Would you still talk to someone who gave you an STD?

Would you still talk to someone who gave you an STD?

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What if they didn't know they had it?

You might as well it will be awkward with other people from now on.

Sadly yes
I mean fuck if fallen in love and its not that serious the std but still sucks .
But the other person doesnt want to have anything to do with me

A curable STD.

Basically this person and I met a month or so ago, so it's not serious yet. I've had others and they have too since then. But god damn do I have some strong feelings for them

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No, because the only way I'd get an STD is by rape. Seeing as I'm a sober, non-druggie male, the only likely way that would happen is if I'm imprisoned, but I'm not a criminal either.

>dumbasses in le CURRENT YEAR don't wait until marriage and get STD's as a result

Good for you fren

Is he dead?

No fucking way

There is nothing more cucked than that

No. They clearly didn't care enough about their sexual health to get tested in between partners. Obviously tell them what you tested positive for and tell them to get tested then byeeee


I'm not totally sure it's and STD, could just be a UTI. If they gave me a UTI does that still mean they've had an STD at some point?

depends on the std.

No. My ex had a UTI at one point. See a doctor. Don't ask this place and stop jumping to conclusions like a child

Some girl I wanted to fuck for a long time finally became single and before we hooked up she told me she had herpes, but that she wasn't having an outbreak and had no symptoms. I fucked her that night...and ate her out. But I didn't catch it. That i know of.

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You really played Russian roulette with that one. Make sure to get continuously tested.

probably not? i just got tested for the first time ever/pap smear. i was worried about herpes/hpv, turns out they’re just regular fordyce spots. i’m getting the rest of my results in less than a week so here’s hoping nothing in the bloodwork etc.

If that is the guy in the pic who gave you an STD when I would continue talking to him. Seems like he is wealthy and Rich and has a positive life.
Benefits the money can get stuff taken care of.

Lmao. I sure hope so