Christchurch Call

To Prayer

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This traitorous cunt always sporting that fake look of concern on her annoying face. Women will be the downfall of western civilization.

Why is this guy wearing a hijab?

>"Look how far I can spread my legs!"


have been

she should just convert to Islam. Her virtue signaling isn't good enough

Good on her for showing solidarity with the victims of a Zionist Jew-loving terrorist cunt.

Why is she wearing the hijab incorrectly? It's meant to cover all the hair. Is this meant as a deliberate insult to Islam?

Nice Muslim trap

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Saint Baruch Goldstein

You kikes have no shame.

>empowered womyn
>wearing symbol of oppression

The irony of these ultra libs defending the most conservative ideology on the planet never ceases to amaze me

They are certain they can subvert and destroy it like they did Christianity

>The irony of these ultra libs defending the most conservative ideology on the planet
The irony of Jow Forums thinking it's anti-liberal to oppose the most conservative ideology on the planet.

Shut the fuck up, Ahmed.

Fuck off Jew

Ramadan a ding dong. Asuka a salem.

wamans should never have been allowed out of the house

>hurrr ur a kike
Take your hook-nosed cousin Schlomo by his grabby paws and fuck off both of you.

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Oh, good now Muslims know not to rape her because she already belongs to them.

>Woman dresses modestly
>Far right: Fuck that bitch!


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Dressing like a trash bag is not modesty.

yeah our western ways of dressing women is so much better!

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I'm glad kiwis can't post here anymore. They were probably the worst posters next to Canadians. I can't wait for Canadians to fuck off also.

They weren't taught good posture in school.