Is it bad I am not willing to marry a non virgin?

25 M here. I know there are hardly any virgins at my age, but is it weird I am not willing to marry unless the girl is a virgin? My reasoning is that it is impossible to really know how many guys she has been with. Why would I marry pretending she only fucked BF's when she was actually fucking dicks left and right?

I worked hard to get to financial freedom. Why should my efforts be in vain to marry a girl that's lacked the discipline and intelligence to make something out of herself?

Is it bad I prefer a virgin 5-7 rather than an 8+?

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None of that is bad or wrong. It's telling of today's society when many people would find it strange and unrealistic though. Still, don't give up hope, but know that you're seeking a suitable partner out of a rapidly-shrinking pool of women.

Basically I would love a Hinata instead of a Sakura

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You are free to set up your demands regarding the partner, but you have to accept the much narrower dating pool in doing so.

True, I've taken that into consideration, and I've come to conclusion that I will prefer to either date someone younger (legal age only) or I will stay single. Might consider adoption or having children only with someone trust worthy later on, but not looking forward to it atm.

It's kind of sad that you think a woman has nothing to offer but her hymen.
But do what you wish, it's your life.

What do women today offer aside from their pussy?

Well that is his point - having hymen sort of implies that the girl has values and morals that OP values. It's never about about ripping that membrane but the about person who has it.

It's also sad many women now are barely finding out what I have to offer.

Well said

I'm my husband's best friend. I've held his head while he was crying, talked with him about all the important decisions he made, we laughed our asses off and sometimes even just minded our own businesses or got bored together.
I take care of him. I massage his legs every night before bed, I cook for him, I wash his hair in the shower, I pick his clothes in the morning when he runs late and wash them for him. I keep our house spotless. I gave birth to and raise his children.
I love him unconditionally. I've always supported him.
I'm my own person with my own things, too. An okay job, assets, interests, whatever.
I don't know, I think there's much more than an hymen.

>Why would I marry pretending she only fucked BF's when she was actually fucking dicks left and right?
Why would you marry somebody that you're genuinely convinced is a liar?

>Is it bad I prefer a virgin 5-7 rather than an 8+?
Lets be real, dude. You're not even remotely interested in rethinking your position. You don't want advice. You just want people to validate you and pat you on the back. I don't really see the point in coming here and asking whether or not your romantic preferences are weird when you're obviously 100% convinced that it isn't.

It doesn't really. She could have sucked a dozen dicks, or even took a dick in his ass, and OP would never know.
It's kind of silly to assume that just because someone has an hymen she adheres to some values.

Well, yeah, but if we go this route then you start questioning everything. If a girl says she only had 1 relationship then she might as well had been raped a dozen of times and had 6 abortions and did softcore porn.
That's why it's much safer to associate certain lifestyles with certain people.

If you are a virgin at the time you marry, it's fine, otherwise it's stupid

I mean, he questions the girl who says "I've only ever slept with my ex boyfriend" but not question the girl who says "I've totally never touched a dick IRL"?
One seems much more implausible than the other.
Being virgin doesn't mean you have values. Saying you have those value doesn't mean you have them.

Yeah, spend your life ALONE and CHILDLESS just because of your RETARDED PREJUDICE about women who had more than one partner before you. No wonder there are so many incels, as MEN ARE THIS FUCKING RETARDED TO OSTRACIZE WOMEN WITH NORMAL SEXUAL ACTIVITY FOR NO REASON. If a woman does not get married it is normal for her to have the number of partners you said your girlfriend has had. Because women, too, get dumped. And they too, need to have sex life, preferably relationships, not to end up as social outcasts, as no one wants to be friend of a loser who has no sex life. And if you haven't got friends irl, to post pictures of on your social media page, you won't have following, and if you haven't got that, you won't be hired by anyone either. As no one follows a loser with no friends and no one hires a loser with no following. So, if a woman stays a pure virgin or has one brief relationship as a result of being dumped, before getting married in her late twenties or early thirties, SHE WILL DROP OUT OF SOCIETY AND BECOME A NEET for the rest of her life.

Whatever, rot alone idiots.

And yeah, I'm not going to check the replies as there will be a PACK OF RETARDS concluding on the basis of my post that I am some kind of a "roastie". To make such a conclusion is just SO FUCKING RETARDED IT MAKES ME WANT TO TRASH PLACES OR BEAT SOMEONE UP. And as I can't I will have a panic attack. So bye, just stick it into your skulls what I said

No it’s not bad or wrong. You have set yourself standards and there is nothing wrong with doing that.

I see that this pasta is popping up in other threads now

Why do you think it's either a virgin or Godless hedonist situation?
Also, are you virgin yourself too? Assuming so, were you never deep in love in all your nearly 10 years of life past puberty?

Nice larp I rate it 7/10

Virgin seems like a safer bet to me, but it depends on the person.

Neither is a safe bet, in the words of OP "it is impossible to really know how many guys she has been with".

You can want to marry whoever or whatever you want. Just like how the homeless guy on street can hold up a sign saying he wants money but that he refuses anything below a 50$ bill.

How do you know for sure a girl is a virgin ?

I do realize that, but you have to set up some sane borders for trust, and for OP it's easier to trust the self-called virgin.

>Virgin seems like a safer bet to me
Safer bet for what? I've never truly understand what it is you guys think virgins have that all other girls don't. For me, personally, it seems a little bit of a safer bet to be with someone who has had a few relationships and has decided to settle with me as opposed to someone who is settling with me and has literally nothing else to compare her relationship with me to. I don't know any guy my age who wouldn't be absolutely freaked out by being a woman's first serious relationship.

He's free to, but it doesn't make much sense.
There's also hymen reconstruction surgery, there are fake hymens.
It doesn't make sense to blindly trust a girl just because she says she's virgin.

Not him but I’m a virgin. And no, I’ve never experienced love. The strongest I’ve felt for someone is the current cruse I have on this older woman.

Not “cruse”

If you can't trust anyone then what is the point of having serious relationships? This just devolves into purely sexual attraction and not much else

Not the person you were replying to but I trust people based on loads of different reasons, none of which is "have they ever had sex before"

>If you can't trust anyone then what is the point of having serious relationships?
He can't trust anyone. He literally said it in the OP.

>never experienced one of the strongest human emotions
>thinks he has a leg in the race
Really, attend medfag conventions too. You'll fit in just as much in their convo as you do here.

Well then, it looks like a lot of people are going to die single.

I don't know dude, I'm married and quite happy.

How could I experience extra-familiar romantic love without having a chance? Or are we counting the love one has for one’s parents?

It is wrong in the sense that you are excluding 89% of women and it also means that you are not willing to forgive past mistakes, and quite frankly, that is not something anyone wants to deal with longterm.
You are probably not a top quality guy and have many shortcomings, meaning that you can't really expect perfection back. I'm not saying you should just date any sleazy whore who gives you the time of day, but you should accept women who are decent even if they are no longer virgins.

Also, virginity is not this magical item that will just ensure that you will have a good marriage.
Sure, its nice to have, but it doesnt guarantee anything.

you can tell by her body language and how she acts and social status to some degree

Im dating a girl and when i went for kiss she straight up looked down to avoid it and was embarrassed , the second time i went for kiss she was laughing nervously and didn't know what to do ,could kiss her while she was laughing but then went for her neck and felt her goosebumps on my lips and she was just standing there not knowing how to react :)

I think it's reasonable, but not for the same reasons.
When men ejaculate into a woman, they pass Chimera DNA into the woman. This Chimera DNA can have profound effects on a woman, her organs, and her brain. It can also hypothetically be passed onto your future children, even though fertilization hasn't happened.


Oh boy, more incel urban legends

Developing a fetus in you for 9 months leaves traces in your body. Those traces aren't passed on future offspring.
Also semen =/= fetus.

Article about flies, not humans.

Great sources mate.

That is utterly false.

It's your preference nothing wrong with it. Women are allowed to have race and height preferences. Why can men not have any?

Its funny how none of the sources you posted even remotely confirm anything you just said. Your first article was about how the DNA remnants of babies remain in their mothers after birth. The second article was about chimerism in flies. Did you even bother to read any of the shit you cited as sources?

0.02 cents have been deposited on your account

Yes it’s wrong, you’re a gd moron. “Is it wrong if my gf has to like snickers vs Milky Way?”

Yeah it’s wrong, you’re a fucking moron

no replies to this because its the truth.

No, it's not bad, provided you are also waiting until marriage.

Waiting until marriage will scare off pretty much anyone who isn't morally up to the task, male or female.

>"I have a lot of money and I'm only looking for a virgin"
>"Sure, ok, whatever, I don't even know what cocks look like, we can wait as long as you want"
*books hymen surgery*

Everyone in this thread is just saying that women are deceitful liars, no matter whether they support op or not.

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>"I have a lot of money and I'm only looking for a virgin"
That's the exact opposite of what one should do.
A woman who wants a potential husband to be financially stable is rational and well within her rights to expect it, but one who wants a man BECAUSE of his money is a gold-digger.
A man who expects a woman to be chaste and moral to consider her for marriage is also fully justified (and things would be much better if both genders had expected this of the other)--but he's a creep and probably a little stupid if he wants a woman simply because she's a virgin.

As for the rest of your post, you can keep the siege mentality if you want, but it's statistically unlikely in the extreme that waiting until marriage will blow up in your face, compared to the abysmal success of modern marriages. A proven whore or manwhore will not be willing to wait an average of 2 years to get sex when they can get it far faster elsewhere, and most will bail the moment you say you're waiting. Even for those that choose to stay (because you're just that special), almost all will break eventually, at which point you can ditch them.

Nothing is truly risk-free, but if you're talking about relative success, waiting until marriage is the best and most consistent method available.

Not bad, but you will have to marry a 10 y.o. to succeed.

>Everyone in this thread is just saying that women are deceitful liars, no matter whether they support op or not.

Everyone in this thread is right then.

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