Attracted to my assitant

I'm 37 and married with a 1yo and I'm the manager of my company.
I hired an assistant in March, she is very capable and hardworking. I chose her because of her skills and at the time didn't take notice on her looks.
Now a few months passed and she is real fun and cute, and she started to date a guy about a month ago, suddently she started to put more effort looking very pretty and with some outfits that kills me, we didn't flirt or anything but I had a few signs that she likes me.
Then I saw her in the street kissing a guy and got mad, then started to check her social media and discovered her social media open in the work computer, stupidly I check her messages. She's having sex with the guy and she happens to had some 1 night stands with a married guy from her last work and with an employee of mine.
I love my wife and my son but with the 1yo being kind of hard to manage our relationship is from normal to fights almost everyday.
I need you ppl to please advice how to remove all the enabling thoughts I'm having lately, I know my assistant has everyright to have her personal life and I did wrong, but it's been about 5 days I can't sleep only thinking about her and trying to put some sense on me about these stupid ideas.

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Okay psycho calm the fuck down and don't shit where you eat.

Take out all your sexual frustration on your wife with lots of sex. Also realize if you pursue your secretary you'll risk getting fired, sued and your wife leaving you. She seems also seems to be the type to get people fired or destroy their lives.

>risking your marriage for such a woman
You know what, go for it you impulsive scrote.

Fire her for dicking around on Facebook during company time. Hire a fat ugly loser with no prospects. He'll work double hard for you with no stale pussy after taste.

Even Our Lord George Costanza couldn’t resist the temptations of his assistant. How could you? You have to tell her she’s getting a raise when you cum though

>to remove all the enabling thoughts I'm having lately,
You can't remove thoughts, you have to push them out with other thoughts. Find something else to focus on. I like planning my next adventure motorcycle trip.
And keep away from her facebook, that's like trying to stay on a diet in a donut shop.

btw my assistant is incredibly hot also, but she does too good of work to fuck it up by fucking her.


I have a similar problem but I am 20 year old man with a serious brain and heart illness.
I was given a really hot 33 year old counselor after leaving high school and she was always giving me blue balls while we were studying chemistry over the years too many times to count. Recently my illness has been deteriorating and she has started to wear less and less clothing and I became completely obsessed with her and she knows.
she always wears the same lulu lemon booty shorts and the same T shirt too, I think she enjoys making me really frustrated and teasing me.

sometimes I forget to jack off before meeting her and i will become really sick with a very high heart rate of 140 and then back down to 80 and then 120, I got chest pain and a headache and it only gets better if I jerk off really hard usually thinking about her.

I actually became so sick I need to cancel our meeting or fap in the bathroom because her cockteasing makes me physically ill.

It must stop hopefully when she starts wearing more clothes in the fall i can replace the oneitis with one of the prostitutes I have been contacting.

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You should unhinged af. What is your brain illness?

Doctors referred me to a neurogeneticist because they couldn't find any answers from the MRI or EEG, I might have chronic fatigue syndrome.

I am already diagnosed with POTS


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I’m like the opposite I am at a new work place and have been dressing in some new outfits lately and am getting kind of sexually harassed and hazed/hated on by women —- like I’m not allowed to look good at work!!

Get a new assisstant or risk your entire marriage

I got a gamble for you: You could try to attempt to get some form of pity sex and if she declines she will likely quit and you can get a new tutor.

I don’t think it would work sometimes we walk around late at night and she is really underdressed for how cold it is, is that a good opportunity to try and put my arm on her shoulder. She might just slap me and get really mad. One time it was really cold but she refused to borrow any of my jackets unfortunately. Usually other girls will ask to borrow it hmmm

Dunno I was thinking use the brain problem to initiate the pity but it sounds like she is just clueless, just gotta mentally drop it

grow up
you got a kid, the kid will come first and you will be put second
you are letting yourself played by a literal whore
>she took up a miniskirt and that must mean she wants to suck my dick

it means she enjoy the attention shes giving her and possible raise for nothing

>I'm 37 and married with a 1yo
I thought you pedos went after older kids, this one is a baby, what country allow you to marry someone that young? Disgusting.

>Hired an assistant.
Just fire her and get a new one lel, with a penis.

Ima break this down for you nigga.

This shit is gonna fuckin wreck your ass if dont pull your head out of your fuckin ass.

Your life will be destroyed if your wife catches you. And this bitch is just riding cock for kicks, not even some ride or die hoe. I know that pussy looks real good right now but that shit isnt worth it.

I advice you to spend as little time with her as possible. If you’re the motha fuckin hnic, assign the bitch to something away from your or outside of your hours. Take a vacation by yourself. You need to get away from it all so that you can reevaluate your life, nigga. You got some reflecting to do.

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Fuck that, enjoy the sights.

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you need to just fuck the shit out of your wife, drain your balls, it's what she's there for

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She is too professional about our relationship, so I guess I just need to move on maybe hire a Snapchat Thot to have sex for 80$