LSD is a psyop

>"New study shows that psychedelics improve mental health and make you smarter"
> t. no sampling controls or double blind whatsoever

yesss... increase your gullibility to experience, g*y

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Psychedelics are redpilled. Try mushrooms or LSD.

im pretty sure the govt studied it extensively and found its mostly harmless

Joe Rogan is really an expert on it and I'll go with what he says.

DMT is the only truth
Must go with caution because most entities are not good

I have done mushrooms/LSD over 50 times in high school and college. I've suffered no long term effects from it as far as I know, and probably the biggest impact it made for me was curing my depression having to do with adolescent insecurity. I vividly remember how that was cleared up for me almost overnight. I haven't done it in a while now because I have no desire to and make 6 figures. Jow Forums will not believe me but I don't care. Joe Rogan is right, everybody should try it at least once.

I've tripped more than 99.99% of people and I GTKRWN1488 everyday.

Deliriants are where it's at

psychedelics actually do make you smarter and less of a fucking pig.

after taking LSD a few times i lost all interest in being a normal, who labors and shits out kids just because. people on this planet are fucking animals.

Dissociatives are better
Sip that silly syrup and hit a 3rd plat


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There's a book called stealing fire I believe that talks about Wall Street and even Navy seals micro dosing with lsd.

idk psychedelics really helped me get my head on straight in a bad point in my life
LSD lets you take a step back and judge your life objectively via ego death, and this is a really useful if possibly unpleasant way to figure out where you're going wrong in your actions
Sure, you can dose up and laugh at the pretty colors in the cartoons like a retard, or you can use it constructively. It's just a tool like anything else


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are you having a laff

the CIA studied it in ARTICHOKE and found it was a really good way of turning kids they raped permanently insane so they didn't have to pour concrete on them

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I plan on shitting out many kids, but it definitely takes you out of the matrix, although you need the intelligence and the info to be "redpilled" in our sense.

Also, good time to mention, The Matrix is an obvious and direct metaphor for using DRUGS specifically to shed programmed ideological lenses. Mescaline is the only way to fly.

I've done both LSD and mushrooms sparsely. They both will overload your brain and literally fry your neurons if you use them in excess. I've seen the compounding atrophy firsthand, people that were once semi-intelligent are now literal grugs.


>Anonymous (ID: BXMa4a8V) 05/17/19(
As a pro-psyche person, this is true. It's not harmless. You need to treat it with reverence and respect. And not everyone should do it.

He also believes the earth is jabilillion years old and an astroid killed all the dinosaurs

I got "lsd" from some Puerto Rican...It was fake. But the experience was awful nontheless. I was just trying to have the spiritual experience I keep hearing so much about but I don't have the connections to get the real shit it's all from shady fucks. Would much rather try DMT though.

when I took the "lsd" it was awful, my entire body became really stiff and my teeth were clenching together like lockjaw and my thoughts were demonic as fuck. it was literally like demonic possession nothing more.

Agreed. I've also seen people bring out onset schizophrenia from messing with psyches when they probably shouldn't be.

I combined it with therapy and overcame PTSD. No studies or derpy conspiracies required.

it was like the voices of 1000 demons screaming in my head at the same time. kill kill kill die die die, rape children, rape women, rape men, rape animals, burn down your house, kill yourself. etc

LSD made me a NatSoc

>caution advised
agree, nothing you meet in that realm is your friend regardless of what they say

I was under the impression myself that MDMA used in-conjunction with psycho-therapy could help people overcome PTSD about 5 years back.

>increase your gullibility to experience, g*y

Literally what, LSD does the complete opposite. It makes you aware of how much your "reality" depends on lazy perceptions through unreliable organs.

I've done psychodelics, they're drugs, there's absolutely nothing spiritual in them they just make you go coocoo, the moments of regaining sanity and the day after are quite therapeutic on the other hand, you appreciate yourself more when you go away for a while and let drugs take the wheel


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is acid now a symbol of the alt right?

I disagree. I think it makes you more suggestible. And I don't think it's coincidental that the "sexual liberation" movement and all the other detritus that came out of the era coincided with the recreational use of LSD.

You had some really fucked up shit in your head already then.
I "met" a shadow creature that seemed pretty chill.


All drugs are used as psyops.
But yeah.

LSD is Communist subversion.

With psyches, it's always pending the input. These drugs make your brain open to restructuring. The stimuli, or soft-ware that is administered determines the results.

Sexual restraints opposing the sexual revolution are civilizational restraints of reason (LOGOS) for the benefit of society as a whole, and are not intuitive and necessarily natural sexual behavior.

LSD de-conditions you to this unnatural conditioning on the individual level, which ultimately good conditioning for reasons that the average person is too stupid to understand or consider.

A lot of people come full circle, and realize why they were there in the first place, but midwits are forever stuck in nihilism.

So, yes. LSD can liberate you form both good and bad conditioning from society and that's why it's dangerous, because you're on your own. Most people cannot handle that.

in case it isn't apparent by the low-IQ faggots ITT, psychedelics redpill incredibly stupid and delusional people, who like to gravitate towards cults and con artists who'll do the inspiring thinking for them. Want to know why the alphabets keep pushing this through faux studies put into the media? They know even if you're "woke", you won't do shit.

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I agree and disagree. I don't think most people come full circle. You and I came full circle, most don't.

I wouldn't argue though that you can't use it to imprint mindsets and their prevalence in your psyche, hence "mind control", but you can also do this consciously yourself, hence curing depression. It depends if you're conscious and if you have intention.

I purposefully self-imprint what I think are positive traits with LSD.

Either outside stimuli brought that on (like a horror film) or you're a fucking headcase and should get checked out

Yeah, probably not most. But in the secular age, for most people it wouldn't be full circle anyway. They were born into nihilism.

For most people it doesn't affect long term negative side effects.

Mk-ultra attempted that and failed...
The drugs just make you MUSH.
You just become stupid and easily scared.

>you can also do this consciously yourself
>I purposefully self-imprint what I think are positive traits with LSD.
Can you describe this process a bit more in-depth? I've noticed rather low-dosage LSD use to positively impact my depression and I'd like to experiment a bit more

I wish I had that kind of control during a trip. It's hard enough for me to consciously imprint a positive mindset even in sobriety.

> t. no sampling controls or double blind whatsoever

Fucking idiot. So some research.

i agree that psychedelics are good but lsd is some government bullshit

stick to mushrooms

Nah man. It doesn't lead to "mind control" on an individualistic level, but it has macro effects on a populace when administered the way it is now and has been for the past half century.

I’m right with you user. LSD helped me break out of normie NPC programming and realize the importance of western civilization and family.

This is a bit of a dense and autistic read but this was my original inspiration:

Just for initial inspiration, start reading on p44 and go a few pages on:

What I mostly do is more simple. Look up auto-suggestion, which works simply in a meditative state, but I believe is supercharged with LSD.

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I own it and this book is literally a guru faggot making false equations (Brain???? Literally a cybernetic computer!! Mind=blown) and giving baseless perscriptions with the obligatory masturbatory exercises to involve the mark. Faggiest guide ever

It's not easy. I do a decent amount of preperation. It sometimes takes me like an hour to satisfactorily get through a few written meta-commands.

Abandon CIA thread

>durr what is language

Drugs are fun....

>what is a 60's guru appropriating trendy popsci of the time to create a world salad

Literally the peterstein before the stein

Syd Barrett had schizophrenia

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Yes, that's all that's going on here. And no one has ever had positive results.

If LSD were a psyop, it wouldn't be illegal.

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I feel bad for you newfags. You actually think inducing a euphoria and then cramming as much youtube dogshit down the tube is what it takes to be a reactionary. Confirmation bias, ho!

I had great results drinking draino. ((they)) ban suicide for a reason, goy

Honestly psychodelics only offer you a certain experience. They don't make you smarter or dumber. But when dumb people take them, they think they figured it all out, which makes them dumber.

The entire point of taking drugs is to learn how to have those experiences without continuing to use the drugs
you're a degenerate fucking faggot bro

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>federally illegal


>cool kids love to follow rules

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Do psychedelics and butt stuff. It's evolution.

kur Latvijā var dabūt LSD, Shrooms un DMT?
t. neesmu ments

Watching TV on the tail end of a shroom made me a jew hating conservative. I realized everyone on TV is jews and they are all lying. I used to be a typical college liberal.

Why don't you take a ten strip, and find out.

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I agree

Although my experience with shrooms and lsd are kinda lame compared to everyone else, I came out appreciating my aging parents, the importance of tradition, and breaking alcohol dependence. Weird combination

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4-ACO-DMT is the best, wish I had some.

How is Proscaline?

ay dios mio...

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Seems like not quite enough draino. Keep it up.

You're thoughts are negative, it will exacerbate them.

I have a hard time believing this.

Fuck you sound like a smug faggot, always gotta be a leaf.

Ego death is the literal dissociation of yourself from yourself. Why anybody thinks that would be a good thing is beyond me. CIA literally invented the drug and promoted it. People are dumb.

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LSD made me embrace traditionalist conservatism and natural order

LSD and Shrooms pushed my IQ over the Genius threshold. Opened my mind to reality. You are a straight up pussy if you don't try them.

If you're 'dissociated' from yourself, then what are you left with? What is the 'self'?

it makes people more open minded but taking to much will classify u has schizophrenic?

Ego death is realizing that your vanity, attitude, materialism, superficial reactions and relationships, consumerism etc. doesn't matter. Even down to the way you walk and hold yourself in public, it's all insecurity. You'll realize no one is running the ship on earth and we're all a bunch of attention seeking babies vying to be kings of nothing. It's realizing who you really are beneath the thin veil. A fucking amorphous blob of shit walking across an organic ball of matter, spinning around the sun and that nothing matters. Once you get here, now you build yourself back up humbly, use common sense and reason, see the truths and what really matters. The world is your canvas and you're the paintbrush type shit, enjoy life without the false shit your told to enjoy.

openmindedness = gullibility

this is why psychedelics have traditionally only been used by religions. They provide an emotional experience which has no intellectual content and requires a mediator (youtube docs, transgender MSM tv leftists) to translate the feeling into a specific idea

ego death is used by cults to destroy a person's life history and rebond them to a new, poisonous system. You faggots are bonding to youtube docs and G-D because nobody has come in to scoop you up yet

I don't watch youtube, ever. It's o.k. if you don't get it user. Have a good day anyway.

Every single DMT addict I've meet was from florida, and was fucking volatile.

jamie pull that up

sounds like sleep paralysis

sounds like Jow Forums