How do I convince my mom my sister is a failure

My sister is
>has severe learning problems in just about everything academic
>is overall lazy and would rather complain then do actual work
>can’t even hold a basic minimum wage job
But “she’s good at art” and is going to get to go on a year vacation and go to a fancy art school all paid for, I didn’t have these fucking issues at 16 or even 14 and no matter what I tell my mom she refuses to see that my sister is a genetic dead end with no potential, this isn’t even hate, she’s just so fucking hopeless but my mom would rather keep supporting her

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But is she actually good at art or are you actually right?

No one is a sucsess till they’re like30 user chill out. In a year or so she’ll realise she hates how her life is going and she’ll do something about it. She is stillness a child and it sucks that you didn’t get that support when you were young but what your mother is doing is very regular. It’s called growing up man don’t be salty it’s not about her this is about you feeling unsupported.

Why do you care so much? Are you the one supporting her?

She’s okay, nothing groundbreaking or promising though, just what you’d expect from a teenager who’s practiced for a few years

Good enough for "go to a fancy art school all paid for"?

That’s precisely the kind of person you send to art don’t send prodigy children to art school you send kids who need to learn

What does that mean? If you’re already great why would you go to school to learn? T. Prestigious art school graduate

well the prestige of the school you get into is proportional to your talent-level
>community college = hard work
>Harvard = genius

This peice is piss Christ. It is a crucifix submerged in piss. The original is valued at about 100-150 k.
Art is not about skilled presentation anymore it is about context and ideas.
They do not teach you how to paint fruit anymore they say “ make us art about the environment “ and your “ exam” is when you present a ‘ hang’ or a series of works related to whatever subject they gave you at the start of the term.
If an art school taught people ‘ how to paint’ all the art would look the same and it would also imply styles like expressionisim,pop art, dada and non objective surrealism are inferior to more romantic styles which of course is not true. ‘ urinal’ by Duchamp obviously has no skill level involved because it’s a ready made but it’s artist impact is far beyond any regular realistic portrait.

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You have three things working against her
>You're her son criticizing her parenting.
>It's your mom and her daughter.
>You're asking a woman's opinion about another woman.
Your best bet is to get some woman your mother respects, and have her honestly criticize you sister. I don't think there is much hope for your mom to understand until then.

Wtf? It actually exist!

She's still just a kid. Relax.

now do the same with a picture of Mohammad

I always knew this view of art was wrong, since I was a child.
Realism is the true art, everything else is a scam.
(also not religious either, fuck jesus)

She's 16. Do you expect her to have a full time job lined up and scholarships for college already? The fuck? She's in what, 9th grade? Jesus christ dude, focus on yourself and support your siblings whether they're brain dead or not.

Philistinie. A pretty picture with no substance is like a rose with no scent. Pointless. If the artist is reduced to the recreation of aesthetics then he too is pointless in the digital age where we can just print pretty pictures. Further more you can not label subjective things like art or beauty with time dependent notions of ‘ right’ ‘wrong’’good’ or ‘bad’

It certainly is, great inspiration for the young edgy artist.
This peice is called prelude to a broken arm. The artist brought it from a store, did not alter it in any way and hung it in a gallery. It is considered basically priceless. Also most of Andy Warhol’s works were not painted by him. He had others paint under his guidance and he would label the work as his own. He did this with his cambel soup cans as a statment of mass production and “value” and they too ( eg copies painted by some nobody) are also considered priceless not because it’s a good looking can of soup but because of its ideas

Forgot pic

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>he too is pointless in the digital age where we can just print pretty pictures.
Fuck you

Fuck you right up the ass sideways op. Mind your damn business.

If she's good at art then she can be good at something at least. Not really anything you can say besides that she should improve in other areas as well, just to be a well-rounded person.

You’re mussing my point.
I myself am an artist by trade, I know that art is critical in society. But if my job were limited to the aesthetic and the visually pleasing a computer would out paint me every single time. If we had da Vinci paint a rose and a computer print out a picture of a rose which do you think would be more aesthetic? Art which makes people think and feel is bounds more important then art which just looks good or looks like what it’s supposed to look like. That is why Picasso’s work is so revolutionary because he was able to rid himself of such hack-ish notions as ‘ painting look real so painting good’

Stop being jelous of your talented sister OP

Whoa. Dude, she's basically just a normal person.

Why don't you try being somebody who like, tries to help your sister live the kind of life she wants to live. Support your family, man, or just leave 'em alone. Just don't drag them down.

Help your family by convincing your sister to go to architecture. She’s not going to graduate but she’s not meant to. The purpose is to marry an architect instead of spending 4 years fucking niggers and potsmokers

I was a deadbeat at 16 with no skills now I have a 4.0 gpa, on the deans list, and getting scholarships for my grades and I’m a medical student. Calm down autist some people need time to adjust I know that I fucked up a few times in high school and now I’m better for it.

To what failing in yourself do you attribute your desperate need to label your sister a failure?

Dude she’s 16 AND an artist of course she’s going to have a rebellious phase chill she’ll probably cringe about this phase in the future but I’m glad your parents support her passion