White people dont wash their legs

So there is a huge twitter controversy on twitter going on. Thousands of white people admit that they never wash their legs and feet when they are in the shower.


Black People making fun of stinky whitey:

twitter.com/search?src=typd&q=white people shower legs

Americans that own a pool use it instead of their showers:



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Imagine washing away beneficial skin oils, stupid brown goyim

>Showering every day at all
Another trick. You should only shower once every 2-3 days, depending on your climate.

>white people allegedly dont wash legs and feet often
>black people do, but dont take showers ever
This begs the question. If white people are so bad at hygiene, why is it the niggers that smell like literal shit?

so the British traditions still alive till this day in Australia?

If we are not washing our legs and feet why have met more stinky blacks in my life in a supposed white country?

Showering every day is a modern trick to push more soap usage, and then ultimately moisturizers because it dries your skin out like fucking crazy, especially if you have hot showers. If you shower every day now, enjoy looking like a prune by the time you hit 40. If you are going to fall for the "shower every day" meme, at least have cold showers.

Niggers get noticeably ashy skin so they have to wash their legs to get the dead skin off.
Normal people just
wash their hair, pits, genitals, and assholes.

it's the skin colour that gets your nose confused

Who cares what brown people think
>washing away your skins oils everyday
And niggers wonder why theyre are so ashy

I was at a restaurant the other day and we thought the sewage system broke or something. Then a black couple got up and left and it got better

Probably a coincidence

Washing your feet with the same cloth aw you watch your body is how you get fungal infections like jock itch. I wash my feet but I always use a separate cloth, same with my ass. It's mostly white women saying they don't wash their legs and feet also.

holy shit, I'm not the only one doing this? I never wash my legs, feet or tummy

There is no feeling like fresh bed linen and washed legs.

I mean really, this white people don't bathe meme makes no sense when blacks straight up smell bad. Also Arabs fucking stink too.

Women are disgusting, so I'm not surprised by this. In order I was face, neck hair, arms, torso, back, groin, arse, legs, feet. Feet get a good scrub, between the toes too because I like the feeling of being clean. I lather up and rinse off everything.

Are smelly brown people really talking about hygiene right now?

The worst is when non whites use body spray instead of bathing so you get a cloud of cheap body spray and B.O mixed, it'll make most people gag.

I shower everyday twice a day since highschool. One before going to work and then one after. May be if you are white, your ph might be different and therefore you might smell different. You have to include the diet as well. I once went to Germany and they literally stink because they don't like to shower. They think it's good for your inmune system not to shower. Now, that's a meme

I see you don't work out

Do you color code the cloths based on usage location?

not washing is a European tradition, you filthy spic

>niggers that smell like literal shit
Pray that you never encounter un-westernized pajeets. They make nogs smell like sweet ambrosia

I workout 4 times a week. I only shower after a workout never on my off days.

>Katie Alexander's feet

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This desu. I'll shower more in the summer since it gets ridiculously hot here and I'll get filthy outside, but other than that shower only every other day.

Yeah but Black Niggers always kind of smell, as a man I admit that I don’t like the smells.

I don't own a shower, but I imagine that is what everyone does. It's not even possible for out of shape people to watch their feet in a shower, and it is seriously dangerous for everyone, so I doubt anyone does it.

Let it be known that on this day op was a faggot. It’s kinda funny Muslims calling white people dirty. These faggots are absolutely disgusting.

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Goddamn twitter is stupid.

It's because our skin doesn't get ashy, it evolved to take care of itself.

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Different hormones cause them to smell like shit to us. Doesn't matter how much they bathe, the only thing that seems to mask it is perfumes.

Twice a day is quite bad for you and will fuck your skin in the long run mate. If you insist on showering every day, you should at least cut it back to one and make it cold showers (at least as cold as you can stand it). Cold showers are good for your immune system, that's not a meme. When you shower all the time you wash the essential oils off your skin.

The reason that people smell bad after not showering a lot is the body is USED to showering. When you shower all the time, your body over-compensates and creates more oils and other shit and it makes you a stinky fuck in a short amount of time. Once you get past the adjustment period, it's not as bad.

I'm not autistic, you just shouldn't clean your genitals with the same cloth you clean your feet with. This is basic hygiene.

White people smell like wet dogs though and it is disgusting.

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>t. lives in a cubicle


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Cold showers? They're for psychotics.

I'm with the subhuman coloureds on this one, actually. I wash the whole body with soap and use a pumice stone on my footsoles.

we've already established that most americans dont wash their ass after they shit either, why would anyone expect even a modicum of basic hygene for their fucking feet?

I only wash my hair and under my arms with soap, really don’t see what the big deal is

White ppl don't know how to cook either. They don't know what spices are.

>wet dogs
I will never understand this meme

No, they smell bad, but its not like shit. Ive had black "friends" and coworkers and only the retarded lazy ones smelled

Look it up, it has real benefits

This tweet is obviously bullshit, niggers don't even know what a shower is. Most think it's a toilet.

>twitter controversy
Blow your brains out faggot

Brown people are dirty so they have to scrub extra good

Try living around Somalis, they all fucking stink. I was on an airplane with a few that ended up getting removed from the flight for smelling so bad.

Just gonna post here this:

You do not put suntan or spray tan and then enter pool

SPF 30 means 30mins
SPF 50 means 50mins etc..

White people dont wash their legs or feet cause they not Mexican.

I do shower with cold water. I have never used hot water. Even during winter mornings. Have you ever put on perfume? If you have, you might not perceive the smell of perfume after a few hours, but other people will notice it. It's the same with body odor. Pajeets that come to Mexico think they don't smell because they also don't like to shower, but they do smell. I gues among your kind it's quite natural such hygiene, but not here.

Black people don't wash

>it's the skin colour that gets your nose confused
I once smelled a black guy from half a block away

>allowing yourself to be distracted by bread and circus antics

Hans, this is how your country ended up a shit hole and you still haven't learned.

Imagine using soap.
Everyone who uses soap got jewed.com
Nobody need shampoo to wash their hair. Water will do just fine.

soap racists BTFO now and forever

I have never known an Arab or Indian who regularly showered. They always just use a ton of perfume instead of cleaning themselves

either he really stunk or you are a doggo

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I have to back up my amigo here, pajeets do smell. anyone who doesn't believe me should go ride a Seattle bus.

> greasy haired europoor
you fuckers are disgusting.

>showers AT LEAST once a day
>wears deodorant
>uses soap on legs, feet, and asscrack
Seriously Europoors, your odor is only surpassed by poolanders. You must shower daily to not stink.

I'm white and i wash my whole body every night so I guess everyone hates me and also that's why my dick doesn't smell, snip dicks

We are oblivious from our own smell, just like niggers don't think they stink.

Maybe different subspecies find each other stinky

You guys are fucking gross. At least wash your dick, balls and ass on a daily basis

Who the fuck cares whether or not you wash your legs? I personally don't even give a fraction of a shit if other people don't do it as long as they wash their pits, ass, gooch (taint in the case of women), and other smelly parts of their body.

>either he really stunk or you are a doggo


yeah man, I think Arabs Indians smell worse than anyone, we had arabs at my university and the university had to come up with a PC way to tell them to bathe more.

I genuinely never have any idea when Jow Forums is trolling anymore...

that's part of the appeal

Never realized they were that non-human.

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I have a shitskin at work, the room literally smells of mud when he comes in and he is not the kind that would not wash. So what good is it to wash nigga if you gonna still smell from a mile away?

This is the world of women and minorities; navel-gazing bollocks. No wonder we haven't put a man on Mars.

This. Hearing white collar pencil pushes saying " dont shower every day! " annoys me. Yeah, okay, I'll just go crawl into bed with all of this dirt and concrete on me.

Stupid yuppies.

legs don't generate body odour, wash them if they get dirty

True. At least this isn't as bad as that wet sock faggotry from a few weeks ago.

You just proved that you got jewed on. They want you to believe that you get grease if you don't use shampoo but actually that is not the case. Your skin will adopt and only a week or two after you stopped using shampoo your hair will be even less greasy.

Hey, look at the Polish intellectual who likely hasn’t ever been around blacks.

RIP American Discourse

if you care what niggers on twitter think then you’re probably a nigger yourself

Most people aren't rolling around in mud all day as their job you dumb cunts. Obviously if you're covered in shit, jump in the tub. But if you don't have to, then don't.

Whites are so unhygienic and disgusting that moor muslims had to teach them how to wash body, Europe was a place filled all kind of diseases like plague due to not bathing.Natives in America died in numbers because of these disgusting unhygienic whites.

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Mostly white women who interact regularly with black twitter. Which means fatties. Fatties don’t lift their leg to wash it due to balance issues and possible injury from structural instability due to weight load.

people who must apply moisturizer on a daily basis need not weigh in on hygiene

yeah I know.
I have never smelt a gringo that stinks, but I have met Mexicans, pajeets and niggers that stink. So, your hygiene must be allright. I don't know why some of my people don't like to shower

>Yeah, okay, I'll just go crawl into bed with all of this dirt and concrete on me
Not everyone got stuck doing a spic tier job

What are you a fucking care bear? Do you use the power of friendship to solve mysteries?

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History doesnt lie.

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I've seen this a lot recently - insinuating that white people smell really bad. I don't quite get it, as I go to a lot of different places for work and an all black apartment building smells like black people the second you enter the door to the building. I'm not talking about smelling their food like you can when you enter a chinese or indian building, it's the actual smell that black people give off when you're close to them. The way I've had it explained to me is that because their hair tends to be thicker and curlier it traps in sweat more, so that causes them to smell so bad.

Can’t wash off apocrine glands nigger

what was the towel thing he's referring to?

Africa is still filled with this.

>brown people

You mean niggers and talibans?

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to be fair our jobs dont revolve around stomping in and about someone else's shit

>Europe was a place filled all kind of diseases like plague due to not bathing.

Jews were poisoning the wells.

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You should wash yourself once a week, on Saturday.

I have no idea what's happening here
this looks like some serious fungus infection

Where the FUCK did they get that mem from in the first place?
This is even worse as WE WUZ KANGZ