How do I stop getting depressed whenever I see a cute girl on campus?

How do I stop getting depressed whenever I see a cute girl on campus?

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Yeah, difficult one user.

I'm not sure, cause it never went away for me. Campus is a mine field guaranteed to make me feel lonely or like I've made bad decisions just because my dick is screaming "what aren't you fucking that right now?"

The important thing is to recognize this for what it is and don't let your dick make your decisions and DON'T let your dick make you dwell on the thots. Go do something when it happens, school work. Work out, sports, hang with friends etc.

Perception is very powerful, when you see a pretty girl our tendency is to focus on their physical beauty, which is so alluring that it lifts them to the status of a goddess. You have to think more deeply than that, beauty is only skin deep. I always remind myself that they shit, have bad breath, have periods, and probably don't look as good ass naked with no make up or fitting cloths. Go even further and realize that her personality might be shit, you might not be compatible at all.

Some people might see this as a cope, but I've said nothing that isn't true, and its amazing how a thin layer of beauty can blind us to the reality of how woman are smelly little beast just like us.

you can turn your depression into frustration.

you know one more or one less pretty girl rejecting you isn't going to be such of a deal.

My fucking man. I of course had to get a cute instructor in a class this semester. It is KILLING me. I haven’t formed a crush in god knows how long but this shit is fucking awful. I wish this would stop. Castration seems like a viable option more everyday

Approach one of those cute girls and get her number.


Can't, too many mental issues to handle relationships

What makes you depressed? I mean there's a fuck ton of girls but nobody ever gets to fuck not even 1% of those girls.

Step 1: Deal with mental issues
Step 2: Deal with everything else
It's not rocket science

Woah, that's actually really helpful. Especially for Jow Forums. Thank you user

I'm not that user but I want to add: I once thought a girl from a church was super hot. I wanted to date her but she rejected me. Some day I met her again and when I stood next to her I smelled her really really bad breath. Maybe it was only because she had just eaten some burgers right then, but it made me stop finding her attractive.
I think that really everyone has disgusting traits and rather than wanting to be with someone that seems perfect, reality is more like wanting to be with someone despite the fact that so much about them is awful.

Go TALK to her.
Getting shot down and having that closure is so much better than torturing yourself with daydreams about what might have been.
Nah, that isn't how it works. It sounds like OP is miserable being a volcel, so continuing to practice being unable to interact with women is going to hurt him more. Just start asking women out, and you'll find yourself getting braver, which will help you cope with literally every other issue.

No excuses! No bullshit! When you meet girls you like, talk to them! Flirt with them! You'll be shit at it at first but that's okay! You're only going to learn how to talk to women by talking to women, so get started now and not when you're 31 and balding!

Same thing happens to me, I feel so old at 23 years old and see so many cute 18 year old girls

You need to remember that people who would make fun of you for dating a younger girl are just jealous of you. NOTHING should stop you from dating young adults, even if you are fucking 70 years old.

Let's be honest here. You have better things to do than to torture yourself over a girl that could be shallow and undeserving.

You need to focus on being the best version of yourself. As the other Anons said, they are just animals who lie via their appearance and have shit personalities. It's fucking depressing and disgusting.

But don't hang on this idea. Granted, not all women are like this. There is gold out there in the roughs, but don't waste your time digging through all the shit. Be patient and believe in yourself. Grow past the urges and do what is meaningful to you.

Blind yourself.


Wish I could tell you, but I often have the same or a similar problem.

I have the same problem, but not specifically because I want to fuck them. I see someone who looks nice, maybe start imagining being with them, having a family, being happy, then I realize that that's not going to happen, and that I'm probably going to be alone forever and never find a significant other and I get extremely fucking depressed. I try not to look at women I might find attractive in fear of this, but it doesn't always work.

Similar to this. When I see attractive women my animal brain starts firing on all cylinders and competing with whatever other thoughts I’d usually have. And when I try to shut it up I basically have to remind it and myself that I’ll be alone until I die, that I’ll never be a girl’s first choice (or any choice for that matter), that I’ll never grow old and see children and grandchildren with a loving and caring wife. I try so hard to avoid developing crushes or any attraction towards women but my current circumstances have thwarted my efforts. Now I’m stuck reminding myself everyday that I’m not fit for a relationship and that I am not going to be ever

I used to have this problem. I solved it by actually putting in effort and getting a girlfriend.

Just improve yourself bro

I don’t want to. I have other things that interest me and I just want the base desires to go away.