Incels refuse to have sex with women because they prefer videogames

>incels refuse to have sex with women because they prefer videogames
>this is somehow women's fault

You could probably walk up to a girl, tell her you eat pussy and get laid tonight. The amount of sexually frustrated women is at an all-time high.

Instead they stay in their right rooms playing videogames until they decide to kill women for no reason. What can be done about this?

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Have sex

This. I have to literally bat droves of women away when I’m on campus because neither their bfs nor me want to have sex with them. What are incels talking about when they say no one will have sex with them?

>You could probably walk up to a girl, tell her you eat pussy and get laid tonight.

Take this shit to Jow Forums, Jow Forums, or /news/ and stop spamming the board with it. Not the place.

>women want to have sex with me
>what are people no one wants to have sex with talking about when no one wants to have sex with them


pro incel, anti-incel, who cares
stop talking about incels on Jow Forums you giant faggot

you're forgetting that some of those incels are ugly as sin and have such poor social skills they could never have that conversation even with the thirstiest of women

I was joking. No woman has ever expressed interest in me, and none would have sex with me.

not with that attitude

That guy has bugman features.

They want you to take them out to expensive dinners and work longer hours so you can take them on vacation. Why the fuck are you wasting your time on leisure, paypig?

Seriously. Mods, do your fucking jobs.

You sound like you’re looking for the hacker known as Jow Forums, yeah he retired

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Daily reminder to report threads like such

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Wrong option. Check what's the very first one.

I read the article and it was shit. It's like 10 lines long and a female researcher's only explanation was "I dunno, probably because guys would rather play video games or stream videos". Lol, women think it's that easy to get sex because they have a bunch of guys hitting up their DMs. That's not the case for men. A guy who isn't putting in work can easily end up with 0 girls. Including guys who take care of their appearance and aren't shut ins. Meanwhile girls that are passive about dating can have a number of interested men hitting on them. Men have to do the approaching and make themselves vulnerable to a rejection by making the first move.

I think the reason why less men are having sex is because social media has made society as whole more introverted regarding the younger generation. It has become odd to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Women won't suffer from this, but young boys will. Because for the average guy to be sexually successful, he needs to be extroverted and hit on girls. Additionally, I don't think men are taught to be as sexually aggressive anymore, unlike before. Whether that's through the absence of someone teaching them, or them explicitly or implicitly getting discouraged from behaving sexually aggressively. That might come in the form of campaigns against sexual harassment/assault directed at actual creeps, giving ordinary young boys the impression "displaying my sexuality openly and directly is creepy and bad. i don't want to be creepy. i dont want to be judged". So their dating style becomes more timid and passive. Not a good choice when we live in a world where most girls expect the guy to make the first move. Lastly, it's because porn has become more widespread and accessible. Porn is an easy escape for guys frustrated of dating or afraid of hitting on girls.

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very good conclusion

80/20 rule is real.
men are willing to settle, women aren't.

I know this is a low effort bait thread, but you guys need to realise something.
When these articles that come around sometimes say 'Young men', they don't mean us. We don't count, we don't exist, we aren't 'young men'.
They mean Chad. Chad would literally rather stay home and play pubg than fuck Stacie.

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Pretty sure more than 20% of men are married my dude.

married to men they don't love because it's preferable to work

well, perhaps I was too rash,

here let my fix my comment

>80/20 rule is real.
men are willing to settle, women aren't, least till they hit their 30s
61.24 married couples, 30.62 married men, should be pretty exact since gay married couples are pretty rare
308745338 [population] * (1 - 0.224) [% population under 18] * (1 - 0.508) [% population female]
= 117,876,576 male adult population give or take a few percentage points

30,620,000 / 117,876,576 = 0.26, 26% of men are married, a 75/25 rule instead of 80/20 still pretty much holds

wait im a drunk retard and the first division was pointless, disregard my bullshit