I wish i got addicted to drugs would make life less boring

I wish i got addicted to drugs would make life less boring

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It's never too late

You could always kill yourself.

I am you but I did take the drugs. AMA. Dead serious. I'm high right now bo.

How much do you spend on drugs weekly?

I buy large bags for the bulk price and split it with my friends, so I get half an ounce of fresh top shelf weed every week for 40$. The most I've ever habitually spent was last year for a couple months I spent 15$-50 a day on nitrous oxide tanks.

It really wouldn’t

>i wish i took steps to ruin my life
I mean, it's not hard to start, but I can think of a lot of better ways to "make life less boring" than developing a habit that will most likely land you bankrupt, homeless, and dead in a gutter.

Is it normal for coke for wear off in an hour or so?

I've been using it lately for performance boost (I know) a and while it works it also wears off fairly quickly

Only for a while. It is gonna become a part of your everyday life.

It will only get worse, retard. You're just trying to substitute the human warmth you're lacking in your life. "Sucht" is german for addiction and "Suchen" means seeking. All addicts seek something they miss. For some asshat like you it might be fun, for my parents it was their childhoods. We're all gonna make it but we must try at first and stand up all the time no matter what.

Yes, coke spikes after half an hour and lasts only one- to three hours. Amphetamine is more effective there but also more addictive.

Fun fact: The more often you use a drug the more you'll need in the end to get the same High you had in the beginning. It's called "Drug Tolerance" aka. "Drug dealer's bread". I need max. 3 grams of weed/month snd am totally fine and high if i need to.

amphetamine is MDMA or ecstasy, right?

MDMA is a phenyethylamine. It’s related to amphetamine and mescaline, but acts differently than both.

tfw meth user

tfw need more

tfw out

tfw lost ids and vehicle on a meth run
tfw welfare needs id to apply

do meth btw, high is pretty good
will make your life not boring at all because it will make everything perfect

until you are not high

No. Amph is speed.

Yep. Ur fucked.

Don't fucking do it

>mfw OP is a gluebag faggot

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I wish I could do the same, and get with the stoner chicks at the local colleges (they're really hot). But I have psychiatric issues that might this a worse idea than for normal people.

No shit retard I've been using for 10 years I know how tolerance works it's called fucking moderation holy shit.
Coke isn't supposed to last long, dumbass.
Meth, meth amphetamine HOW ARE YOU PEOPLE THIS STUPID just Google shit!
That's just straight disinformation.
Meth is lame. There is absolutely no way to use it continuously and repeatedly (as in not "just once") without wrecking your health.
Lol dude I've made my own DMT, yes I've seen some pretty colors but other people have done it I should have just read about their experiences.
Drug girls are awful. They're bad at sex, they have health issues, they're not productive. Get a girl that lightly uses just one thing and maybe drinks, if you use more than her (which will give her a reason to come to you $$) then there's less risks and more enjoyment

>inb4 pics or it didn't happen
is me. Pic is cannabutter I made last week with some Critical, was borderline tripping for 2 days

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Absolutely bullshit. 1 legal risk, that's always a slight thrill 2 you're messing with forces that aren't 100% understood 3 there's serious potential health risks. I could go on. Those aren't reasons to do anything, those are reasons the shit isn't boring. Could you imagine what it's like having 4 6ft tall flowering plants stowed away in a stealth grow in an illegal state? I imagine it would be terrifying.

Why the fuck would you want to get addicted? I do drugs without getting addicted, shit’s still fucking great

Yes, coke is absolute garbage, modafinil is way better, that shit lasts like 12 hours

How to get DMT?

>will make your life not boring at all because it will make everything perfect. until you are not high
What happens when you're not high?

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Okay, it is time to seek professional guidance my dude.

Extract it yourself
If that's how you use substances then that's on you jack.
This guy gets it lmao
Modafinil legit will not cause euphoria, there is no safe way to make it get you high either. It'll do what it's supposed to, sure, but that's it.

Is coke supposed to get you high? I have not gotten high from the coke I’ve had

Soulles thread.


>whoa look at me i'm so deep i know some common root etymologies in german
bring dich um, du untermenschlicher Amerikaner.

meanwhile drugs are hella of a scientic subject.

i mean for a product of science it's only natural i guess.

(see my use of the word natural here, because that's fun)


I'm addicted to food.

Drugs can get you hot stoner sluts. Food gets you man tits.