I recently discovered some letters that my parents wrote to each other in 1990 when they were dating each other...

I recently discovered some letters that my parents wrote to each other in 1990 when they were dating each other. My dad was 28 and being deployed somewhere for the military (he was in the military from 1982 to 1995), my mom was 25. Some of them are sweet and romantic, but there's others that are incredibly... vulgar. There's one where my dad says "You can't imagine how much I'm dying to suck those huge titties of yours," and my mom replies with "Not half as much as I'm dying to suck your dick." My dad says crude things like "I just want to get home so I can fuck you all night long," and there's some letters from my mom where she's talking about various sex positions from the Kama Sutra that she wants to try out whenever he comes home.

I... I've lost a bit of respect for my parents. These letters are vulgar, unsophisticated, and completely unlike anything that two self-respecting adults should write. I'm utterly nonplussed. How do I forget about this, if possible, and return to viewing my parents as the decent, classy people I once thought they were?

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It's okay. You will understand once you go through puberty.

wow, this is the most virgin thing i've seen on this board.

What do you mean?

I'm 23, I was born in 1996. My dad left the military after my mom found out she was pregnant with me. I have a little sister born in 2001 and a little brother born in 2003.

Just understand that the vast majority of humans are animals that can talk and vaguely understand abstract concepts. You don’t get mad at a dog for barking, do you? Don’t get mad at humans for being animals. You’re welcome to hate them, however

I feel bad for your dad. We all know while he was deployed she was fucking other men and then would initiate sex talk, drawing on her recent tryst, but making him believe the wanton lust was for him. Your dad was just responding as any man would.

Lol, you just scratched the surface of this metaphorical iceberg. When you’re not a kid anymore you’ll understand.

>My dad left the military after my mom found out she was pregnant with me
How did she get pregnant when your dad wasn't around? You should dna test. He's likely not your real daddy though he believes he is.

He was at home during this period, lol. My mom would never cheat. >

well you also didn't think she would talk dirty about sucking dick

Imagine you found the love of your life and you now have to be apart for months.

That's what love letters are for. Not porn, or erotica, or whatever these count as.

Well, they were never meant to be read by anyone other than the person receiving them. And certainly not by their child.
When you invade someone's privacy you're 100% gonna find stuff you don't like.

>user first finds out his parents had sex
Welcome to middle school, kiddo.

Sex is okay. Necessary to continue the human race and all that. What I take offense to is the raunchiness of the letters.

>military wives
>never cheat

pick one lol

Google James Joyce's love letters. Much more sophisticated.

and yet you sext a dick pic to any girl

What makes you think OP is a slut?

I have some awful news for you. Your parents fucked. A lot. Not just to make you. And they enjoyed it. Yes, your mother liked being fucked by your father, and she wasn't ashamed to tell him so. And he thought about her the way you think about girls. And they had a strong enough love and intimacy that he could tell her so.

If you are really, really, REALLY lucky you might someday have a relationship that normal, natural and healthy.

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