Fuck I hate it when these 94 percenters dye their hair blonde

Fuck I hate it when these 94 percenters dye their hair blonde.
Actually people dying/bleaching their hair is just infuriating in general.

Is Europe like this?

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Ashley Benson looks pretty European.

Dyed blonde hair only looks strange on non-Europeans.

Why? It looks fine on her. I don’t mind it if the person is white and can actually pull it off like pic related.

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>Dyed blonde hair only looks strange on non-Europeans.


In america most of the southern white girls bleach their hair at least from my experience

hair bleaching is an ancient practice that probably started off as a side effect of using horse piss and other folk remedies to delouse hair.

Some bitch had hair fungus, lice, and knotted hair... poured horse piss on it and ended up blond.

>blonde hair
>dark brown eyebrows
>pulling it off

I think she pulls it off well. Most people with blonde hair don’t have the exact same color eyebrows anyway.

>Actually people dying/bleaching their hair is just infuriating in general.

I fucking agree, people just can't accept who they were born as and always want to be something different. It's why so many people are miserable and need anti depressants just to function.

It looks better on her this way,some contrast is nice
Maybe if they dye their hair,to me one of the biggest turn offs with blondes(or rather one of the main attractions of brunettes) is the eyebrows,browlets are fucking disgusting

yes, a lot
the only places with actual blondes are in northern europe

Scandiwaifu has lighter eyebrows and lashes than her hair. Says she needs to dye them to look like she has any facial hair, and complains that a lot of Nords who dye their hair darker - or red - forget about coloring the eyebrows to match, and look like alien freaks in wigs (pic related).

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>I think she pulls it off well. Most people with blonde hair don’t have the exact same color eyebrows anyway.
They are distracting. The contrast draws attention to the eyebrows. She does not pull it off at all.
>It looks better on her this way,some contrast is nice
It is too much.


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this, if you're going to dye your hair, dye your fucking eyebrows too!

You can see that she is actually dirty blonde in her real hair color, but she painted it white on the ends. you often see natural blondes with shifting colors.

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Many, many shitskin thots dye their hair blonde

Kinda weird to know that white features will never die because people will be artistically imitating them til the end of time.


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>natural blondes with shifting colors.
I'm one of those dirty-blondes who's hair is mostly brown, and even looks black when it gets wet. Is there a way to make it go towards the less-cucked side of the spectrum and have more lighter hairs?

our girls dye their hair black...

Go outside.
My hair gets lighter in the summer and after prolonged hair exposure.

Half the blondes I know (real blondes) have darker eyebrows.

Keep it clean and airy. Grease and sweat will darken it.

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>tfw no cute swedish gf from before the cuckening

thist. same settis

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I agree


>Fuck I hate it when these 94 percenters dye their hair blonde

It's so much worse than that. In Southern California there is an epidemic of asian, black, and mexican women with blonde hair. It's pathetic, really.

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A lot of people don’t even know she’s not a real blonde. The contrast is cool.

Now this looks weird.

Brown eyes? weird weird facial structure. Exactly what kind of mutt is this?

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All of Europe except for Germany and the Nordic countries have fewer natural blondes than the US. That said, you're not such a virgin that you think natural blondes don't have darker roots even without dye?

Welcome to the jungle, baby. Wait 'till all the black men start doing it.

I have no idea what that creature's genetic makeup consists of. Image search result to approximate what waifu complains about.

Immigrant scum on average go for the blonder hair colors. The black hair is camouflage.

she's a poo larping as a white woman

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>I'm one of those dirty-blondes

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But there are plenty of blonde men?

This ginger one's a Finnish "supermodel". Same eyebrow complaint.

Fashionfags seem to like their women as alien and off-putting for your average male as possible.

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I'm blond and my eyebrows are dark.

Lemon juice and sun. Start with the ends. Avoid hydrogen peroxide it gives a weird brassy tone that is fake

I think it’s really sexy.
And I’m blonde, I have black eyebrows. My beard has black, white, red, ginger, brown hairs in it. Maybe I’m just self selecting?
I’ve seen comments on here that having black eyebrows means you’re not a natural blonde, that’s not so.

Why can't women just be satisfied with their natural hair color? half the dumb whores in this country have dyed blonde hair

Was it you who said this last time or is there a bunch of dumb going around? No offence but are you white. Do not say yes without proofs. I’m wondering if other races don’t understand what they are seeing.

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I’ve got hair dye - yeah what I just said is all true but another thing mutts might not know is blondes go blonder from exposure to sun. That’s something we don’t have here on this North Atlantic rock. I haven’t used any for a while but I’ve dyed my beard blonde, brown and almost white - that went wrong though it looked like milky custard. I’m a big of scar monkey so I was going through a Gerult of rivia stage.

when I lived in Germany this is one of the many things that made me realize that all the real Germans died in world war II in the people that are left are disgusting immigrant worshipping cowards.

her eyebrows are pretty dark. add to this that her hair looks dry and fried and one solid color and it ends up looking really shitty and fake

>that extreme filter

Stop posting this coal burner

Most blonde hair doesn't stay that color. Like redheads, it either gets darker or loses most of its color. My sister, for example, started out as a light blonde little girl and it had darkened to a regular blonde by the time she was twenty. Now she's in her earlier 30s and her hair is almost brown with a couple gray hairs.

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that's pretty hot


Pretty common in real life

Sweden is (or was when I grew up there). Any chick that wasn't born a blonde would dye their hair.

27 here
My strawberry blond hair color hasnt changed much since childhood

That's what happened to me as I got older. Started out as a light blonde little kid, now at 35 its a medium brown with a few blonde highlights.

some of us are natural. hitler was a huge fan. good times!

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hers are very dark though

jawbased and ayypilled