Seeking advice - how to compensate a small dick

I'm getting depressed over it, all because of a dumb lie. during all of my teen years I basically gave up on finding love or even trying to act romantically towards women since I'm a 4/10 at best and also because I was and still aren't well endowed when it comes to my manhood's length and girth. (11cm - a little more than 4 inches when erect, slightly thicker than my thumb. It gets easily into a toilet paper roll...) And to not make things easier, I'm black so most people automatically associate my race with big penises thanks to that cursed porn industry.
Everything could have been fine if I were to stay alone and unloved in this pitiful existence but god or whoever is up there thought that it'd be funny to make a woman I haven't physically met fall in love with me, over the internet. She's a very passionate person and I quickly ended up falling in love with her too, since we had a pretty good connection, similar tastes, worldviews, etc. of course, small dick = small brain so when she asked me my penis size in a curious/joking tone a few months ago, I went and lied like a fucking retard because I was simply too insecure to tell her the truth. (told her it was 15.5 centimeters long - around 6inches)didn't want to disappoint her as I only thought short term, since at the time I was convinced she'd quickly lose interest in me and move along with her life so I figured that I could look better in her eyes even if for a short while. I didn't really believe in long distance relationships back then and she had no real way of checking if it was true.
Now things are getting really complicated as time advances because while it was hard to meet each other then, it's way simpler now. I really want to see her but I've already lied so she surely has expectations that I will inevitably betray when we'll finally meet in about one's week time. I'm scared, anons. That I'll lose her because of something I can't control. Because I won't be able to pleasure her.
I want to die

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Let me tell you something you're going to ignore completely because you're either autistic or self loathing.

If she cares about you, she will not care about your penis size. If she likes you for you, your penis size is irrelevant. This is assuming you don't have a micropenis, and even then, a woman can be very forgiving as long as she loves you. Now, if this girl is just some fling waiting to happen, expect her to be disappointed. She'll still probably have sex with you though, so who cares.

The only people who care about dick sizes are men. Mind blowing, right?

If she has never had sex before she won't know the difference. Also gonna guess she is shorter than you, which means she likely has a shallow vagina. But you gotta remember that you're going to get her off through oral anyways so it doesnt really matter. I wish you luck buddy

Just tell her the truth and say you lied because you were insecure, my man. Also, there are a lot of ways to pleasure a woman, even with a small dick or no dick at all. is your friend.

Thank you for replying anons.
>If she cares about you, she will not care about your penis size. If she likes you for you, your penis size is irrelevant.
I will be honest here, I can't believe you, I really can't and don't want to. Having a small dick is something everyone laughs at, even women. I understand that psychology plays a big part in sex but the physical act of penetration is equally important. There's also the fact that having a big one visually helps for building up desire and excitation. However, as you've correctly guessed I'm kinda a big self loathing fellow, I'm also unable to trust people when it comes to this particular insecurity due to my personal experience with escorts/prostitutes. In Most of the positions I've tried, my penis often slipped out because it was that small. (Still, they were prostitutes, so why the fuck am I even using them as reference points)
>She'll still probably have sex with you though, so who cares.
I don't want to be alone in feeling pleasure, I want to make her happy too and I'm pretty convinced that she'll fake her enjoyment. This is a reality too hard to live with for me.
She is shorter than me, indeed.
Will she really be able to reach the climax only with fingers/oral from another person, though? Because fapping yourself and having someone else doing it to you isn't really the same thing, I never managed to cum with fellatio/handjob alone. Might just be me and I guess that I'll know on the d-day...
Also, I'll probably follow your advice and tell her that I lied that day. Before she gets any ideas...

Thanks again. I'm just getting anxious over this because I don't want to fuck things up, I love her and don't think I'll find someone as great in the future. I feel like I can't even call myself a man

Why do you care so much if you already fucked prostitutes? You speak like a virgin

Only fuck with the lights out, say you want to fuck her pussy and finger her ass. But really it's a dildo in her pussy and the "finger" is your dick.

Just tell her the truth, you have nothing to lose. If she dumps you now, she'll dump you anyway when she sees you naked so, just tell her the truth. It's probably not so bad ah, am femanon and as long you can your tongue and fingers you're fine. Actually if you can use your tongue and fingers you're above average. And small dick can go with anal, chill dude.
As long as you can make us orgasm hard penis size is not a big deal

Your penis wouldn't ever be an issue. You paying to fuck multiple whores would.


>It's another thread where women openly lie to men

You do realize there is a body attached to his tiny penis right?
There is no way turning off the lights will hide the fact his body is in the wrong place.

okay bud, I didn't read your live journal, but I'mma give you some advice. You got a small cock, no doubt, but it's not so small you can't make a girl feel good from vaginal sex. First thing you gotta do is aim for the gspot when you thrust. The gspot is on the anterior wall of the vagina, about 3 inches in. Hit that spot when you thrust in and use positions that will help facilitate this. The next tip is to rub her clit while you fuck her. Lastly, you can mix it up by grinding instead of thrusting. Stop being a bitch btw.

This but you've done fucked up by lying to her OP, dont expect her to forgive you so easily and be willing to apologise whole-heartedly

Tldr. Just get a penis pump.

I'm almost certainly wasting my time writing this, because you won't believe it, but here goes.

The size of the tool is much less significant than the skill with which it is used

>If she cares about you, she will not care about your penis size
Stop lying to him you cruel bastard.


>lying to her
You fucked up

Only people hat care about dick size are gay men and insane women. You’re fine

It's not even a micro penis, as long as he doesn't suck at sex, he should be fine


But when you need a 22mm socket you need a 22mm socket. An 18mm won't do.

>it's another "size doesn't matter when it clearly does" episode

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>4Channers suck at sex and blames there penis episode


>the capacity to accurately determine the length of an object by sight
Pick one

So OP did you manage to cope with your poor genes?

They don't need to be accurate to the millimetre, they still know small when they see it.

Based fedora-prose

More like when they feel it, or don't rather.

Women irl don't like big dicks.

Hey I am Korean girl and I really wanna talk the truth. You are just Normal Korean guys size. And there is girls who don't like small penis. The girl maybe like big penis but if so, you can meet other girls.

I am woman and I really talk to this. There is girls who don't like big penis. And in Korea, many Korean girls do not like big penis, because it is painful.

And I wanna recommend about this. Be confident. Your dick size is not problem. There will be girls who like big size, but there are also girls do not like big size. Girls like guys who is confident. And I recommend you, be honest next time. It is no problem if you meet girl, who don't like big size. And you are just normal Korean size and there will be many Korean guys smaller than you, but they are confident.

And I read your reply. I didnt sex but many girls say that they don't feel with insertion. Girls prefer massage, or other things, like touching out of their. When girls do happy time, most girls do not insertion.

How about learn massage?I heard from other Korean girls that when their boyfriend do oil massage and they drop oil to her back, it is really good. They say that they like it when the guys touch softly their body. Many girls prefer massage than sex.

literal cope

Please can you tell me how make Korean pancake?

>You are just Normal Korean guys size.
>Many girls prefer massage than sex.


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