Have you ever dated somebody from Jow Forums, or better yet been in a relationship with someone you met here

Have you ever dated somebody from Jow Forums, or better yet been in a relationship with someone you met here.

If so, how did it go? Are you still with that person?

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This isnt in any way asking for advice

But mom told him he could ask whatever he wanted.

I dated someone from here for two years. It didn't end well. I cheated on them and they found out. I miss her terribly and deeply regret what I did. I've heard many people across the boards tell me not to date girls from Jow Forums but in this case I was the one who fucked up.

I'm not necessarily asking for advice. I just wanted others to share their experiences. I'm not sure how often people get into relationships with people they met here, not counting hookups or a ONS.

>I've heard many people across the boards tell me not to date girls from Jow Forums
is this a thing people say? it's hard to believe women even go on this site lol
that being said i'd love to date a girl off this site. i imagine they'd be similar to me except they'd have vaginas.

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But im just telling you this is a board for asking for advice, try a different board.

i dated a girl from /mu/
met via tinder. she was mad at me for being too "normie" IRL
she just stopped talking to me out of the blew. but kept stalking me on social media & would text me hello every couple months

Alright faggot. We get it, stop bumping this thread.

Okay here's my question. Am I better off single than in a relationship with someone I met on here? I met her on /soc/ btw

>i met her on /soc/ btw
give me a detailed description on how you did this pls

it's worth a shot


>gave me her kik
>we have a lot in common
>text all the time
>first date is very awkward
>we sat at a park for what seemed like an hour hardly saying a word
>finally suggest we grab a drink
>loosen up a bit
>things are still kinda tense though
>I drop her off at her place not expecting to see her again.
>before she gets out she leans over and kisses me for about five seconds
>caught me completely off guard

The rest is history. She was really cute. Almost looked like an anime character.

what /soc/ thread was this. you don't need to link the specific thread but what type of /soc/ thread was it?

No, but I've wanted to since I was like 14 and it's probably given me unrealistic expectations of any girls I've met in real life.

You realize this story is two years old right? Never the less, we met through an area code thread.

all i needed to know thanks

Fucking lol. Why would you meet anyone off here? Most people on here are totally fucked and the ones that aren't could be psychos for all you know.

Normies are boring

I had a short lived fling with a girl that I met in this board from all places.
She was just out of a relationship and, unaware of my knowledge, she was pretty much looking for a rebound. Sadly, we were from different countries entirely and meeting up was borderline impossible at the time. However, within a couple of weeks we started sexting and eventually camming. We got to the point that would just cam daily and just expose each other naked and masturbate together. I loved that she was really submissive and would do pretty much anything I asked her to do on cam.
After a couple of weeks, her exboyfriend asked her back and she obliged, I caught feelings and decided to cut contact for my own sanity.

No worse than people on here desu. A lot of the criticism that normies get on here also applies to the people who do it.

To any anons reading this:
You wonder why shitheads like this get gfs when you don't, it's because the shitheads have low to no inhibitions. That includes chasing girls.
If you consider yourself a decent guy, don't feel too bad about chasing here as long as you aren't a beta faggot--because if they say yes, they'll be getting you rather than somebody like this.

how do I get a gf from here? it seems like girls will say they met up with guys who cheat on them or were never satisfied, but if I would be better than that, how do I make it known?

He was into casual sex, and the world is overpopulated right now so.... you figure it out OP, its disgusting to type it.
Disclaimer; I'm not shittalking him and I know people in person who do it and I try to avoid them as well.

Skyped a girl I met on Jow Forums via Omegle. I couldn't climax during phonesex so she dropped me.

Slightly related.
The last time I made contact with people from Jow Forums irl using real identities was 4 years ago.
Me and some anons from /b/ were on a streak of getting nudes from girls.
They were all kinda weird af tho.
So no, don't contact people from Jow Forums irl.

Please elaborate. This sounds very intriguing.

Yeah and he always complained about how he was scared to lose me even though I spent every second with him, did everything for him, etc and then he cheated
Jow Forums guys beg for a gf then cheat not worth the effort

I went on a date once without any serious intentions. There were no sparks, but we ended up being friends.

Was an idiot attention whore and made some threads of myself on /b/ posting lewds when I was 16 (only lewds!). Made a snapchat and added people on there met a few people and ended up dating one of them. Still with him 2 years later now (I'm 19). Definitely hate myself for doing things like that but I'd never have met him if I didn't so idk.
If you're looking for advice on how to meet people I guess my anecdote doesn't really help. The type of girl go post pics of herself and the type of guy to add her are not the type of person anyone should want to be but it worked out for me I guess.

It depends. You'd be surprised to learn that most people here live very "common" everyday lives. May even be your relatives or neighbors. In my opinion this is the real thing, because what you see is what you get for real, no "social" hypocrisy bullshit in between. For example, there are guys lurking here with no offenses nor criminal records, no drug use ever, no alcohol and with steady jobs, and with no intention to do anything out of line at all. You'd be surprised.

I think this is a great thread.

Isn't it? Advice on past experience?