Why does MGTOW trigger so many people from all sides so much?

Why does MGTOW trigger so many people from all sides so much?

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We just can't believe how stupid some of these men are.

Honestly I'm not sure. I think it's mostly women who are triggered by it because it definitely is a threat to their life game plan.

>not becoming a slave to some used up hag is stupid

It's not like that hag isn't a slave to you in return...

How? If I tried anything she would immediately call some abuse support.


Because you don't need to make a big fucking show about being single
>Sorry ladies, you missed your chance, THIS guy is off the market BY CHOICE! Totally not an incel!
Nobody cares

MGTOW is absolutely reasonable from the position of an individual and is absolutely unassailable intellectually, MGTOW only suffers if collective strategies are the relevant context.

And because almost everyone is occupied by individualism - they can easily be humiliated in the public space given proper argumentation, thus MGTOW garners resentment, much similar to how the most successful man is disliked by those beneath him.

At the same time, MGTOW attracts the worst of men who form circles of collective industrial-capacity cope strategies. Which is why, despite its' superior argumentative prowess, this group garners no respect due to the incompetence of their followers and thus cultivates even greater dislike.

Being powerful, but incompetent is a poor combination.

Because MGTOW guys insist on being incredibly vocal about their idiocy. The truth is that nobody gives a shit what they decide to do with their lives and that's the entire basis behind their ideology. Women don't like them therefore they've decided to say fuck women and go off and live their lives for themselves. That's great, nobody really gives a shit however in the mind of a lot of MGTOW whats the point in saying fuck women if you don't go out of your to specifically say it? Its like a guy nobody wants at the party interrupting everyone, stopping the music and getting up on the table to make a speech about how he doesn't want to be at the party and is leaving. No one would give a shit if he just left without doing or saying anything but obviously, for him, that doesn't have the same satisfaction of busting out the megaphone and making sure eeeeverybody at the party know that he's sooo over it.

I'm of the mind that MGTOW is not a new mindset. Plenty of men throughout history have decided to prioritize their disciplines or hobbies or careers over romantic pursuits but the MGTOW movement in particular is new in the sense that they just won't shut the fuck up about it. MGTOW doesn't trigger anybody they're just irritating. Truly, nobody cares if a bunch of virgins want to give up trying to have sex and dedicate their lives to making robots or whatever. Its literally the biggest non-issue society could possibly face.

Most men today are MGTOW without realizing it, marriage rates are at all time low and with our fucked economy that won't change soon.

you're giving a special name for being single and not desperate

Because MGTOW recognize women as perpetrators which is a BIG no no in modern society even whenever they prove it to be true, and many view them as lazy bastards who hardly amount to anything in life almost to a moral level.
For many, the MGTOW ideology goes against many movativation men have in life, such as marriage and having kids.

These the kinds of people who think that they're taking themselves off the market and that women will desperately miss.

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Nice cherry picked image, you know who else is a MGTOW?

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>if you don't want to be a slave to the gynocentric system you must be a butthurt incel

>Why does MGTOW trigger so many people from all sides so much?
because it is a group of angry bitter people who claim to want to "go their own way" but it makes them obsessed with the opposite sex and ironically chooses their path for them.

If you just did your own thing, you wouldn't need an acronym just so you can bitch about it

Leonardo DiCaprio is not part of your incel cult what are you even talking about

you sound like a good inductee into the cult


He refuses to marry and only dates young girls
Also MGTOW is a lifestyle not a movement

I make no bones about supporting the movement even though it's too late for me. Marriage has definitely opened my eyes to certain realities.

Nobody gives a shit what you do with your life just shut the fuck up and go do it and stop trying to argue with everybody about it. If not being a slave and being rabidly individualist is your goal then why do you guys spend so much time on a tibetan hackey sack forum arguing with anybody and everybody who has something critical to say about you? That's what I don't understand. If your entire ideology is about ditching societal expectations and living unapologetically for yourself then why are you here squabbling with strangers over the internet about it? This kind of seems like the opposite of going your own way to me.

Also the irony of going "their own way" which involves blindly following an ideology by the letter.

It's like those 90s/2000s goths and emo kids who wore shirts that said YOU LAUGH AT ME BECAUSE I'M DIFFERENT, I LAUGH AT YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE ALL THE SAME when they looked exactly the same as all the other thousands of goth kids.

We are just trying to share our experience with others, also why do you keep thinking only young people are MGTOW? Most of them are divorced boomers.

>Also MGTOW is a lifestyle not a movement
>I make no bones about supporting the movement

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Because we want to warn other people about the marriage trap and convince them to stop chasing thots who will never love them.

That guy is not me lol

Not sure if a beta white knight or a tradcuck boomer

Well, first of all, there are always going to be idiots who will be triggered by anything that differs from their simple little Tinkertoy-mind ideas of how people are supposed to behave. That's probably the majority of the most vocal butthurt, actually.

MGTOW suffers from a bit of an image problem, for the same reason any group that seeks to depart from the status quo does: it's always the biggest assholes in any group who are the noisiest and most "interesting" for selling advertising space, and they tend to insist on grabbing most of the air-time anyway. This is usually going to be extremely bitter, vicious misgynists who actively hate women.

In general, MGTOW is completely reasonable to the extent it focuses on systemic problems. But a lot of people make it not about them or about a broken ecosystem so much as about women, and that's always going to look like it's just sour grapes.

I know he's not you, you should correct him for saying that it's a movement. Which it absolutely is.

Men not marrying is nothing new, MGTOW didn't even exist until like 3 years ago.

>it's always the biggest assholes in any group who are the noisiest and most "interesting"
You mean people like TFM and Sandman or more rational ones like Stardusk?

>Most of them are divorced boomers.
Men Going Through A Mid Life Crisis

also joining the MGTOW movement after you've been married and divorced is obviously a big cope.

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>Because we want to warn other people about the marriage trap and convince them to stop chasing thots who will never love them.
Ok but that's not going your own way. That's validating your own choices by convincing others to to do and think the same things. There is a massive difference between making a personal choice to prioritize certain things in your life and believing that your personal choices are so superior that its your sole mission to de-legitimize everybody who makes different choices. I just don't understand why giving a shit whether or not other men decide to get marries has anything to do with you going your own way. Lets be real -if your ideology is threatened by people who decide to think or believe differently then the entire framework for your belief system is based on compensation and narcissism, not individualism. Militant recruitment and the systematic rejection of opposing views is not individualism, its indoctrination.

>MGTOW didn't even exist until like 3 years ago
Because the relationships between men and women didn't get so bad and women weren't free to accuse them of abuse without evidence.

I literally have no idea who any of those people are, and honestly I couldn't care less about the individual personalities. This is simply a consistent theme I see everywhere in pretty much any movement or special-interest group. I haven't paid attention to personality-politics, just what I see ambiently floating around.

so is it or is it not a movement

I have seen enough people have their life ruined by marriage, I don't want to see more do the same mistake until the anti-male laws change, MGTOW style is not just about refusing marriage but about refusing to support the system which doesn't benefit them.

MGTOW - Men Going Their Own Way - is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else. It is the manifestation of one word: "No". Ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a man is. Looking to no one else for social cues. Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility. And, living according to his own best interests in a world which would rather he didn't.

In other words . . . common sense for men.

From mgtow.com

I've seen this question posed before. Why does it matter what it's called?

Well most annoying and vocal people always end up the most visible

Because here in America, we are bound by the magic of names. Why do you think the only solutions to problems ever implemented merely involve skullfucking the English language until the problems can no longer be coherently communicated?

Yeah, that's precisely my point.

It sounds like reading the Ted Kacynzky menifesto so yes it's a movement.

I don't know, some other asshole was trying to say it wasn't a movement so that he could include Tom Cruise in it or whatever. Like those mormons who baptise dead people or those black people who try to say that like Ben Franklin and Mozart were black.

There have been multiple MRAs throughout the years which tried to address anti-male gynocentric laws and all of them achieved absolutely nothing so walking away was the next logical step.

>I have seen enough people have their life ruined by marriage
Again, how is making other people's lives your business going your own way? How is deciding what is the best life choices for other men the ultimate expression of individualism that MGTOW claims to be? Who are you to tell other people that the decisions they make in their life is a mistake? Isn't that exactly the kind of system of judgement and societal pressure that MGTOW claims to be against? You're being completely self-contradictory, user.

>MGTOW style is not just about refusing marriage but about refusing to support the system which doesn't benefit them
Again, this is the issue with MGTOW. The issue is that the entire framework of your belief system that you advertise is a lie. You aren't interested in personal choices and responsibility. You aren't interested in creating a life of purpose and self-fulfillment. You're interested in invalidating all opposing views and indoctrinating people into your belief system as a means of validation. None of what you're saying has anything to do with personal responsibility or the personal choice to prioritize other aspects of your life over marriage.

>anti-male gynocentric laws

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All I have to say is;
“Yeah, spend your life ALONE and CHILDLESS just because of your RETARDED PREJUDICE about women who had more than one partner before you. No wonder there are so many incels, as MEN ARE THIS FUCKING RETARDED TO OSTRACIZE WOMEN WITH NORMAL SEXUAL ACTIVITY FOR NO REASON. If a woman does not get married it is normal for her to have the number of partners you said your girlfriend has had. Because women, too, get dumped. And they too, need to have sex life, preferably relationships, not to end up as social outcasts, as no one wants to be friend of a loser who has no sex life. And if you haven't got friends irl, to post pictures of on your social media page, you won't have following, and if you haven't got that, you won't be hired by anyone either. As no one follows a loser with no friends and no one hires a loser with no following. So, if a woman stays a pure virgin or has one brief relationship as a result of being dumped, before getting married in her late twenties or early thirties, SHE WILL DROP OUT OF SOCIETY AND BECOME A NEET for the rest of her life.

“Whatever, rot alone idiots.

“And yeah, I'm not going to check the replies as there will be a PACK OF RETARDS concluding on the basis of my post that I am some kind of a "roastie". To make such a conclusion is just SO FUCKING RETARDED IT MAKES ME WANT TO TRASH PLACES OR BEAT SOMEONE UP. And as I can't I will have a panic attack. So bye, just stick it into your skulls what I said”

>the magic of names
>so that he could include Tom Cruise

Ah, yes, I see now. It's not just pedants asking annoying questions, it's got an agenda behind it.

>You aren't interested in personal choices and responsibility. You aren't interested in creating a life of purpose and self-fulfillment.
That seems to be painting with an awfully broad brush there. The bitter misogynists, certainly. But I understand the core to be something like, "responsibility must go both ways or not at all, and the only available choice to achieve a life of purpose and self-fulfillment is to refuse to play a game that only appears to impose responsibilities in one direction." At least in theory; you may be right about most advocates in practice, but that I really don't know.

>It's not just pedants asking annoying questions, it's got an agenda behind it.
Have you seen what the OP is

Why are you guys getting so triggered about literally natural selection. Let them be. Ignore them.

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Damn, I really can't tell whether the butthurt or the strawman is greater here.

It's someone spamming copypasta

t. clueles retard who never heard of no fault divorce

>two posts
I’m sorry. I’ll slow down

I think I've seen this poster before. They are very prone to ranting and seem to harbor an intense hate for society. Best ignored.

Nice trips. Anyway, I'm surprised that MGTOW is such a hot button among anyone but literal harridans. I opened this thread to see what the big deal was.

Pic related

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more like I don't care cause I'm not some idiot who's going to marry a 19 year old gold digger when I'm 63 years old

Ah. My apologies. Honestly, I'm lucky enough to be happily married to my best friend of 23 years, and so my interest in this is purely academic. I'm not up-to-date on the latest such nonsense. It just seems to me that MGTOW has some reasonable points and some reasonable criticisms, and that was... neither.

posting a silly jpeg is admitting defeat.

>genuinely believing that women get on the internet to complain about how a bunch of middle aged basement dwellers don't want to marry them

>t. clueles retard who never heard of no fault divorce
So your great evidence of rampant male oppression is the fact that the state doesn't force people to stay married against their will?

hey now that's not fair at all, some of them are underage basement dwellers as well

Have you read about Robin Williams? He killed himself bcause ex-wife kept suciking life out of him

I'm not the user you're replying to, but in a lot of states, post-divorce child custody matters either officially or unofficially do tend to favor the mother. Furthermore, no-fault divorce does also tend to mean that if one of the parties was cheating on or abusing the other, that won't necessarily get factored into spousal-support calculations. Of course, that's a way more nuanced argument than I see anyone making.

You are literally just making shit up now. If you're going to troll, at least have the decency to try to be reasonably plausible about it. Please revise and resubmit.

why do incels amd MGTOW keep trying to claim celebrities as their own? Williams killed himself because he had Parkisons, depression and dementia. You just want to reeeeeee at the females, it's pathetic lol

>post-divorce child custody matters either officially or unofficially do tend to favor the mother
No I get that I'm just genuinely curious as to how the state forcing people to stay married against their will is a better option.

Oh. Well, I have no idea about that. I may actually have missed who was trolling who there.

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Actually, I take it back. I think there is a contingent of "purity"-obsessed dipshits who have some notion that forcing people to stay in marriage will, like, cut down on promiscuity by women or something. So this comes back to the cognitively-impaired screeching misogynist contingent again. Women are supposed to be property, don't you know, and it's unfair to men that they aren't!

...like I said, MGTOW has some genuinely reasonable points, but a lot of its loudest advocates are basically just awful people who would massively improve the world if they were naturally-selected out of the gene pool.

Just stop forcing men to pay alimony and giving children to women

>Women are supposed to be property
What's wrong about that? That's how it has nearly always been

Or if you don't want to pay for children then don't have any children. If you don't want to pay alimony then either sign a prenup or don't get married. I'm confused why all of these things are considered slights against men when we literally made the choice to be in these agreements.

Prenups don't work anymore

>why all of these things are considered slights against men when we literally made the choice to be in these agreements.
Because men are easily manipulated to fall into the marriage trap

>...like I said, MGTOW has some genuinely reasonable points
even a broken clock is right twice a day. I mean just the logo speaks for itself, it's got nothing to do with self-improvement and living a fulfilling life or even men's rights, it's a guy flipping off his imaginary bride going FUCK YOU ROASTIE I'M GONNA PLAY UNCENSORED JAPANESE DATING SIMS

Because it’s stupid with a completely childish view of men and women

MGTOW is a fantastic movement in the fact that it removes beta genetic dead ends from any possibility of reproducing. Keep up the good work guys, fuck women!

So not only do you have only the most superficial understanding of history, you genuinely believe that past precedent is an adequate reason to keep doing something?

You're wrong. First of all, prenups were actually historically not allowed at all; they're a recent innovation. Second, there are certain things you won't be allowed to completely contract away if you try drafting a prenup that's absolutely asinine from the outset, or you're hiding assets or something. But you should try going outside and talking to someone actually licensed to practice law before talking shit.

I guess I should add to that second paragraph: in the jurisdiction where I practice. You can probably find a counterexample if you look hard enough, but you're still a dolt to make a blanket statement like that.

I'd say that this is true, especially if they're younger. And women are expert at it.

So the value of MGTOW is to offer an alternative to that life and a reminder to younger men to be their own person and to value their freedom above literally everything else.

Point of clarification: I don't want to slog through a Wikipedia article that probably isn't even accurate anyway, so are we talking about not marrying, or not dating at all?

I think MGTOW is some guys' way of wanting to be 'hard to get'


Nobody cares

What I've heard most is "no long term relationships". So, short-term dating is fine, but after a year, it's time to move on.

In theory, being a MGTOW is just not getting married. They're allowed to date and have casual sex.

In practice, no one wants to date or fuck them let alone marry them.

Women everywhere: (crying) “please, please come back to the dating pool! What will we ever do without you!?!?!”

Nothing about it is targeted, though. It's just a reminder and lesson to ALL men.

Yeah women only sleeping with 20% Chads is totally good for our society and won't fuck up long term, especailly when falling birth rates caused mass migration
Fucking idiot

“Allowed” to date? Laughter ensues

>Reminder for young men to adhere to degenerative modern globalist values instead of working hard to better themselves, be a good man, live responsibly, and raise a family.

Ah. Okay, well, that sounds perfectly idiotic. If you wind up having a kid (as if short-term dating is any meaningful way to prevent accidents), the courts are going to get involved in child support and child custody whether you like it or not, unless you and your ex can come to an agreement on your own. And beyond that, what's the point if you don't want to develop an emotional bond? Get a doll or fap, you're just finding a more complicated and annoying way to do the same thing. So if that's the case, I'm going to have to take back my supportive commentary about MGTOW having reasonable points, clearly I was attributing more rationality than was deserved.

Not an argument

The Wikipedia article on MGTOW is complete bullshit, they even cite (((SPLC)))

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That's fantastic that women do that. Ever heard of natural selection, you weak spined genetic failure?

>raise a family.

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Giving women rights was the biggest mistake in human history and their rights will never be taken away without violence.

It tries to be edgy by flipping leftist/feminist tactics in 'favor' of men, which not only pisses off said groups, but also is directly in conflict with traditional morality because it uses the same poisoned modernist well to draw its conclusions.
For example, the rage over "inequality" in the dating "market" only exists because of the perverse obsession with equality of function, which is a leftist invention. If you accept the MGTOW premise, you're already ceding the 'moral high ground' to leftists, all for the sake of defending a few screeching autists.

>Yeah women only sleeping with 20% Chads
this sounds like the collective NPC hivemind of r9k trying to say something but having a stroke halfway through.

what the fuck is a 20% chad?

You don’t know anything about women, how the fuck could you give a lessen to all men?

I am in a loving relationship, I legit pity you and your loneliness. I think it’s sad.

I know a lot of women are materialistic, as are a lot of men.

When you get older you see there is a lot of nuance and variation. Hopefully you will too one day

Just the dick.

>be a working cattle for the big corporation while wife cheats on you
Ok boomer

>not gynocentric
>is more obsessed with feminism than the average woman

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