"Smash The White Man March"

Has the world ever hated whites as much as they do now at any point in the past?

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Look at that smiling kike on the right there.

What's up with the left's obsession with the word "smash"? It's fucking cringy, especially since they aren't doing shit.

the circle is now complete. White man is the nigger of the world.

i say we all start playing the part. we should all become NEETs who smoke marijuana all day long. let PoC and minorities taken over the reigns of society and work to keep the lights on. we have earned our vacation and it is time that we as a race kick back and take it easy

who is with me?

>the world
Doesnt care about white people, only the shitskins in western nation are constantly on edge with whites oh the irony.

Hang yourself, commie-fag.

Fucking nobody, you pleb. We had it easy for so long that now generations of whites can't be bothered to do anything about the fact that they're being genocided.

shut up nigga

get dat green nigga

Funny how they hide behind and inside the very system that they are attacking for protection.

nigga nigga

uh uh siffy guh guh

>Smash the white men.
If they believe this then why aren't they fighting each other?

Because they're Jewish.

Way ahead of you bud

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>this much salt
You're surely a big one

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wud tem nugnngw bunga

dey dun use dey condom but it no wek

Almost there. We’re almost to that fight or die point

>New Balance

I thought Jow Forums declared NB to be Nazi shoes. It sure would be a shame if "journalists" saw that photo of un undercover nazi among the based antifa comrades smashing the white mans march!

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They can smash them selves if you catch my drift wink wink.

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Thanks for the photo, going to add it to my clown world folder

>almost only whites holding the sign
America is a joke

This is fantastic! They should continue XACTLY like this. What a gift!

Why are there white guys holding the sign?

I was thinking the same. We couldn't ask for better acceleration.

no no. Left to right:

>tranny mestizo
>true believer
>bullied at HS
>old guard leftist

these people are a collection of the misinformed, deviants, and freaks

Whitebois are so fragile that they can't handle 20 years of diversity along with economic booms thanks to cheap prices of raw materials from 3rd world countries but they don't mind that. What a weak bunch of evil faggots you deserve to go extinct.

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>Has the world ever hated whites as much as they do now at any point in the past?

Yes, all throughout history.

>the world
There are 12 of them.

If I were to larp as antifa to push more normies to the right that's pretty much the slogan I'd come up with.