>just turned 28
>still live at home with parents
>spent 18-27 being a degenerate who spent all time and money on going out, entertaining roasties, drinking, drugs, gambling
>make ~45k USD with no degree, not satisfied with job (dead end)
>going back to college to finish my bachelors in business administration. Have some networking so I can likely find a job once I graduate with a degree but I have no fucking idea what type of work I want to do
>30k 401k
>8k crypto, BTC ETH LTC LINK
>60 oz of silver
>17k car debt (worst purchase ever, need a reliable car as I drive 500-1000k miles/week)
>qt3.14 gf who does not like to go out and prefers staying home and playing video games and relaxing (this is fine, going out has lost luster). She is getting a 250k inheritance that she wants to use a portion of on a house for us and the rest into traditional investments
>I have a real estate license but I haven't had much success in utilizing it to this point
>I'm not a brainlet but also not a genius, not good at high maths required for STEM fields. I guess my strongest soft skill is being able to talk to people and communicate with them.

I feel like I am way behind in life basically. I look at my peers and see people way ahead. I feel I lack discipline and often see the "just hit the gym" meme and think it could help but I don't have discipline or knowledge. I think I have fried my dopamine receptors. I get stuck in a cycle where I wage all week during the days, do schoolwork during the evenings, I start making some progress but then I drink and smoke and set myself back. I need a routine or something. Is there still hope for me? Can I workout at home doing something simple like pushups for dopamine release and feeling like I am progressing? I fell for the "your 20s are the best years of your life!" meme and, while I had fun, I look back and see wasted time and resources, vow to be better, but don't know how to be better. I just need some help or guidance

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You'll be fine dipshit.
I'm your age and have none of that shit.

I'm 27, make ~40k USD, and hate my fucking job, but have no investments, no passive income, no inheritances coming my way, very little in terms of extra income on the side, and have $66k in student loan debt. So what the fuck are you talking about?

>average job and a rich gf
>waaaaaaaaah me sad
kill yourself retard

>dead end
well your dead end sounds fucking appealing from where I'm standing

Every time I come to this site (mostly Jow Forums) I see "25 year old software dev making 130k and 500k+ net worth and own a company on the side"

What are the stats for the average person in the U.S.?

What's your situation like?

Not fucking $130k, Jesus Christ. That's almost triple the average salary of Americans aged 25-34, which a quick Google search tells me is a little over $40k. Also,
>believing everybody on an anonymous image board

Over triple*

What makes you happy? What are some dreams or passions you have?

I wanted to be a music teacher and teach high school band. Had some great experiences student teaching and long-term subbing. The best full-time gig I could get though was teaching general music to middle schoolers who mostly refuse to listen to anything that isn't either rap or country. I liked teaching. I still like music. But at this point, I don't even know why I went into debt for this shit. There are some good kids, but a lot of them are just disrespectful little asshats. My job is honestly less about sharing what I love and more about teaching teenagers how to not be horrible people. If I had any idea that this would be what my first full-time job was, I would have changed majors to comp sci or IST immediately.
So I guess my "dream" right now is to find a job that doesn't make me wonder what it'd be like to kill myself on the drive there. Not sure if that job has anything to do with my passion (if it'll even still be that after this year) or if it's something entirely different.

Do you have any plans on going back to school?

Am I doing myself a disservice going back to college for a bachelors in business administration?

>8k crypto, BTC ETH LTC LINK
You should sell that unless you like losing thousands of dollars on wildly volatile speculative fake money that has no intrinsic or extrinsic value whatsoever.

If I don't have a better teaching job by mid-August next year, it's almost a guarantee. I can teach private music lessons and gig on the side, but it's not enough to make a living where I am, and my wife and I aren't moving to a bigger and more expensive area if at least one of us isn't making a decent salary. So if neither of us gets a new job, I'm probably gonna try and get a job as an admissions counselor or administrative assistant or something at one of the nearby universities and take some classes at a discount. It'd be a pay cut, but at honestly not much of one because teachers get paid absolute fucking shit in the state we work.

I am okay with high risk and volatility.

What salary is considered decent in your area?

Not unless you hate whatever it is you do with a Business Administration degree. Seems like a flexible degree that'll open up a lot of opportunities, so it's probably not a bad choice outright. Just make sure you really look into it and think hard about whether the shittiest job that it could get you is worth it. I wish I would have thought of that when I was an undergrad.

45k or 50k is pretty decent imo. My current state apparently has one of the lowest average starting salaries for teachers ($33k). My home state is much higher at around $44k. But I also have my Masters' degree, which bumps the pay up.

So what is your next move? Trying to jockey for a better teaching job in a year and going from there?

Pretty much. If I get one? Awesome. If not, I guess it's finding another job and then back to school for me.

How old are you?


I just want to feel like I'm doing okay. I think that a lot of my issue might be unhappiness within myself. I don't know how to remedy it.

I'm right there with you. I have a lot of external things making me unhappy (my job, debt, stress), but I think part of it is also just unhappiness with myself. I feel my potential is being wasted right now. Maybe that may be part of how you feel? Like you can do great things, move up in the world, and get a much better job, but you feel like you're being held back?
Maybe getting your BBA isn't such a bad idea if it helps you find a sense of purpose and helps you move upwards. You're doing fine right now though, user. We're all gonna make it.

OP, you're above average. You're not in debt except for your vehicle, which you can depreciate if you use it for work. You're employed. You have savings, and investments which are diversified.

A lot of people your age are underemployed or unemployed, no savings, and a shit ton of student loan debt thinking it'll be forgiven in 30-years. They also tend to live in an expensive city.

Start researching how to lower your overall tax burden. Look into more hands on investing, and maybe starting a business. Maybe look into making your 401(k) self directed.

Start looking into growing your own food to save money, and sell. You can't believe the amount you can make, and tax advantages there are. Some states even exempt you from property taxes if you're classified as a far. The requirements are usually laughable, making $650 gross a year in some states.
Maybe look into starting a business that doesn't require much daily tending to each day. Like an online store for shirts, wooden signs, etc. Then just fulfill the orders every 3-4 days.

Make sure to keep that qt3.14 gf of yours.

>Every time I come to this site (mostly Jow Forums) I see "25 year old software dev making 130k and 500k+ net worth and own a company on the side"
>What are the stats for the average person in the U.S.?
What people don't consider is the actual cost of living difference. I know quite a few people over the years who quit their jobs making six figures, cause they had less than the person who made five figures but lived in a cheaper area.

You hit the nail on the head. I know that I have potential to be more and accomplish more. I don't think I am the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, I don't think I am some undiscovered genius, but I do think that I have unrecognized potential that, once released, will help me with that drive and passion I'm looking for. I know there is something out there that is my "fit" but I just have no idea what it is. Part of why I'm getting my BA is because part of me hopes I'll discover something along the way that gives me that fire.

Do you have more information or sources on these topics? My girlfriend and I already discussed getting a property with some land as she wants to board her horse on it and I'd like to grow food. I live in Pennsylvania.

A good friend of mine is a believer in FIRE and is willing to examine my financial situation and offer his opinions. He is on pace to retire by 35 and is well versed in different investments vehicles and taxes.

Also am interested in the online store side hustle. Do you have any experience?