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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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Now that people new one's up:

Do we? I hate guys who nag me, unless they're really funny about it (and almost none of you is).

Female friend of mine (who repeatedly said she'd like to have sex with me) went for a nap in the couch at a party this weekend.
I sat next to her and she put my arm around herself and to her hip and then cuddled up to me, all while her bf was also at the party.
Is that weird or am I weird for thinking so?

>break up with gf two years ago
>never talk to her again
>once in a blue moon check our FB chat history for fap material
>up until yesterday it always said "you can no longer reply to this conversation" (which means she blocked me on FB chat)
>suddenly i can send messages to her
>coincidentally had a dream about her a few nights ago
I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss our friendship. Neither of us have reached out in two years though.
I dunno. Should I say something?

Yes there are certain conditions to neg.
She has to like you. You know be attractive.
Then you do it in either a joke or an off hand compliment.
Thats why its important to have fun when meeting a girl and do it to a girl who is confident to where she knows it's a joke.

Neging a girl who is a 5/10 won't like it as much as a girl who is a 8/10.

Women, is my virginity worth anything to you? I've been waiting for marriage but never found a compatible, likeminded woman. I'm debating taking a run through the pussy parade. The only thing holding me back is the fear of finding a good, celibate woman soon after I've given up

Yes, but not as much as you wish it was, probably.
As someone who isn't waiting for marriage, it'd be nice to take my boyfriend's virginity but not as special as it'd be for a girl who is waiting till marriage.

>it'd be nice to take my boyfriend's virginity
I don't know why but reading this revolts me

No desu. Your reasoning is questionable too. Waiting until marriage is weird standard to impose upon yourself imo.

Question for girls. Whenever I get an erection in public I often catch random women staring at my bulge. When I catch them they tend to smile and blush at me. What does this mean? Are they embarrassed about being caught? Do they want the dick? Do they simply find the situation funny?

I'm sorry. Maybe wait till marriage if you feel so strongly about something so harmless.

I'm not the same guy and I don't care at all about waiting until marriage. The idea of some woman who's been with other guys getting off on taking a guy's virginity weirds me out for some reason.

Well there's nothing I've wanted more than a special relationship with absolute, undivided love and, for me, that requires celibacy from both parties. But now I'm approaching my late 20s and am starting to feel its pointless

Btw not

This isn’t real. Or the way you interpret the situation is with delusion. Hard to say.

It’s a not worth anything. It’s actually a drawback. Myself and no girl i know of would settle with a virgin, unless they are virgin themselves. We tend to want someone more or less equal in numbers.

how do i accept that i might be actually desirable towards some girls

im giga insecure i think and somewhat narcisstic at same time. and that shit holds me back from having a relationship.
i dont care for hookups i just wont someone to be with but whenever i ask a girl out its >i have boyfriend even if she gives me positive signals all along

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why are girls panties so cute and adorable?
pic unrelated

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I mean, it doesn't happen every time obviously, but I get erections quite frequently.

That part we all believe. But women in general wont look at it and smile at you. And definitely not in any suggestive way you want it to be. It’s a fun larp and all, but you could try to base it on reality a bit more.

Because they are made to show off our butt in a pleasing manner. Most of our clothes are.

What is the minimum number for a guy so you don't find it weird?
Let's say for 20, 25 and 30 year old guys.

7-10 i guess. Just enough to have some experience for knowing how to do things. But it depends, if they are all one night stands, he won’t know much about anything. If its relationship/fwb then the odds are that he’s good. But saying that, you can always find a girl/guy that suits you and like you no matter your number. Just basing this on the common.

You seem to be confused, my question was directed at girls. I'm sorry that nobody ever stares at your dick, but it has no relevance to me or my question.

Girls, what are your thoughts on adipotide?
It's a protein that stops fat cells from getting nutrition in turn kills them (and it'll take a long time before someone could get fat again). I've heard that it also reduces obesity 39% over a span of a month.

The internet says it's shit, causes severe pain, kidney damage, nausea, insomnia, and severe thirst. I'll stick to exercise thanks.

Getting cold feet about my relationship cus I'm realising this could legitimately be forever. I dunno what's wrong with me. I'm freaking out because we used to spend Christmas Day with his family as mates but now we're obviously gonna do it as a couple and it's setting fucking klaxons off in my head. It's fucking September, there's too much time to pass to be thinking about this and yet it's giving me anxiety and making me worry about talking to him.
Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? How do you deal with it? I honestly really like him but my fight or flight is saying run for the hills right the fuck now.

The reason why they say that is because some australian guy tried adipotide 10x the recommended dose and used straight up benzyl alcohol rather than BAC water like a sane person.

Adipotide miracle product that will help a lot of people and it'll help you get better/faster results than the gym, trust me.

And your source for this, other than random australian man?

People like people who seem to like themselves and don't try too hard. Pic related.

A woman who has self-respect and/or life experience will experience negging behavior as douche behavior and lose interest. She wants to be with a man who genuinely likes her, as she is. A man who's not necessarily easy to please but sincerely taken with her.

An insecure girl is likely to enjoy the "fun" of negging, which is
>people look much cooler and more interesting when not overtly trying very hard
>especially cute girls are not used to a guy not treating them like they're made out of glass, but being treated like a normal person is much more refreshing and pleasant
>a little bit of teasing and getting in a huff is part of flirtation ("you're such a DICK user!") because sexuality isn't just romance and tenderness, wanting to fuck someone is also about someone being able to make you feel strong primal emotions
and take responsibility for the bad stuff. He's a nice guy, he wouldn't have made that cuntish remark if she'd behaved better. He has a point. In general this self-conscious knee jerk reflex ("am I the problem?") is supercommon in young people and part of why bullying can hit so fucking hard.

Negging is hard to pull off subtly and a lot of guys just take it as "act nicely then catch her off guard with a cruel implication". If it's taken to perfection then it actually comes very close to normal flirting. Which is, showing your charm and having fun together without being so eager to please that you forget to have opinions about what she says and does. You should both be evaluating each other.

Shit, forgot pic related.

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Seeing a hard dick in public isn't that common, chances are they are a little fascinated or keep looking despite themselves ("is it really hard? isn't it just a crease in his pants?") and when you catch. them they feel self-conscious and/or are quick to focus on something else because they don't actually want much from you and don't want to give off the wrong impression.

The idea of deflowering someone is superhot. Yes the stereotype of male virgins is negative but it's just that, a stereotype. If I meet a man I find attractive and interesting I'm not going to change my mind just because he never had sex.

I wouldn't care negatively if my future partner is not a virgin or has had more partners than me, but there's definitely a point where I'd be less than enthused. The idea of being someone's number fifteen isn't exactly appealing. I'm sure I'd get over that if push came to shove though.

Having said that, if I knew you and wanted to date you I would be really worried by the fact that now already - before having ever experienced the reality of years long monogamy - you are tempted to fuck people and get experience. There are so many stories about men who cling to their first girlfriend only to get resentful about her having had more experience, or simply the idea that a more elaborate sexual past is the norm for a man.

Hey girls, does taking birth control cause any alterations to your mood or attitudes? Or do you proceed as normal without any problems? Does sexual pleasure, libido or anything else change about you on birth control?

Yeah, I figured as much. It's a shame they're so quick to get self-conscious, I doubt most guys would mind staring since they rarely get attention like that from strangers. Though I definitely understand not trying to give off the wrong impression.

what are your opinion on fasting aka STOP FUCKING EATING FATTY

>be at store yesterday after work
>sweatpants and shirt because after work
>walk towards register, cashier stares at my crotch first, then chest then my face
>then looks at other cashier that was sitting behind my back
the f was that even
i get it my chest is pretty decent since >lifting
or maybe she was looking at me wearing sweatpants in public lmao

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Were you commando? That's basically free stares.

I've personally never been on hormonal BC. Figure you are looking for personal stories but yes it is really common to develop side effects. I've had a consultation about it once (after which I noped out) and what I was told was that I could expect any of the following
>lighter periods
>hair loss
>heightened risk for blood clots
>potential heightened risk for breast cancer
>lower moods, up to suicidal thoughts
>loss of libido
>weight gain
>skin changing, either more or less acne

Libido taking a hit is notorious. Afaik this effect is less pronounced in forms of hormonal birth control that have a bit of added testosterone.

The difficulty with straight up asking people if they have complaints is that most girls start taking the pill at 14-17 for period pains or because their mothers want them to be safe rather than sorry, and then it becomes the status quo. Oftentimes women only realize what the effects were after quitting. Complaints they had were attributed to their personality or body rather than the BC. E.g. many people are kind of depressed in puberty, if you then take the pill and it really dampens your mood, you don't necessarily notice it. And if you still have long somber spells in your mid twenties you probably feel this is just how you're wired, while without hormones your moods would've improved with puberty ending.

Sweatpants when you aren't running or working out is degenerate and she was probably trying to figure out what your defect was.

>I doubt most guys would mind staring since they rarely get attention like that from strangers
Kind of doubtful there, apparently you're not among this crowd but I think many (particularly) young guys would feel self-conscious. Also when guys say they would love attention from strangers they are usually picturing reasonably attractive strangers in the age range they still like. My experiences with attention from strangers is that the old, drunk, "no fucks to give anymore" strangers are most inclined to stare or share their fantasies.

I mean normal staring sure, but staring at their junk is another story.

women, have you ever been cold approached?
under what circumstances did this happen?
how did it go? did something good came out of it?
would you recommend cold approaching to guys that want to establish a conversation with women?

What solution do you use for contraception then? I don't want my girlfriend to fall under those effects, I can't stand using condoms.

Who isn't a degenerate these days?

Ntayrt, I'm on the copper IUD, completely hormone free and you don't need to think about it again for 5-10 years

It doesn't cause any discomfort or problems?

Yeah. I don't live in a country where hitting on people in public (or talking to them for that matter) is common but it's happened I think around ten times in my life.

Most of the time we had already exchanged a glance/smile or practical comment that was built into a conversation. I have also had guys come after me after walking by that I hadn't even seen, though. But in my experience there's usually a brief moment of acknowledgment that sets it in motion.

It went alright? I have gone on dates with people I've met this way. I've never had sex or gotten together with someone I met this way but that was not because they cold approached me. Just that I am more likely to have things in common with someone I take classes with or share mutual friends with than with a random guy who liked my face. I am also rather picky and not looking to have sex or date just because there's an option. Apart from one rotten apple they were all pleasant enough guys and I don't regret taking a chance.

I think cold approaching is mostly good for growing more confident with leaving your comfort zone. Small talk, improvisation etc is skill like anything else. The more experience you have chatting with people you don't know (yet), women you don't know, the higher the chance you will feel relaxed and do well when having the first conversation with someone really promising.
I would absolutely not recommend cold approaching as a solid way to find a girlfriend, unless you are willing to really play the numbers game and ask thirty people a day. If you do approach, sure if you are stunned by someone give it a try, but you are more likely to connect with the girl you shared a look with after seeing something funny happen than with the girl you notice just because of how beautiful she is.

I've used condoms in the past, I don't like them either but no solution is perfect. In a long term solution I'd look into implants but they all come with potential issues too. Hormonal implants can have similar effects as oral BC and the copper IUD is infamous for making periods heavier and more painful. I mean, you can get lucky but with pills it takes some time to stabilize and really tell (and spending as much as weeks feeling like shit just fucking sucks) and with an implant, you're not going to take it out over nothing. It hasn't come up so far so I would research more between low hormone dosage IUD and copper IUD if the time comes.

I really don't like any of these options. Guess I'll try finding some better condoms.

Yeah it's always a trade off. I hate when people point out women have more options as a reason why they should come up with something, while sure there's many options but they all have specific downsides. And again you can be one of the lucky ones who gets all the perks without the downsides but there's no telling in advance. So props for looking out for her.

Maybe you do this already but make sure to put a drop of lube inside the condom before putting it on, it really helps with sensation. Try different brands and sizes to make sure you have the right fit. Many guys think as long as it fits it's fine, but even a condom being a little too tight (whether because of length or girth) decreases sensation and makes it harder to keep an erection. Skyns have a good reputation, they're non-latex (make sure to not use lube that degrades the material). Also it's recommended sometimes to masturbate with condoms to grow more used to the sensation and not have the somewhat reduced feeling be specific to sex with your partner so you can focus more on the benefits of being together.

Most women don't like condoms either, ultimately it's up to her if she is willing to try and hope for the best. If she does just make sure that you monitor her closely. It can be easier as an outsider with some distance to notice difference in behavior/moods, you get used to shit quickly. E.g. with loss of libido one of the issues is that when your libido lowers, you yourself don't care because you don't really understand what the fuss was about sex anymore, so what if you do it a little less?

how do i become "emotionally available"?

How can I stop liking a guy I don't even know? I have been attracted to him for more than 5 years now. 2 years ago we kinda bumped into each other and now I have him on my social media, I even wrote him once, he answered at first, but later ignored my messages. I know if I had an opportunity to get to know him really well I wouldn't like him the way I do now, I like his jaw, his voice, how determend hi seems in his life. His youtube likes are quit off putting, but I still can't get him out of my head. I know I'm a stupid girl with fixation on a guy who doesn't give a damn about me, I have been liking him longer than relationships my friends had in the mean time.

>His youtube likes are quit off putting
how come?

how old are you?

The only way to get someone out of your head is to find someone else to fill his place.
I'd advice to remove him from social media and stop stalking him. Try to meet new people and find someone else to crush over.
It seems clear to me that you took your chances and he low key rejected you back then.

>how come?
It's full of cringy youtubers (pranksters, lasies mans) videos.
i'm in my early twenties. I know it's dumb behavior for my age, I just can't help it. I don't get attracted by only looks, thats why it was shocking top me that the first time I saw him, I couldn't draw my eyes away, he is good looking for a guy not very tall but taller than me. I don't even look at other guys (never did actually, he is an only exaption to get my attantion without knowing a person) >he low key rejected you back then. I would say it's a high key rejection, but my stupid brain is still fixated on him. My heart starts beating faster when I see jaw similar to his and for a second think it's him.

it seems like a really shallow infatuation, just find someone else.
If he rejected you once, nothing really is gonna change his mind. The longer you stay around the less he is going to think of you.
Just cut him of from your life.

>I don't get attracted by only looks
Well it's pretty obvious that you do. All you can do is distract yourself and hope you become less shallow over time.

U like the dude from prankinvasion?

He never really was part of it, I don't like anyone else even on shallow level. I'm not sure I want to be with him, I want to get to know him, see that he is not worth it and move on.

im coming back from work not from dancefloor, sorry!

grow better jawline and be taller

You mean you want to have sex with him and hope he suddenly falls in love with you.

>Me and girl like eachother and start talking seriously
>My baggage ruins it before I tell her how I really feel, I hurt her bad emotionally by being distant
>Take time to work on myself and get better
>Apologize, but shes hurt still
>She tries to move on, gets with someone else to move on
>We come into contact again, part of same group
>Her bf never around, and the tension and attraction between us is so thick you can cut it with a knife
>She isn’t a cheater, I don’t condone cheating, but we have a talk about what could have been and how crazy we were for eachother when drunk one night
>Get tired of being just friends and her having a relationship, slowly fade out without telling her how I feel

Did I do the right thing? I feel like I did but my heart is split in half right now. There’s a girl out there who has feelings for me and my dumbass ruined it and hurt her and I’m probably gonna see her again at some point

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based lad spitting cold hard truths

>girl sees someoen with obvious red flags
>"b-but his jawline, and h-hes popular I CAN CHANGE HIM"
>pumped and dumped

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Girls, would you prefer if a guy mentions he has no dating experience early on? That way you understand his total lack of knowledge on dating etiquette.

if she had wanted you it would have happened. she didn't and you need to accept that.

He is the only guy who attractes me, it's hard to explain but it's not just his looks, it's how he hold himself and acts, from stalking I also know that we share a lot of interests, but at this point I just want to stop liking him.
Nope, I want to get to know him, be dissapointed and move on.

Nope, you want to have sex with him and hope he suddenly falls in love with you. You're already disregarding his shitty youtube likes for his looks and confidence, it's highly likely you'd disregard just about anything else short of mass murderer because you can't live without his jaw.

Accept the truth and try to move on from there, otherwise you're going to be living in consecutive fantasies forever.

How many times are you going to post this?

>People like people who seem to like themselves and don't try too hard. Pic related.

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To be fair, I never attempted to do anything with her after meeting her again. It was just a lot of tension between us and it’s clear feelings are still present. I decided not to say anything to her either, and not make it a weird ultimatum. I just wanna know if I made the right choice ending the friendship for now

would you like to have relationship /be attracted to a guy that is:

>tall, average looks, good build (wide shoulders, exercises etc)
>hygiene, clothing, haircut in check
>doesnt do drugs out of morals, rarely drinks, doesnt smoke
>has troubles with empathy, so oftentimes his reaction to most things will be blank expression
>can be sometimes too invested in his hobby, to the point he might injure himself, is really good at what he does
>is a good listener, doesnt talk a lot but when he decides to its valuable input
>average to slightly above average intelligence
>might seem stone cold/brutish on outside but is actually craving cuddles and physical contact a lot
>introverted, doesnt enjoy partying or socializing a whole lot, would rather sit alone with his own thoughts to process than listen to other people white noise

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I only posted it once in the dead thread last night, just wanted to get a wider perspective this morning is all

> If I wanted it I would have had certain urges, but nope. genuinely, all I want is to get disappointed, but I have to get close to him first. It's a closed circle.

You're a retard. But as a fellow retard I did get a girlfriend, with very similar conditions to you. Don't be a narcissist and find someone you actually care about. It helps to have a pretty face.

Depends on if he can support a family in the future

This is some serious delusion, unless by 'disappointed' you mean you want to get pumped and dumped.

he is aiming to have own business in future but for now he is working 2 jobs to save money for said future business, thus kinda busy

me caring about someone is less of an issue than finding someone who cares about me

>pretty face
cant relate

You're not afraid of him, spending time with him, a relationship with him or any of that. So, running from him isn't running from what you're afraid of.
You're afraid of "forever". Good news! One of you could get hit by a bus tomorrow! Worry about tomorrow.
Address your fears concerning the long term unconnected to him. Explore why you are so panicked.
And enjoy Christmas, it could be your last.

More like, finding out he has shitty personality and is not the same to an image he presents.

Girls (sorry for long post):

A few years ago I was working in a big city, for a small company where most people were from wealthy backgrounds. Another small company, staffed by people with similar backgrounds, worked adjacent and often visited our offices. I was an am a rather mute, distant, sometimes quite cold though really just sensitive and rather anxious person, from a relatively poor background. A girl, who seemed quite shy and sensitive herself, but from a wealthy background (top private school and top college) and earning more than me, showed interest in me for a few months, creating situations for us to meet and being near me quiet often in my office while doing something with the shared stationary closet.

I regret every day that I was too paralyzed by fear and cowardice (both hideous traits) to even talk to her, or show that I was interested in her. When we passed, which wasn't often, I would either smile or look down with my lips curled inwards involuntarily, and the last time we passed I said "Hey, how are you?" and she ignored me. Eventually she changed jobs after a year (the day she left I felt a sixth-sense when I saw her briefly looking over at me from a distance), and is now in a relationship with a guy who earns four times my salary and attended top schools and a top college.

Do you think it would have been realistic for me to think I had a chance in the long-run with this girl, despite earning a low salary at the time, having poor social skills, and being from totally different social backgrounds?

You'll either disregard it or fantasize about 'changing him', otherwise you wouldn't be this obsessive. Screencap this and read it when it happens.

Mate you had none, move on.

Is it only because of the social background / wealth issue?

I mean I attended college, just not ivy league like her.

Chicks who got a high brow guy were always destined to have one. Greed becomes love for a girl like her. In all likelihood she wasn't worth your time, it would be an unsatisfying relationship.

You already are disappointed, he's already rejected you. The only reason to "get more disappointed" is to turn around his rejection, which won't happen.

The way to get over this fantasy is to stop indulging it.

no you didnt, not necessarily because of the money fact but because you acted like bitch

t. was in same exact situation
one day i got info that she started dating other bloke similar to me except unlike me he was
>tattoed druggie
>more confident
>better jawline

needless to say they broke up after few months

She was a mathwiz chick from good family, studying difficult degree at high level.

Another tangent question regarding this. Is the fact that we didn’t cheat with eachother a good thing in the long run if we ever do get back together in the future? Like it didn’t start again in cheating

Girls if u have plans later in the night and tell a guy u could hang out after those plans but those original plans go longer than u thought, and the guy tells you not to worry we can do something another time and you guys don’t talk for a couple days

Do you expect him to text you back or are u done with him?

If she cared she would get in touch. Simple as.

>'changing him'
From outsiders point of view looks like he is doing well for himself and there is nothing to change.

>You already are disappointed
Because he ignored me? Not really, it's just seems weird when he has this extroverted persona, I wasn't confessing undying love, I was just trying to invite him to the conversion I knew he would be interested in (we talked about it that time we talked, (our first and only time)he seemed extremely nice and friendly)

>The only reason to "get more disappointed" is to turn around his rejection

I understand your point, but I wanted to be disappointed in him even before we "met" and that message fiasco happened. I know how disappointment feels, but it's not that.I guess him ignoring me is not disappointing to me because I didn't have high expectations in the first place?

If my first approach towards a girl was awkward, is there a way to respark interest? She seems interested in me but my first approach was not good

thoughts about salted caramel ice cream?
it might have just become my favorite taste
altough straciatella is pretty good

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Good reply

is a guy having rape fantasies a red flag or is this very common? I mean like only to the extent you roleplay it or something and keep it in safe bounds

depends how awkward we're talking
Looks like I succeeded in resparking interest (or rather sparking since I don't think she was interested before) in one, though there's a good 3 or 4 year gap between when I first tried and now.
Went through a lot of self-improvement both physically and socially between then and now of course.

Soviet Union tier field of red flags.

common as far as I know

I just presented myself and asked her out for an ice cream or some shit like that. But I kind of stuttered in the beginning and wasn't really giving a confident vibe. Recently broke up with my gf of many years so I'm rusty as fuck when it comes to talking to women.