Be me

>be me
>passionate about phat asses since a young age
>meet gf
>super atttracted to her
>still wish she had a fat ass sometimes
>Feel kinda sad that I'm missing out on large female butts in my peak sexual years
What do?

Pic related, my gf's butt

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Squats, lunges, band training

Either you are simply trying to flex, homo, or a retard. My money is on number 3 but who knows.

Would you prefer to bang big booty bitches or have a meaningful relationship?

Ask her to work out her butt/ to exercises together. Tell her big butts is your thing. But that you love her

What kind of a question is that?

did you not check her ass out before you actually asked her out?

every man needs a phat ass to come home to.

That's a pretty nice ass in my opinion.

Also, nice get.

Start feeding her more and get her into the gym

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What's the roll of toilet paper for?

It's a dorm room

Ignore everyone implying squatyare the answer. Exercise tones but does not increase the size. Only fat and surgery makes asses bigger

My money is on flex

I like flat asses, small tits, and big meaty pussy lips
yeah I'm weird but at least someone likes it, you'll never find a girl that has a thing for small penises

I know that feel user, but if you want to know a secret, straight from Chad... A man will never truly be satisfied. We will always want what we don't immediately have in our hands.

When I fuck chicks with big butts, I miss big tits. When I have big tits right in my hands, miss big hips. When she's THICC as fuck I miss petite women. When they're petite, I miss goth girls. When she's a goth girl, I suddenly want the girl next door. When she's the girl next door, I want a mommy. When she's a mommy, I miss black gamer girl... The cycle goes on forever. There is no solution. Sorry.

Good luck. Enjoy your girlfriend.

Fuck you, I would cut off my hand for a girl like that

Feed your GF and get her fat, hopefully she has good fat storing genetics

Tell her that you want to suck the stress out of them cheeks, but that in order to do so, it needs to be at least 1.5x larger and still round.

I still don't get it.

Pretty true. I love big boobs and big butts. My girl right now has obscene proportions in every single department - she's definitely fat but it's stored in a very pleasant way. She has to special order bras.

But at the same time I miss having a girl I can pick up and carry around easily... this girl has more than fifty pounds on me.

You know: gotta wipe all the shit up.

What the fuck do college kids do at dorms? I had my own place because this was before the economy went to shit, so I have no idea what degeneracy this is.


This is a good idea. Take her to the gym and both of you start doing butt exercises together but check her form to make sure she's doing more than you and doing them right and only do yours half assed, NPI.

You could have both retard

Guys i have a question. How much is too big for a big butt? Where would you draw the line/be disgusted? Assuming that the girl has a small waist and an average BMI.


This. A man will never be satisfied physically.

Also, I've had this kind of doubt and let it slightly in the way of my last relationship.

Now I'd do anything to have her back.

A month after we broke up I hooked up with this girl and fucked the most gigantic round ass I'll ever touch in my entire life. It was truly a beauty. But after I came, I didn't feel any better. I miss my girl and her relatively okay ass which was actually pretty nice in retrospect but simply wasn't massive.

Think wise, OP.

this thread has helped make me lose faith in true love and desirability. i mean i have a nice butt for my size, still though..

take the time to go outside and smell the roses.

We wipe our asses obsessively.
All day.

>loving gf has the proportions of a real life shortstack
>short, chubby, and with a round ass
>but no titties and she can't deepthroat because her mouth is too small even for my pencil dick

I was considering to ''go out with a friend of mine'', I'm hessitant. Thank you for the enlightment anons

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Different guys have different desires, i like phat asses and petite women for different reasons, but just like pointed out, i have to accept that, as a man, i will never be truly satisfied
Im sure your butt aint bad either, post pic