Can you be based and still love women?

Isn't White knighting gay and beta?

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Yes it is

>Can you be based and still love women?
>Isn't White knighting gay and beta?
Also yes.

Man, stockphoto websites are also providing photos for cartels now I guess.

Good thread

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yes. What betas do is put women before their own will or needs. Being based also means you won't put up with half the shit women get away with on their beta orbiters.

Here's the thing with women: you have to tell them what they need to think and do. Just put them in their place.

You can either understand women or love them. You can't do both. Because they are selfish entitled children. When put into positions of power they ruin society.

Love is a Jewish Hollywood lie a man will 1000% love a women more then a woman will ever live him now days

Those acid wash jeans are going to fall apart in a day if he uses them for anything other than walking around the mall

Loving doesn't mean blindly acquiescing.It just means doing what's best for the sake of the loved. If that means spanking, corporeal discipline is not out of the question.

How do Think the jeans got the acid wash in the first Place?
Got to depose of bodies somehow.


>he thinks the concept of love is gay and beta
>he thinks whiteknighting is love
>he thinks love isn't based

I haven't been here for a while are you always this fucking gay?

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Black knighting is better than white knighting. What I mean by this is that you should always be mean to girls, but give them affection while you call them out on their flaws.

How about knocking out their teeths?

>Can you meme-flag and not be a faggot?
Nope. Doesn't happen.

That also works, but I only punch them very lightly to make them say oww without leaving any marks.

there is a difference between white knighting bitches you dont know and being a man and protecting your family
dont be a plebbit tier faggot OP

You use wet blankets?

men and women have fundamentally different natures, and their natures are horrible, they are meant to be silenced by us, forced into submission, not allowed to roam free.

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>hate women instead of hating the Jews that are destroying women

I think that it is necessary to be deluded about women to be able to love them completely.

>Do not hate women who in an awful state make worse our plight, may that you were in a state once as well and awful
>Do not give them pity, they have deservered shoulders and in turn shall be granted
>Do not pass them judgement for falling when they have been coddled walking
>Do not hand them blame for passing directive of desire after passing
>Do not defend the undefendable, your shield will be broken and your lance splintered
>Do not hear their heresy, the hubris of men is honest and easily hewn
>DO NOT see their spells, avert your eyes or die
>Do not let them lead, they let lead not themselves
>Honor the women who hold still values of tradition amongst the pressure of moral abandon; they are the unsung in shadow

lol fuck no, women are cattle and nothing else.

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