Can't find any job

I'm 23 and I can't find a single job. I tried going to college for a few years but failed and now (understandably) my parents want me to find a job, possibly this month or I guess they'll kick me out.
I've done some freelance jobs over the last year but I've ran out of opportunities and they want me to have a full-time, real job anyway.
The things is, I've applied to everything I could find in a 30 miles radius; warehouses, retail, hotels, you name it. Even things I wasn't possibly qualified for. I've even given resumes in person to stores and businesses, which was particularly humiliating.
I don't have a degree, I have some very basic knowledge of programming, I guess I'm okay with computers. I have about 6000 saved up but I'll probably need the money to buy a car if I ever find something.
I was just wondering if anyone here had any tips or advice. Thanks.

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Yeah I forgot to say I never got any positive answer (if any) to those hundreds of applications

Ever thought of joining the military?
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You'll be sitting at a desk all day doing POG shit if you pick the right MOS.

I reckon I'm too old and to be honest I'd rather hang myself or be homeless than having to live 24/7 with other retards while another bigger retard yells at me

I don't know about your country but where I'm from you're legally entitled to feedback on why you didn't pass a job interview, so try get those and fix your apparently poor interview skills.

Apply for jobs on LinkedIn at another nearby town

This get your CV reviewed

I never got a job interview, and I very rarely get a mail telling me they didn't go through with my application
I did that, I've tried all the nearby town in a 30 miles radius and the near capital and nothing.

If you want to I can go over your resume. Hit me up at [email protected]

There's only so much I can put on it. I've tried both with and without my years of college, I've even made up some work experiences.

How often do you call in and follow up with employers? It's good to make an appearance in person, but if you take it the extra step and call in after a week or so to ask about the job and when you can come for an interview, it might push employers to offer you a time to come in.

I usually apply through a third party website, but when I do get a personal email adress I follow up once or twice, at least to make sure they got my application. They always say they've moved on with the application process or that they're not hiring at the time. I can't really go on site unless it's for an interview given that I don't have a car since I need a job to pay for it.

Hmm I know this might sound counterproductive but try taking a lot of stuff off of your resume. Often times you might be overqualified fr a job like being a cashier or the jobs you worked make you seem untrustworthy.

Make it seem like you're just a student in college with a little work experience that's just trying to land a job. Don't put in anything negative like dropping out of college and lower your age to 20-21 to make you seem a little more fit for the kinds of jobs you're applying. (This will make you seem trustworthy since being 23 with no college/trade school degree or stable work experience will make you seem unstable, employers know there's poor people out there they don't want to get stolen from or have unsatisfied customers)

Overqualifications are very real op my mother has been turned down after trying to doengrade even after taking things off her resume but if she threw in everything she actually has they'd probably get someone to do a background check on her since it would seem unrealistic. She used to work HR a while ago so she knows how this stuff works

Meant to say recruiter

Ever check with recruiters in your area? Sounds like an IT recruiter might help if you have some experience there

Don't apply by mail or online.

Step away from the computer. Go outside. Go to what passes for Downtown in your city and walk into EVERY SINGLE store, office, business, restaurant, gas station, factory or whatever and ask if they're hiring.

Statistically at least one of them will have just fired someone or had someone quit, and you'll be in the right place at the right moment

Learn how online recruitment websites work. They use algorithms to filter out keywords. First, go onto job adverts you want to apply to, identify the most popular keywords and add them into your CV. Add a few "achievements" and numbers if you can and there you go. Most resumes don't even reach HR due to the algorithm. I got a job at a high-end engineering company with no engineering experience as a data analyst.
Once you can pass the algorithm, it's easy.

I don't have any experience in IT. I doubt a recruiter would be of much use given that I'm looking for unqualified work. Still I went to the employement agency and even there I couldn't find anything.

Might be able to put your foot in the door somewhere though, like help desk. It's worth a shot

Look for a temp agency. The work won’t be the best and neither will the pay, but it’s a start. If you prove yourself, you may actually land a permanent gig.

>I've done some freelance jobs over the last year but I've ran out of opportunities and they want me to have a full-time, real job anyway.
What kind of freelance jobs?

>I have about 6000 saved up but I'll probably need the money to buy a car if I ever find something.
How long did that take to save up? Are you investing it? Invest at least 70% of that money if you can. For $2,000 you can get a decent car. Start looking for a car now. Try not to spend more than $2000 for it.
You might also want to consider spending the money on a bus ticket to a different city.

This. Basically try to make your resume look like the job posting, hitting on every point. It'll help get you past their filters and seen by a real human.

Just turned 21 and in the same boat op. Worked in a school for 2 years as my first job and got made redundant last year due to budget cuts and haven't been able to find something else since. Would work in a warehouse if it wasn't for the fact I have major back issues and my doctor's have said nope straight away to that

My last resort gig was truck driving school. The place I went was just over $5000, and included a hotel room for the duration of the course so I wasn't homeless. I got a job offer before I even finished school because megacarriers are thirsty AF and the company that hired me payed for a grayhound to one of their facilities and a hotel room during the week of orientation, then I lived in the truck they assigned me for about a year

It definitely wasn't easy, but I survived