Planing on going to Paris next year

Are the french fucking weird? What should I expect?

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For what? Tourism? Study? Work? For how long?

Assholes, assholes everywhere
t. provincial frog

Far more non-white people than you ever would've imagined.

Far less than any American city.

Hope you speak French lmao. Expect assholes to pretend they don't know English

Maybe in California

I was going to look up stats, but apparently collecting information on racial demographics isn't allowed in France.
You're probably right though, not denying it. Most major American cities are shitholes.

Why would you go on a niggermonkey-spotting safari? Paris a shit, go somewhere else.

t. Burger basement-dwelling NEET

t. Nigger

I've been all over Europe

Wierd? The even talk a different language, that's how weird they are!

>collecting information on racial demographics isn't allowed
by the government, private entities can do so but very few give a shit and the results aren't as through as census in other countries

Don't go into urban areas in France, most of them should be no-go zone to unprepared people.
Paris is the worst after Marseille. Try to go in more rural area if possible or go in the north near the coast they have beautiful things up there and the urban problem is less important than in the south.
Anyway good luck user, you'll fucking need it for coming in this bureaucratic hellhole.
T. Rural frog who is forced in Lyon for studies
Also this.

You haven't retard. Your own hometown has way more niggers than Paris or London. You won't even be able to name any of the many places in Paris that are must-sees.

>no-go zone
U wot nigga. There are no such things in Europe, only America.

Why did this thread immediately get swarmed by Jow Forums incels?

They are obviously not as bad as Detroit but trust me when I say there are many. Too many.

My family is from Quebec (I'm the first American born in the family), so I can't say much about the French. Montreal folks can be really nice or assholes, I'm guessing Paris may be the same way.

>Quebec is the same as Paris
Friend, Quebec is like heaven compared to the hell of Paris. People are born as asshole in Paris, adding to this are all the "rats" lurking everywhere and morover you'll get a taste of the legendary bureaucraty of the french police.

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There are assholes in Montreal, but it's nothing you can't just ignore. Lots of very pretty girls too, and ice skating on the St. Lawrence in the winter with one of those pretty girls is really great. They usually think my broken french is cute, but it's embarrassing for me. I haven't been up there in a few years, I really miss it.

Where? Locations.

These are the ones I know personally :
Saint-Denis ; A good part of Marseille ; Echirolles, Le Tonkin in Lyon.
But as I said it's not (yet) as bad as americans' no go zone. But it's getting grimmer with the years.
Montreal is much better than anything we have here. You are a lucky one. A shame I am a dumbfuck in organic chemistry or I could have got a 2 month internship free of charges there while in my second year.

Dont the Swedes have no go zones now because of cultural enrichment?

I called some friends for more insights on this since I am a bit dated (and also because I have no better things to do. Most of what I said about the no-go zone is outdated.
There are two "major" ones :
>Saint-Denis in Paris ( + some bonus places like the parisian metro line 13 (seriously never take that one friend, trust me) or Barb├Ęs)
>Marseille, we don't have any recent news since he left it years ago to go working in Paris. "But it's probably still shit everywhere except in the wealthy districts".
Lyon lost most of them but it's still adviced to not let your guard down while staying here. And as always Echirolles is a hellhole where you'll get stabbed for looking a person the wrong way.
Here you go chief.

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Actually crime statistics are down, not up. But that doesn't stop media from scaremongering and gullible Jow Forumstards lapping it up.
No, where did you hear that? That's pants on head retarded.

America has no no-go zones. Police here relish the opportunity to enforce law and order on "their" streets and prove in no uncertain terms that they run the streets.

Wut. Every major American city has entire neighborhoods where you will be shot on sight.

Sure, if you're in a gang. Otherwise just stop, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

Why are you lying? America has no-go zones. Europe doesn't.