists going full 180° now and admitting an blastocyst/zygote/embryo/fetus is a person or ....

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>scientists find LGBT gene
>degeneracy gets wiped out in one generation

Based Watson

>I'm pro choice unless the mother is owning a firearm, refusing to bake a gay cake, practicing christianity, calling someone by the wrong pronouns, having a sexual preference for members of her own race, refusing to be subjected to repressive foreign cultures, having conservative political views, speaking openly about basic biological realities, ....

Anons in Jow Forums did not pass a bill that let's a mother kill her child.
Anons on Jow Forums aren't right wing, or the left wing, or libertarian. They are ultimately a contra culture "movement", and even that is a stretch.
If you think that this is a representation of the right wing you are delusional or a newfag.

stop being rational

>the denial is strong in this one
It is your 1st day here then.

>things that don't carry an innate death penalty for 1000, alex.

Johnny Johnny aryan edition

> aren't conscious and can't think
So I can kill you while you're sleeping?

Enh, you never felt weirdly attracted to / repelled by girls as a kid? Knew they were something but you didn't know /what/?

Abortion of unplanned babies should be allowed once with a mandatory sterilisation of the woman and the man.

Oooh, ow - based and harsh-pilled.

A poor gay black mexican tranny who's disabled and sick?
God damn, if I was born like that I'd pray for the sweet release of death.

I remember in 1st grade I had a huge crush on this blonde girl named Sara.
One day she sneezed and got up walking to the trash barrel/tissues with a foot long strand of boogers hanging out of her nose.
That's literally all I remember.