How do you learn secure attachment and stop fearing some Chad will swipe off your girlfriend some day

How do you learn secure attachment and stop fearing some Chad will swipe off your girlfriend some day

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Don’t date women with social media and only date participants in your hobby/field of interest that you are good in.

It will happen sooner or later, just enjoy your time with her before she inevitable dumps you for a slightly superior man.

start by not basing your happiness on what your woman has done, is doing, or might do. your happiness should be based on you, and you only.

If I say to a girl in a relationship "sup babe" just as a general remark to grab attention before I ask the time, where the nearest cafe is, or where he bf is, etc something like that. Do people perceive it as hitting on her?

T. chad who says this to many women and caused my friends gf to leave him for me and when I told her that I wouldn't betray my friend she started crying and said that she misunderstood the signals. The guys sort of insecure so that's probably why she left. But he still blames me (I'm not sure if he believes that I rejected her) because she told him that she was leaving him for me.

T. Chad not sure if I need to turn down my women skills since I have been described as always 'on' in that regard.

Also she wasn't the absolute peak feminine but I mean she was hot, I say this so you know I'm not an ass. I still rejected her for bro's sake.

Build trust with your gf

Never get attached. It'll make women want you more and thus less likely to cheat.

I was in your friend's exact position. I don't entirely know what's wrong with me, but I'm pretty sure its the way I look compared to other men. I am 5'4 and I want to kill myself every day.

the humblest of brags my nigga but i believe you.
why the fuck would you turn it down though? don't let society and everyone else's emotional state emasculate you. this how you become miserable.

I'm 6 ft 4, exceptionally good looking, strong/square jaw, prominent chin, Greek nose, confident and charismatic (as well as intelligent). You should try being more charismatic but don't be too confident otherwise people will think you are compensating.

Don't be so fucking insecure, if you display this kind of pathetic mindset then she'll get tired and drop you for someone confident.

>the humblest of brags my nigga but i believe you.
Cheers m8.

>why the fuck would you turn it down though? don't let society and everyone else's emotional state emasculate you. this how you become miserable.
It would be truly effeminate for a man to not be able to turn down a woman.

LOL what kind of humble bragging is this? is this a larp?
>otherwise people will think you are compensating.
everything I do is literally me compensating for my height. if I got fit or made money, I'd just be compensating. if you do those things, you're just improving yourself and being a good man of value.

Being confident is fine, but I mean don't do it in the way that you are spiteful or an egoist. And bragging what do you mean? I'm pure 100% Bavarian Potato nigger anglo phenotype.

this OP.

This is the simple fact most men forget today. \
>Man finds a girl, girl agrees on relationship.
>Man invests everything towards girl and does everything she wishes in hopes of making her happy.
>Man deletes and removes all contact with other women in order to please that one woman.
>The woman, overtime, gets bored and leaves the man.
>Man is left destroyed and confused.

Women need excitement. They want a man they cannot control no matter what they do. But not so much so that the man is cold towards the woman. It's a constant push-pull, forgiving and frustrating tug-of-war contest between the man and the woman. The man must NEVER sever ties with other potential female mates. This creates that intense jealously and drive for the woman to compete and thus, strengthening her desire to further "bond" with her man- no matter the cost. But the man can't be too mean, harsh, cold or messed up either. He still has to treat the woman he found special, but he always has to show that at any time, he would have no problem leaving for another woman. This is what drives women crazy- that they cannot "pin-down" or "conquer" this man they've got. It's strangely alluring for them, almost like a tribalistic, ancient, animalistic instinct.

Never fully immerse yourself in your girlfriend. Always keep other women on the backburner- but treat your woman special over them. Never succumb to her wishes and have a backbone. Never bend over backwards for her when she won't do the same for you. Be ready and willing to leave her at any time and with no remorse. This will build a tremendous bond if you do it right and will create an "us versus the world" mentality with your girl and assure she will never cheat. Never commit, even when you marry. But never cheat.

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>I'm 6 ft 4, exceptionally good looking, strong/square jaw, prominent chin, Greek nose, confident and charismatic (as well as intelligent
its humble bragging because this information wasn't necessary in the context of your reply. but good for you for being so great. I wish there was a system in place for guys like me, so we could be humanely euthanized and replaced with guys like you, men who have value.

i meant turning down your game would be letting yourself be emasculated. in the scenario in question, turning the bitch down was the MAYBE the right depending on your morals, but consider this:
you turned down some decent pussy and your friend is STILL mad you. you are actually the one that suffers the most from the entire situation, and it's just because of your moral high ground.

tldr hoes aren't loyal, don't date

No it's not that. Women are just always constantly looking for the best partner- and why not? They are on a time limit and if they find that you aren't the proper sperm-donor to further both your lineage, she will be quick to leave. Very simple.

Show EVEN ONE SMALL AMOUNT of insecurity and she gone boi. Give in ONCE and it's over. Invest in her TOO MUCH and it's done. Never commit. Always show you are capable of meeting other, better, women- but somehow you always choose her and treat her special above all of them. This is the game; the woman doesn't know if she really has "gotten" you.

keeping someone who basically treats you as a "I'm bored, dance for me" clown is fucking tiring. it's just not worth it just for some pussy. there are plenty of men out there that are willing to spend their entire lives trying to please someone that by definition can't be pleased, but it's still a stupid way to spend your time.

decent post and i personally enjoyed reading it, but you are mystifying this shit too much
it's as simple as, women don't want a man that no other woman wants

It's more along the lines of "women will put zero effort on relationships other than spreading her legs because they consider their vagina to be God's gift to humanity".

You got it wrong. You're NOT supposed to be the dancing clown- you got it backwards. Once you BECOME the dancing clown, that's when she leaves.

By keeping other potential women partners around, you're putting worry in her mind. In essence, you're shaping and pulling the strings in how you want the relationship to be: you are the alpha Chad and decide if you want to keep women or not. Not letting the woman decide to keep YOU instead. You should be the once to decide this since it has been this way since the start of human history. If you let the girl get the reigns, she will straight give up and leave. They want a man- not a monkey or clown that desperately tries to please her. They want a man that will HANDLE HER RIGHT and decide in the most confident way possible. Take lead.

Be willing to kill both of them.

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Have you ever dated a woman? You make it seem like all women will leave you at the drop of a hat, which is stupid

You can never “know” if someone will stay with you or not. Just treat every day as it comes. Trust, and if she leaves, then mourn and move on.

But a coward dies 1000 times

Dumb. You have no clue how many women are desperate to keep their man.

It is mystifying because the whole process is a complicated meta that men need to learn and get educated in if they want even a sliver of a chance.

Never commit. Always have options. Never 100% succumb to and please your woman. You have the option to leave at any time.

Her womb is the only thing the woman truly possesses and makes her a woman. Of course she will defend it to the end. Respect that and you will go a long way.

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But you're still wasting lots of time just thinking about how to manipulate her. It's not natural, you have to think about if you're giving her too much attention or too little, whether you're pulling her away or close, etc. It's tiring. I don't want to be second guessing everything I do because women care more about the image of the confident man's man than the person behind. It's just a waste of time

They absolutely will. Shit they will do it even if married (look at how many divorces are initiated by women)

So the answer is 0, you have never dated a woman. Do you think the number of divorces where the man initiates the divorce is 0? That’s laughably stupid

Yeah, they'll have to go fire up literally any dating service and have 10 dates set up within a day. That's so awful :(

Obviously not, but the overwhelming majority are initiated by women, not even counting when the woman starts acting like a harpy to force the man to break the relationship

by establishing trust and respect and not being a betacuck. and by sticking to your own league.

Men are very physically based, so ugly or fat women can’t get dates. Plenty of women who are as lonely as you are.

Women have different criteria, physicality is a factor but not as much as one.

Why are we waking advice from you about dating if you have never dated?

Would you take advice from me about flying a plane if I have never done it? No

but that's our fault my nigga, because there are low test faggots out there that can't apply their mind and reason to the dynamic and DO treat women like their vaginas are god's gift. women do what we teach and allow them to do.
a woman will put effort into a relationship and will try to please their man if they are constantly receiving reassurance that their man is worth keeping, it's their natural reaction. this reassurance comes from knowing that if she leaves tomorrow, you will be fucking a hotter bitch by the end of the week, and that little to no loss will be incurred to you.
now it is important to mention this - this female behavior is NOT prevalent in certain locations over the world. for example, women in eastern europe are fantastic and you will be running into sick women very infrequently.

in my last relationship, i did all the beta and gay shit you can imagine. the cuddling, sweet talk, complying with and tolerating a lot of her dumb shit. nigga i don't even have a social circle, and i basically wasn't talking to ANY other woman while with her. all i did was go to work, the gym, and go home.
here's the thing though. i'm 6"0, 230lbs and look like a greek god. i'm young, smart and make a lot of money, i can be funny and sociable if i decide to be. even though i don't have a real social circle, peoples default reaction to me is to respect and like me. my presence and personality demands it. i have ambitions and goals that i'm steadily achieving.
this girl loved me to death, she would do literally fucking anything for me. she told me on multiple occasions that she wants to spend the rest of her life with me and have my children. we were on and off for 4 years, and in the time we weren't together, she has dated other guys, but told me they literally cannot compare to me and felt that if she had sex with them she would be cheating on me, even though we aren't together at this time. contd.

i broke up with her. i got tired of deluding myself about what i am and suppressing my instincts, which are to fuck multiple women as they are so easily accessible. she wasn't ready mentally for an open relationship and i didn't have the conversation skills and right mentality at the time to recondition her, so i decided not to waste her time and hurt her.

This just sounds like reversing emotional abuse.

OP, I'm pretty sure there are women who are trustworthy, (since I think a couple of my friends and sisters are pretty loyal), but I think that it's harder to find trustworthy women, maybe because of culture shifts and stuff.

If you want to learn to trust someone, probably better to do little "trust experiments".
Like, how would somebody who's trustworthy respond to ___. or whatever.

Maybe lend them 20 bucks to buy something and they should offer to pay you back if they're not using you.
Try not to be so charming and do something normal and stupid, and if they reject you for it, certainly you can't be honest with them, so you can't really trust them. (Trust is supposed to be a two way street, I guess)

Another classic is to ask the person about the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to them, and try to gauge a shame response on their face or body language, but it's a little hazy exactly whether that really means anything. (The idea being, a lack of shame shows a little bit of a lack of morality... hence loyalty and yeah.)

Uh... hopefully that wasn't a completely useless bit of advice.

TLDR, you should test them for trustworthiness, and if they keep passing, you'll just naturally learn to trust them more. If they fail, you should probably leave.. I mean, it's up to you.

this is my personal philosophy:

if your partner cheats on you, they are the ones who have to live with it, not you. the second you find out, they aren't your partner anymore. and everything gets found out eventually.

>ugly and fat women can't get dates
Objectively false

Most men are not like you. And even then there is always a bigger fish.

>its humble bragging because this information wasn't necessary in the context of your reply. but good for you for being so great. I wish there was a system in place for guys like me, so we could be humanely euthanized and replaced with guys like you, men who have value.
Well it was important to the context because I wanted the other user to know my predicament in juxtaposition to his so he could help his own. And don't worry user you have value, and thanks for the ego rub.

Meh I told him to get the fuck over some random woman. Ultimately I don't give a fuck what he thinks of me because I know I am better than him in what I am and what I do (which become simultaneous) as well - and most important - I know I am right. That's why it doesn't bother me so much but I'd like to prevent it in the future, I've had plenty (and still get plenty) of ego rubs from women, I don't need to take my friends gf to get that. I'm happy that I know I'm right and I can't do much more than that.

Mourning (unless she was really special) is for women and omegas (even then in the special case, you don't cry no matter how beautiful she was).

Guys what does the pain of rejection feel like? I've never felt it. I just cannot imagine getting this worked up over a woman.

T. The chad in the thread.

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>And even then there is always a bigger fish.
Would that be smaller or bigger tits?

good for you mate. you get off on power and winning. your ego is super important to you and you probably get more enjoyment from having it rubbed than actually cumming in a woman. i can respect that.
personally, in that situation, i would have still fucked the girl. i don't have an ego and there are very few things that i care about enough to win in (like, actual competitions). i like fucking more than talking and being right in arguments.
just be careful mate, you don't want your ego to be your downfall one day. check it often.

>I'm good looking
>just be confident
useless advice

>And don't worry user you have value
what a lie, you don't know how ugly I am. this is what the 1% tells everyone beneath them to get them to continue struggling for their benefit.

You can't test a woman's loyalty like that. They will swing to a better partner as soon as the opportunity presents itself, they're just wired like that. Women are just as loyal as their best option.

okay but still, you have value and you will get shit. you are just mad that you won't be getting the same shit i'm getting, and you are thinking that i will be coming for your shit. that comes from insecurity and entitlement at the same time.
i won't come for your shit nigga, my shit is better. and why the fuck do you think you can get my shit? i'm objectively better than you. just try to do your best in your "tier" of social hierarchy so you can get the best of it. stop looking into my plate.

Basement-dwelling incel who has never been on a date being an expert on women: the post.

"I'll call him the I word, that will show him!"

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I know you won't come for my "shit", but 100% my shit will leave me for you every time, its pointless

so just get some other shit, there's plenty of it to go around, even on your level
don't be fucking defeatist man. understand nature has put you here in a certain way and position, and you can be a pussy ass motherfucker that just fades away into nothingness without having experienced anything, or you can do your best with what you have to work with
you are honestly starting to depress me

nature has put me in a way to always be subservient to people like you, its how nature works. nature creates genetic dead ends and losers just so they can die, its the result of genes advancing, some get lost. how can I be confident in myself knowing that I'll always be objectively worthless by default

Nice larp.

ok since you used the word subservient, let me put it this way
i'm the general, and you are my lieutenant. yeah, i'm stronger, better and smarter than you, this is why i'm the general, but i still need you nigga, you are my lieutenant! and because i need you, i won't do shit that hurts you. no, you'll never get the medals i get, but you will get your own medals for being my good lieutenant. so you can either hate this, or you can fulfill your role to your best of your abilities and enjoy whatever rewards come to you.
now if, as the general, i purposefully hurt you, you should just leave and go to another army, but that's a different topic.
if it worked the way you think it works, the entire world right now would be Chads. but it isn't, and it's because Chads need lil niggas like you.

nothing in this post makes any sense.
>but i still need you
>the entire world right now would be Chads. but it isn't, and it's because Chads need lil niggas like you
it doesn't work like that at all.
the world has genetic dead ends because that's how natural selection works.

>this larp
what the fuck am I reading LOL

Enjoy your time. Women aren't loyal and she will fly sooner or later. Don't trust her with anything you would be sad to lose, and just appreciate the time together.

Don't be resentful either, if you were constantly showered with the possibility to change for the better you'd end up taking it too.

Why so triggered? When your entire post is a copypasta of incel cultist mantras don't be surprised you will get called an incel.

Most of you have fear: fear of getting hurt and never go into relationships, or have fear and try to control, or have fear and and be useless in a relationship until she leaves, or be too stupid to care and think all relationships are meaningless and transient.

And then you find women that are the same and you don’t last and think all relationships are shit.

Don’t have fear. You have to accept you might get hurt and fucking do it anyway.

I'm not the triggered one, though. You were the one who replied to me.

to keep me in check, sometimes i slip and dumb shit too, i can't be on my game 100% all the time. to share ideas with, to discuss, to do shit together. surely you've seen those wholesome comics about the virgin and the Chad where they bring each other up. you've been dealt the virgin card.
>the world has genetic dead ends because that's how natural selection works.
it has what you would consider dead ends (short, uglier, etc.) because thousands of years ago your ugly, short ancestor understood his role, acted accordingly, and was able to reproduce because he was rewarded with a wife. alternatively, your ugly, short ancestor actually ascended and became the chieftain himself. actual downies, deformities and abominations are exceptions so they can't be taken into account. you are not an abomination nigga, you just short and ugly.
>trying to get a point across using an analogy is considered larp
don't reply to my if you can't into basic logic

>Women are just as loyal as their best option

Most pitiful samefagging I've seen today.

Cope more white knight

The chad and virgin friendship is a total meme. True virgins are worthless to everyone and everyone can sense that, and they act accordingly.
>short and ugly
>not an abomination
Look, I get what you're trying to say, but the real truth is that life for guys like me is absolute hell because we are in a constant state of vulnerability.
All girls will leave us and all guys will destroy us happily. Knowing that you are destined for mediocrity at best is suicide inducing on its own.

Who is this "us" you are talking about?

in my case, very short guys

Don't you mean mentally ill entitled guys? Because all the other very short guys are getting girls except you.

they get ugly girls who leave them the second a tall guy shows them any hint of interest

No they don't. Why are you lying?

>being this oblivious to reality

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>"You'r a big ego"
>"for you"
This is how checking my ego works. Still I'm more modest than you would think in real life, I just enjoy posting like this. I'm actually quite a modest person. Actually I'm the most modest person I've ever known, an all round extremely modest person.

Seriously though, Socrates would be disgusted at how you dislike the talking of the good.

Unless you'r really ugly it doesn't matter, just be confident bro.

Hey user this guy isn't me I am the original chad poster and took a break and couldn't reply. Describe your features.

Not a larp, just curious.

>Describe your features.
5'4, balded to the point where I can't save it, with a really big head

I look exactly like pic related

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How tall are you and at what age did you decide to become an incel?

Okay well you don't actually look that bad, how old?

im 5'4, im not an incel. I've had 2 girlfriends before, and they both left for much taller guys. they'd straight tell me that my height was a huge detriment and they knew they could do better


It's called statistics, of course odds are high their next bfs would be taller than you.

How to do this well? I get decent attention from random women and some women I often see when I go about my day but do I have to do anything? It makes me feel guilty to do anything like flirting.

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its not just statistics when they all express and gush over taller guys, and shit on short guys with every chance they get

How attractive were your previous women?

They both dumped their taller bfs to be with you, remember. You are only seeing what you want to see. You sound mentally ill.

>It makes me feel guilty to do anything like flirting.
Don't be pathetic, that's the first step. Find a masculine role model, find an ideal in life, to strive towards.

From the outside I get described as a typical man really, i'm just a bit soft emotionally but would never show that of course. Still makes me feel guilty, I love my woman to bits.

they both got very overweight fast, the first was a mutual breakup, the second cheated on me with a 6'4 college football player
I was their first bfs actually, I was just much younger so it wasn't that weird for them that I am this short, now girls are repulsed by me and I can sense it

If you were 6'4" they would have dumped you for shorter men. You fail at the most basic logic.

they would have dumped me for a socially acceptable shorter guy. they wouldn't leave me for a 5'4 hobbit like myself lol.

But they would leave you for a 5'4" guy who is not such an annoying whiny desperate faggot like you. It's your mental issues that cause girls to leave you.

LMAO no, they would leave me for a 5'6 or 5'8 guy? sure. 5'4 and they'd rather remain single until an actual viable option comes along. in order to have a girl be interested in you at that height, you literally need to have the perfect face and hair, be in perfect shape, and be a millionaire on top of that

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As stated you have mental issues. That's why those girls left you. Nobody finds a whiny insecure manchild attractive. You need therapy.

I don't think childish behaviour is easily fixed with therapy.

Also how come 6'4 is such a common height? It's never 6'3 or 6'5.

tell me with a straight face that any girl could ever find a 5'4 "man" genuinely attractive, not just for his money or status, but him

How about a girl that's shorter than that.

they want the tallest guys more than anyone to make up for their shit height genes

You should go to Olympics because those are some top tier mental gymnastics

>From the outside I get described as a typical man really, i'm just a bit soft emotionally but would never show that of course. Still makes me feel guilty, I love my woman to bits.

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I would but you are too scared to leave your house it seems.

>they both got very overweight fast, the first was a mutual breakup, the second cheated on me with a 6'4 college football player
Keep them in line, say things like "hey you'r getting a bit chuuby" here and there.

well yea, gays don't care about height

A girl could never find a whiny insecure mentally ill faggot attractive. 5'4" or 6'4".