Which is most painful?

If someone were to stand on you, full weight, wearing shoes for long periods of time, where would it be most painful for him to stand?

A. Your fingers.
B. Your wrists.
C. Your elbow joints.
D. Both feet on the side of your face.

I've agreed to let someone step on me for a total of 100 hours over the next year. I play guitar and he would like to see my guitar skills suffer and so wants to have access to my arms or hands. He claims I'll just be sore afterward but I'm worried that a 180 lbs guy stepping on a sensitive body part might do damage over time. I get to choose what he stands on but once the choice is made, I have to live with it.

I realize this sounds crazy but where we're from, people make crazy wages like this all the time.

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That's the most retarded thing I've ever heard. Make him stand on your balls so the world doesn't have to suffer your offspring as well.

PS I don't know how important it is but also part of the agreement is that I have to be on a hard surface while he stand on me. If he stands on my fingers, my hand has to be palm down. If he stands on my wrists, palm up. If on my elbows, with the "pits" of the joints up.

My balls are not an option. That's a little gay.

All of these are terrible for you, standing on your hands for 20 minutes will take a couple of weeks to recover, 4 days? You might not come back from that at all.
Do you get to stab him 100 times afterwards? This is so fucking dumb, hope you get denied healthcare for destroying yourself like this.

I figured standing on my fingers would just cause pain because of the nerves. It wouldn't be all at once, just a couple hours per week. He works and practices in his garage and intends to get his hours in there.

Enjoy destroying your nerves and never being able to play guitar again. Can't believe I share a planet with kids like you.

What's my best option here?

Might as well let him stand on your head. Not like there's anything in there to damage anyway.

Ok, thanks for the feedback anyway.

I'm kind of freaking out. Does anyone who knows about medicine or has experience with injury or the limits of the human body have information? What sort of injuries should I be worried about?

None, you should be fine dude. Don't listen to all these pussies telling you you're stupid

Where should I let him stand?

which country?

Who is this psycho you're hanging out with. Tell him to fuck off

The US.

I was going to make him give me thousands of dollars worth of equipment. He would have followed through. This is my future.

Why the fuck would you let someone do that to you? the damage could be permanent and no money will ever be able to compensate that, tell that imbecile to go fuck himself.

It's a done deal. Help me make the best decision, please.

this is beyond retarded

Does anyone have a suggestion, given the circumstances, of where I should let him stand or information/opinion about where I will suffer the most harm?

On your ass most likely. Joints are extremly fragile and the nerves can suffer permanent damage there easily. If your skills are suffering, it's because you are slowly damaging your body.
Also, take back the agreement at any cost. Even if it's dumb, talk to the police if the person harasses you to continue. He is bullshitting you with the "just sore lol" part big time.

>Help me make the best decision, please.
the best decision is to not do it and tell him to suck a cock but since you are a spineless coward enjoy your permanent damage

Okay, I get it. I'm going through with it, tell me where I should take the damage. Pick a location and I'll just take people's votes.

I stand by my original answer of your head. Maybe it will finally trigger the part of your brain that helps you make better decisions.

ok. ty. One vote for my head.

balls, you must not reproduce

Go back on your agreement

not an option


PS I just tried standing on my own fingers and it fucking hurts. I feel like a fucking moron right now. I should have just given him money.

why are you a spineless coward? genuinely interested

I'm not spineless for following through.

Any other suggestions on where I'll suffer the least damage getting stood on?

>back of thights

Those aren't options. He gave me fingers, wrists, and elbows. I suggested another option, he said if it wasn't my arms he'd settle for me head. I agreed to the deal assuming I'd win. I did not. Those are my choices: fingers, wrists, elbows, or head.

enjoy your cripplement/death

Quick google search says the skull can withstand 520 lbs. He's only 180. How would this cripple me?

I'm not going to spoofeed you, the world will benefit out of your removal from the gene pool

kk ty

Idiot, these options will cripple you for life if an adult human applies constant pressure on them.
Those joints heal like ass if dislodged. Enjoy never fully flexing/extending the phalangs and constant finger shaking if nerves get pinched.
Enjoy your carpal tunnel. Hope rigid wrist braces are your thing.
Enjoy carpal tunnel 2.0. You can angle it in a way to pervent nerv damage for a longer while, but it gives llike 5 times the chance to pop your joint and fuck you up good. 0/10, would not recommand.
Hard to get a good surface for it. Improper standing could damage the spine or attachment ligaments. If you manage tho, brain damage is not out of question, depending on some factors.

user jfc, start a go fund me, take a loan, borrow, sell stuff or something if it's about money. Not worth to be cripple and live of state handouts for it

He doesnt want cash at this point. A deal's a deal. I don't want brain damage for sure. Carpal tunnel would suck but I think is the best bet.

Did you sign a contract? If no, ghost him and block him. Did you get the equipment/whatever? Ship it to him and then ghost and block. He is taking advantage of you and your position of need and lack of better judgement.
>carpal tunel
Enjoy playing the guitar for 5 minutes before needing to stop for a few hours. With braces, you will need to lay the guitar flat on a table, because curling your wrists will mean pain, numbness and lack of fine motor control.
You will render your sacrifice useless if you hurt yourself like this. Please stop being stubborn and put a stop to this reckless plan.

It's happening no matter what. He didn't give me equipment because I lost.

Nigga, get more normal fetishes, what is wrong with you

I vote fingers. Make an update about your suicide ideation when crippled and can no longer play please.

So far, vote for fingers and head. Keep them coming.

dumbest person I've seen on Jow Forums in 10 years, if true

You will never play guitar again.

I understand. Just cast your vote for my best bet. I'll just go with what you all decide.

OP here, I am starting to reconsider... Do you guys really think I can just back out of the deal? Just block the guy?

:/ Fuck this thread. I get you all think I'm stupid but a deal is a deal. This is what I agreed to. If you don't have a suggestion, fuck off.

This troll isn't me, I am seriously reconsidering and would appreciate advice.

OP here, this guy isn't me. I thought about it though and I think I am open to having him stand on my balls. It's not too gay, right?

Please back off. If you didn't get anything, getting lide long disability sure ain't good. Slap yourself a few times if you think letting yourself get cripple is a good idea from any point of view.
>muh decision
Idk if it's your ego or you are a reckless masochist, but for the love of your innocent body parts, block and ghost that fucker.

OP I think it is in your best interest for someone to tell you, questions like these are so outlandish that the safer assumption is that you just have some extreme masochism fetish, but this thread has just revealed that you are just incredibly stupid. Like honestly dumb enough that I'm not sure you should be living by yourself or making your own decisions. Do you have any family who could support you?

It's not about family. I stick by my deals. So does he. It's life. It's about being honorable. I knew this was a possible consequence.

Eactly, this is beyond retarded and theres no better sentence to word it.

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By the way, if you are retarded enough to actually make the deal with this guy, make sure to update us on it.

Yes. I can update you. It's between fingers and head. We start this evening. If anyone has any thoughts, weigh in.

Alright ima get some popcorn ready

In how much hours is it happening?

Did you pick what I should commit to?

Call the police. Fuck the deal. You'll thank me later.

I'd say fingers as you can maybe fit them between the curves of the bottom of the shoe, if you are lucky

2 votes for fingers, one for head. Thank you

Otherwise i'd say elbows as you can maybe flex them to decrease the force of the shoe, thank me later

Ignore the votes, Either call the police before its too late or choose elbows. Elbows is the safest choice. If you flex them with force at the moment he presses on it with his shoe.

For elbows, I have to lay flat on my stomach and make fists with my pinkies toward the floor so that the socket is facing up and the bend facing down

Think twice, and btw in how much hours?

4 or so.

You're so fucking stupid, clinging to a sense of honor that will earn you no respect

understood. anymore votes?

Dude, ask your mother or best friend what you should do... You'll get the best answer at this point, trust me

The head is actually your safest bet unless he steps in your jaw or the position you're in fucks up your neck

For my head, I'd have to lay on my stomach with my face lying on it's side on the floor. Heels over my jaws/cheeks, toes over the top of my head.

Try to get a few degrees from being flat on your stomach then relax the neck and get comfortable

Oh, and get a good mouth guard. Hopefully for you, his need to balance may cause him to shift most of his weight to his toes

Thank you. A mouthguard wouldn't work.

I would reaaaly like to know the behind the scenes for such a "deal".

Can you give us a bit more info about the guy you made the deal with

We both dated the same woman. Me first and then she left him for me. We both play guitar, a position opened up and I got it. He's bitter about it which is why he wants to step on me. He doesn't have a ton of money so I wanted to take all of his equipment but that didn't work out.

Don't do any of this shit retard
No it isn't. Its a bro wager you made with a beer buddy
Two for head. Not much to damage in there

I accept that vote.

You and the people around you are retarded and I have no interest in what you choose. Go be lame elsewhere.

what kind of weird ass shitpost is this

I'm in his garage now getting started. We decided on head.

No brain damage. Extremely painful though and I won't be surprised if I have bruising on my face from it. My neck is sore and I'm exhausted. It's going to be a long year.

>No brain damage
Beg to differ.

....post pics

need pics and amount of time on face

Fingers. Lots of nerves. Small area means higher pressure for the same weight, so more pain and higher risk of bones breaking.

You'll likely take away permanent damage with either option. Most retarded poster I've seen in ages. You better pray the gear is worth your injuries and dignity.

>No brain damage
Can't damage what ain't there.

Not posting a picture. 1 hour to start.

>OP won't deliver
>OP a massive fag
>monday on Jow Forums again

hmmm... same guy? At least he posted evidence