How realistic is this? can it happen in real life?

how realistic is this? can it happen in real life?

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It is very realistic and one of the most peaceful feelings anyone can experience

I do it every day. I’m older and went through a lot of pain, but I have peace now. It’s pretty great

Agreed. Sounds corny as shit but love really gives meaning to life

What are you asking for advice on?

Lesbians? I mean sure... rare but it can happen.

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Yes, you sperg, other people live fulfilling, romantic lives where they can sleep with a person they deem great. Get outside more and maybe you'll be like that guy someday.

Highly. It’s a common experience.

Yes, unironically better than sex. At first sex is better, but holy hell once you get over those hormone ridden first months there's nothing better than cuddling with the one you love. Especially on a cold, rainy day.

on weekends and vacation

>Get outside more and maybe you'll be like that guy someday.
but i have autism, im not a love person or so

Realistic for whom? For the normies? Yes. It comes part and parcel with that that. People like me? Or just me? No, not realistic at all. Unless hugging body-pillows counts. Some people are just meant to be alone

Sexual intercourse is meh compared to jacking off to a nice porno, but nothing beats a good post-sex cuddle

do people fuck in real life? it's not just some porn thing?

I have the same question. I’ve never heard it, seen it, or smelt it. The only problem with denying its existence is having to explain where children come from. Furthermore, when would the normies let me in on the joke? “No, there is no such thing as sex.” Sort of like Santa Claus. A societal meme meant to keep people dreaming or whatever

Or, you could try to better yourself and meet people halfway like any other “normie” does.

No. The amount of effort required to catch up to where I should have been in high-school socially is not worth reward. I’d rather be alone than spin my wheels everyday trying to become something I’m not

Children are evidence that people have sex sometimes. There is usually a good break between kids so it can't be that often.

irl it would be a black male and white woman

Yeah. But considering there are 7, almost 8 billion people, that means there is a minimum of 7-8 billion instances of sex. This seems far too frequent.

This, especially if her white “bf” was at work completely unaware of the fact that his gf was fucking niggers

Good for you i guess. You made a choice to be alone, dosent mean that others have to. Or that it is particularly hard to find someone to spoon with.

For Chad

I never said, nor would I ever say that others have to be alone. It’s a statistical fact, however, that around 1% of the population dies virgins. Not that that means they are necessarily alone, nor that virginity is the only measure of loneliness.
Anyhow, you say
>that it is particularly hard to find someone to spoon with
Completely ignoring everything I said about myself. No woman wants to deal with a socially retarded 22 yr old virgin who lives with his mom, has no friends, is still in college, and refuses to work.

i'd assume every man and woman has sex once or twice to get a child, so that's a lot of fucking, many billions of fucking

I fucked my ex a lot. Like every other day. We would have ended up with more kids if her vagina wasn't retarded.

it just looks so odd seeing a white woman with a white man, i know it happens but i don't see it much. for some reason when i see a white couple i subconsciously think them must be racist.

Yeah man. I immediately assume they have some niggers swinging from the tree in their backyard. Fucking crackers

Literally me and my girlfriend, minus our dog

americans and dogs, I don't get it. you'll stand there and watch them shit on a sidewalk then pick it up and carry it around and whats with taking animals on airplanes. I get it in some third world shit hole taking your goat or chicken with you on a bus but damn americans buy plane tickets for their doggie

It actually gets super warm, and at some point you feel like you need your own space. It's still pretty nice though. Also you can slap her ass with your dong if you wanna bang in the morning or even just for fun.