I don't like going outside. How do I overcome this?

I don't like going outside. How do I overcome this?

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Depends on the reasons why you don't like it

This. Instructions unclear.
Please describe.

Outside sucks, just spend the least amount of time possible outside

Nobody to go outside with so nothing to do. The friends I do have are either not around or I don't want to be around them. I often find myself not enjoying the company of other people, partially because I'm extremely anxious and the other part being that I just can't connect with others. I'm generally disinterested in most things and prefer being alone. When I do go outside it's either out of obligation (therapy, school, or work), I'm going to the store, or on a short walk for some fresh air. In those times I also feel very anxious. Even when I'm walking down the street I feel my anxiety rising. At this point I'm even afraid of walking past dogs and cats because I feel like they'll attack me.

Well okay that really did not help. Do have anxiety or are you sociophobic? Or is it that you just don't like going outside? Maybe a classic case of emeritism better known as loners. Questions over questions..

You need professional help in all likelihood, friend.

Try smoking weed

This. You really need help

This is a meme response but I actually have tried that. It just made my anxiety worse. I also had a stint where I was drinking a lot of alcohol. The alcohol relaxed me and made it easier to do things but it also made me feel like shit. After drinking so much in certain situations now I feel like I can't engage with people without alcohol.
I am seeing a therapist. I struggle my way through explaining my issues. Often times I feel that I have nothing worthwhile to say. I expressed this feeling recently and now we're beginning a more constructive approach to dealing with my problems. I think it's nice to talk about my issues but I can't say I've felt a ton of growth by being in therapy so far.
That wasn't me. I do have anxiety. I guess I'm afraid of social settings?

I only go outside to go to the store. Anything else and I start feeling depressed over missing out on everything when I see hot girls and couples holding hands, I'm unironically happier staying inside for days.

>Nothing worthwhile
You don't. It's your job to unleash the garbage. Let the therapist derive the useful tidbits from it because that's THEIR job. You are suffering mental anguish and chaos, your job is just to represent that as best you can even if it's just a blog post to your therapist about how shite your corn flakes were. From there they'll derive that you're obsessive-compulsive and your misery is a result of repressing or denying that and the end product is a depression that comes from the discord of your reality versus how you want to be perceived, and perceive that around you.
Just as a hypothetical.

Furthermore, they're just humans. If one isn't making progress bring it up and bring up seeing a different practitioner to get a new, fresh angle on your problems. If not to the therapist then to whomever is seeing you through to them, or otherwise on your own accord. Definitely do not just resign to a bad therapist; I did twice before getting one who actually knew what my problem was and how to approach it.
Often a therapist is limited by experience both professional and personal, so, they can be a tough sell if their experience doesn't line up with your problems.

These all probably sound like meme responses. This has been my experience with things and even simple concepts can be exacerbated by our minds until someone draws us back to see what we're actually on about.

Wasn't meant to be a meme answer. I have a bad case of sociophobia and weed did after I regulary smoked it really help me

The trick is to not go high outside but to smoke it indoors and after a while when your sober at day you feel more motivation and not so much anxiety. But I really don't wan't to talk you into smoking it every day. Shit is to expansive

Ohh and don't trink to much alcohol please.. that shit really makes you miserable at some point

Just go outside. You mustn't socialize in the 1st week. Maybe go to a forest and watch trees and animals.

Go outside

How long do you think is too long? I've been seeing this therapist for maybe 6-7~ months. We're going to try a new approach since I've expressed my feelings on the progress but it's only been like a week since then.
but I don't want to

Go outside. Seriously.

>but I don't want to
It doesn't matter what you want to do. Just do what you need to do. If you don't do it, nothing will change. There isn't a magical fix for this. You literally just have to spend a lot of time outside.

Planned ramp up. Go for limited times, increasing on a schedule. Find picture online of nice places to be outside, target those

Go outside until you like it