It's over. I've had it with western white women. It's all dead memes boys. Forget about it...

It's over. I've had it with western white women. It's all dead memes boys. Forget about it, forget about your video games, free speech, pornography and spending money frivolously. My eyes aren't on these lands anymore. Whatever the current day white woman represents, I will marry the opposite of her. Be it a muslim, black, asian, north african, indian woman. Anything but western white women. Marrying a white woman is just asking for death. Either she'll kill your son or daughter, divorce you and take your kids, cheat on you and cause problems for you.
nah man fuck this, fuck it all, you've all got it way wrong

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Marry a Gypsy qt.

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They’re the poor man’s Jew.

I know that times are hard, Maple brother, in your ravaged country.
Stay strong., everything always come into place in the end, one way or another.

They are ridiculously cute.

She cute

We're coming to conquer your territories and police your women. Dont lose hope.

You'll soon be getting an arranged Hindu marriage with a WHITE Canadian woman when we bulldoze all kike churches in your country and build temples. Whites will become a varn (caste) of their own, and in Hindu religion nobody marries outside their varn. The whole world will be Hindu after we cleanse the Muslims and commies.

she painted

She still cute
New waifu

Hinduism is what happens when multiple races live under one social order.

It's inevitable. European society will soon have a caste system. With European nationalism rising but US, EU, UK all these nations are now full of non-Europeans, who will be majority. Europeans will come up with a caste system to prevent miscegenation and continue the European race like the Aryans of India.

how about taking hormones and become the woman you dream of?


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not even chad tier sikh
why even live pajeet?

Tfw no gypsy gf

Same. I stopped caring about muh pure western white womyn. They are mostly spoiled and annoying as fuck, absolute pieces of work, never happy, while for example, Polish girs are cute, friendly and hard working. Same with some Russian girls. Problem is all the religious nonsense they bring with them sometimes, at least for me. There are also some nice italian girls, they can turn fat though, always be careful there. Same with some Spanish women, but I heard a lot of Spanish Women are super crazy femnazi nowadays. Met some really soulful Turkish/Middle Eastern women too. They always have a smile on their face, while most German women act like they are on a red carped and everybody has to admire them. They also all look like instagram thots either with thick eyebrows or giant fake glasses. They all look the same. Sad.

I hope you liberate us, poo. My only request is that I get to continue using my toilet instead of worshipping it.

I want one so bad desu.

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Mein freunde, so many of us men are trying our hardest to be the best we can be for society, nation and heritage. But think about women, what are they struggling for? What do they struggle with? Nothing!!!!! ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING! So fuck them. Meanwhile, an immigrant girl is there struggling to support you and have a family.

Very important, true video btw.

Do they like whites or are they race loyal

Sikhism is based with the fact that instead of policing women like other religions, it tells the men to man up and take control. Sikhs are religiously required to carry a weapon, keep a beard, and most Sikh guys I know are into lifting or some type of martial art.

But, Sikhism suffers from the same thing Islam or Christianity suffers. There's no concept of race or ethnicity.

Personally I think the ideal religion would be akin to Sikhism along with Hinduism's racial loyalty.

They are treated badly in Europe, so I’d think they’d love to come here to anyone.

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Stay true to the poo is important in your eyes?

You're retarded if you think only white women do this.

I wouldn't treat cuties like her badly desu
Euros have bad taste

Get a sex doll. They won't divorce you or cheat on you.

I agree. They’re completely retarded.

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Nah thats retarded boomer with thick glasses and 40$ walmart jeans tier thinking, I'mma leave you in the dust

You're not wrong, these demasculated boys ought to stand up and start speaking openly. But Marrying a Muslim?
Lol, no.

>t. Dalit
amazing how pissed this poor sewer cleaner has gotten over being born a shit carrier.
Oh well, guess that's just part of being Hindi...

Id die for a cute gypsy girl desu

>You're not wrong, these demasculated boys ought to stand up and start speaking openly.
About their bitch boy status?

Lots of guys here would. And these crazy Europeans treat them like trash. They don’t know what kind of gems they have.

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Fucking europoors
Im gonna kick their asses

Me too. It makes me so angry. They have the most beautiful women in the world right in front of them and treat them like dirt. They don’t deserve them.

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Ironically based

Treating women like dirt is the key, user.
The more you try the less you get

Brb going to romania to get a cute gypsy gf

What do Gypsy women do to deserve it?

Based. Wish I could do the same. Better yet, I wish we had boatloads of Gypsy immigrants coming here.

Why do we get spics instead of gypsys

ITT fathers of the gypsy/american sultanate that will rival the HAPA nation in 2100 AD

It's weird. I was born in Romania and I heard the anti-Gypsy insults my whole life, and I never once ended up hating them or thinking they were lower. I just saw them as living off the country instead of caring about urban living.

I wonder the same thing everyday.

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Indian women love white cock pajeet

Yes, except it will be 1,000x better because our kids will be white. No contest.

I was watching college porn about a year ago, and this white dude was about to receive it from this really cute white blonde. Music starts and she starts twerking for no reason. Didn't jerk off for the rest of the day.

I would break up with a girl if they twerked even 1 time. Don't even care if she's an 11/10. I have ZERO patience for immature women.

Fucking euros would rather have muslim men rape their women than fuck cute gypsy girls

I feel ya
Twerking is so niggerish

So you don’t have an inherent hatred for them? You are a great man.

Have any of you ever actually interacted with one?

americans are free to take our gypsies, you think they are cute. You americans are cute, please take them

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Jigi jugule's in the distance

I can’t wrap my head my head around it man.

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The women were probably hot in their 20’s.

Euros are cucks

Slav women are the future.

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We’d take them all.

This is the gayest shit ever. We indians are strong black bvlls made to fertilize light skinned women everywhere. We are nigger bulls we are not white cucks

I can’t even feel sorry for them sometimes desu when I remember the plight of the Gypsies.

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White Northern European women are the most self-entitled cunts on the planet, it really says alot about their men.

Gypsy Queens are.

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Weird thread. You think gypsis dress like that and look like that? I mean.. you're right! They do! We are stupid and don't deserve the gypsis we have. Come and take them. Take them all.

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tfw no turkish wife

We know they do. At least when they’re under 50. So yeah, I’d love to rescue those qts.

You don't shit where you eat

>And these crazy Europeans treat them like trash.
ahahah yeah
>They don’t know what kind of gems they have.
I guess we dont eheh eh
>Fucking europoors
>Im gonna kick their asses
>Me too. It makes me so angry. They have the most beautiful women in the world right in front of them and treat them like dirt. They don’t deserve them.
man I m sorry

hey lets strike a deal ok?
you dont kick our asses and we hand you out these beautiful prime gypsy beauties
free of charge

Based frog
We'll take only the women though

come on man, you need to keep your ladies occupied, after you ve left them for the clearly superior gypsy woman

>prime Gypsy beauties
We have a deal.

White women are truly the worst but they need leadership. Make yourself into a respectable man and subdue one

You should just kill the men after giving us the women

>We have a deal.
based, take them al before we change our minds eheheh...

Subdue one vs the media and government? You dont realise who youre up against. The alternative is going up against a non white girls trad family and religion, ill take that.

Seriously. Can we though? Why haven’t we got on something like this yet? Like a population exchange where we take Gypsies and you take outlet minorities?

Pretty much, women only. Imagine the paradise America would be, full of Gypsy women.

First of all, you'll die a virgin. Second of all, even if you did get a non-white woman, she'd be just as annoying and retarded as a white women but wouldn't even give you white children

Why don't we accept women only immigrants lmao

I mean they literally have 70 average iq, live in literal mounts of trash that they themselves produce, imagine consuming as much as an american and throwing EVERYTHING on the ground, thats a gypsy nest, 2/3rd of gypsy children are diagnosed as being mentally retarded, ALL of their income comes from petty theft, they come from india from which they were expulsed, they were considered lower than untouchables

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Hahaha what a pussy
I met a couple coal burners. My buddy beat the shit out of their pet nigger. They quit hanging out with niggers after that

That should have been implemented from the very beginning.

Cringe and larp pilled


I will raise their IQ. I think they’ll stop living in trash and thieving once they stop being treated like trash. The retardation probably comes from not breeding out of their group more, which won’t be a problem here.

Shut up pajeet and try to poo in loo

Shut up user! Gypsis are great. We don't deserve them. The burgers have every right to take them from us.

this, but not sarcastically.

If they start accepting Iranians as refugees we should jump at the opportunity burger user.

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If the US wasn't at fucking war with iran
Id go there and fuck as many women as i could

you guys won't believe me but her mom was my mom's patient.I've seen her at least 5-6 times in my moms clinic when we were teenagers. the most beautiful woman i've ever seen

my voice is the deepest most people have heard

How is saudi arabi?
Would i be able to pull any women?