So, I had my sister play with my dick

You all are gonna think I'm fucked in the head right now while you read this, and I don't know what the fuck to do about it now.

So a few hours ago I was jerking off in my bedroom as usual but I somehow left the door open and all of a sudden my 14 year old sister (I am currently 18) apparently decided to walk in to tell me something I think. That pretty much spooked the shit out of me and I tried to hide my boner with a blanket but wasn't quick enough for her to not notice. She had her lips wide open in surprise and was like "What the hell are you doing?" and as she was laughing, she started walking over to my bed to take off my blanket and reveal my erect dick. I got pretty pissed off about it and told her to leave immediately. But then she was like "You know what, you really have a nice looking dong." and she started to touch and stroke it. All of a sudden, my mind started getting dirtier and I asked her to start sucking it. She hesitated at first, but then agreed. To be honest, it felt pretty good until our mother started calling her to help out with something before I could reach orgasm.

My sister said she'll be back later, but then I realized what happened was seriously wrong. It's been about an hour now since that happened and I don't even know what I want to say to her, because I don't want to upset her. Any advice?

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Tell her she can suck my dick instead

***UPDATE: I wasn't expecting this at all, my sister finally came back naked. But damn, she did have a nice body. I haven't seen her naked in years. She rushed over to me and had her hand around my dick and told me that she wanted us to pretend that we're in a porno. I tried to interrupt her, but couldn't resist fucking her. So I eventually fucked her tight pussy and came on her tits. She really loved it. But then I tried to tell her that we shouldn't be doing that anymore and she walked out of my room pretending that she didn't hear me. I really don't want our parents to find out about this...

Low quality bait, try again next time

This thread is probably the first time I found myself thinking "yep, that's enough internet for today."

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Absolutely based

You're not OP. If Op decided to troll with such a poorly written post, it would at the very least end with a semi-ironic walk the dinosaur or prince of bel air.
Then you haven't been around long enough. Scram, normie.

>All of a sudden, my mind started getting dirtier and I asked her to start sucking it.
This is where you fucked up. This is literally a felony. Statutory rape. You are a sex offender. 18 years old, you should know better than this.
Honestly can't tell if this is shit b8 or an user making up the rest of OP's story

Well, believe what you wanna believe. I just wanted advice in the first place and no one gave me a good answer.

Assuming you're not full of shit, which you probably are.
Cut that shit out, make boundaries clear and if she continues tell your parents.

Or, fuck her and make greentext stories for us. Preferably with pics. I haven't wanked it to good incest OC in years.
Or, don't fuck her but make greentext stories anyway, most of those were fake but with a slight bit of truth to them anyway.

Fine you want advice pray both of you forget and no mental damage was done to her, if she snitchs your life is basically over.

>You're not OP. If Op decided to troll with such a poorly written post, it would at the very least end with a semi-ironic walk the dinosaur or prince of bel air.
Thats why ots known as low quality, he is larping about his sexual fantasies

based and cunnypilled

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I can't imagine anyone is dumb enough to write such a post and expect anyone to believe it.
It's some kind of meta-meta trolling, he wanted us to point out how low quality the post is or something.

>probablt american or other western country
Cunny implies some level of innocence or pre-teen is present.
At 14, most girls in the US or the west have probably take a bunch of cocks already. With some makeup they look like they're 20+.

You know incest does happen right? I’m not op but people act like it’s somehow impossible by the laws of the universe.

Well if this is true just make sure you’re never the one initiating... and don’t get caught.

Who cares if it actually happens or not, a good incest story is as good fapbait as anything.

Nah I used to see posts like this about murder circulate a year or two ago, same idea different fetish

Cringe and bluepilled

>he didn't wank it to incest greentext stories in /b/ in 2009

No I didn't, sorry buddy

Y'all need to stop reading those Japanese manda/anime/drawing whatever

******UPDATE: So I felt that I had no other choice but to explain the situation to my parents and they got furious of course. Now they want to kick me out of the house for a while for the sake of me and my sister's own safety. My sister stopped talking to me after they discussed about it with her. I may have to live in college campus now, but I hope we all get on good terms later on.


Stop with the fantasy pedo

Eh just go along with it. No matter what happens your sister can cry rape anyway. Might as well get something out of it