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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
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I went no contact with my ex for about 20 days. she's dating another guy right now and tells me she likes him but loves me. I told her I loved her still at her birthday and fixed her eyebrows and he got upset but she was fine with it. I play a sport with her every week and she really wants me to be her friend. should I skip the sport or keep going? she really enjoys seeing me but I want her back. I also bang the bartender at the bar after she doesn't know this yet. she left me because she didn't think I'd be faithful long term, should I try to make her jealous with the girl?

Sounds like a dangerous game. If you really want her you should just stay close to her, the other guy will probably self destruct based on what you said about him getting upset.

Do the ""girls"" on Jow Forums shave their pussy?

Did your ""parents"" drop you on your head as a child?

i will tell you exactly what is happening in your situation, and you must listen to me and not any other girl or bluepilled beta that will respond to your post.
when you got with your girl, your agreement, obviously, was that yours would be a monogamous relationship, however, this couldn't possibly work for you (or for any man really, but i won't go on a tangent) as you obviously want to fuck other women as well. she most likely noticed this, and she also noticed that other women do pay attention to you, which is a huge part of the reason she loves you.
it's is important to note at this point that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with your desire to fuck multiple women. it's how nature has created men, but again, i won't go on too much of a tangent.
right now, in your ideal scenario, you would convince your girlfriend to have, what they call, an "open relationship", i.e., you are together, but you get to fuck other women as well. she gets to fuck other guys, but she doesn't actually want or have the need to, but once more, no tangent.
however, you will be able to convince her of that. if you drop this pill on her, you will blow her fucking mind and she will look at you as if she never fucking knew you. not only that, it will basically be an attempt from you to recondition her entire behavior, which has been condition by media, fairy tales, feminists and other dumb women that "MEN CHEAT!". the concept of cheating does not exist in relationships and is a social construct created by ego.
the less ideal but more realistic scenario for you is to leave your ex alone and move on to new relationships, and only getting into those with the clear intention that they will be open ones. if a girl can't comprehend and accept your need to fuck multiple women, you move on to the next one. don't be egotistical and don't drag her along.
also, yea, fuck that bartender if you feel like it, just make sure your ex doesn't find out, there's no need to hurt her feelings.

*you will never be able to convince her of that

You're never gonna get her back bro. It's better to invest elsewhere

I trim, not shave. Shaving is a good way of looking like you've got a venereal disease.

oh, and i forgot to clarify, your girl will take you back if you decided to push it, trust me. this is why my post addresses your desire and potential idea to get her back


thanks. im gonna try for new girls with open in mind. i’m still gonna push on the ex though if I can. we’re having a good time now so i’m going to try and ride this wave. I don’t contact her first anymore.

well you are just being a dick then but if that's what you wanna do, aight


Where do girls like to meet guys?

Through friends, school, hobbies, or online.

I'm terrible at all of those

Maybe fix yourself before thinking of meeting girls.

How should I do that?

I don't know dude, I don't know you.

I'm looking to pick up hobbies that greatly increase my odds of meeting girls. Guys or girls, are you familiar with any hobbies that are female-dominated but can also be fairly interesting to men?

Knitting, sowing, cooking, dancing. If you pick up a hobby for chicks and aren't genuinely interested, they'll know.

hmm. explain plz. should I just focus on my ex? I can do that and push that if that will work. is it better to trust the process than to move on in this case?

I don't think there's anything wrong with me, just autistic and overthinking

Yeah, that's why I asked for one that can be fairly interesting for men so I don't have to fake it. But I'm also going to need to be careful to avoid hobbies that could give off the impression that I'm gay. Knitting, sewing, and dancing definitely seem like some of those.


That's... Oddly specific. Why? I didn't even know that was a thing beyond school.

i’ve met tons of girls through it. look for a league in your city. or softball

Wouldn't it be segregated by gender like most sports?

nope co-ed kickball/softball leagues are really common. they’re not too serious either.

no nigga, leave your ex alone. you will get her back then a few months later you will start wanting to fuck other bitches, but she won't understand and accept it, and you'll just confirm her fear of you not being "faithful". she isn't ready for her mind to be changed and you shouldn't both waste your time and hurt her feelings right now. let some other dummy deal with her.
i'm telling you this because if you were a low test faggot, you wouldn't fuck a new girl while still talking with your ex. you obviously want to fuck bitches.
so go on and fuck bitches. there's no need to fuck your ex up.

I get what you’re saying now. I haven’t had sex since things with my ex have gotten better and she reached out to me to be friends. I was when I thought it was hopelessly over but I even told the bartender our little fling is done. honestly I did it so I would stop being a low test faggot that was obsessing over my ex, it helped me through no contact. but now that she’s back and we’re getting along I think I can break this pattern. I went months volcel during the initial breakup and the random sex just got me back on my feet, I don’t really need it anymore. i’ll keep this all in mind though so i’m not wasting my ex’s time.

Girls, have you ever dated an introvert? If so, how did it start? I can't imagine how any of us ever get dates, considering we're generally too shy to ask anybody out.

>Girl messages me
>respond one hour later
>They haven't responded for three days
Why is this ok? (For the record I'm not romantically interested)

How do I know if a girl wants to be talked to?

maybe she got hit by a bus. who gives a fuck, even if you were romantically invested?

>why would you want a response from someone you messaged?

Introvert != socially retarded recluse. Shyness does not an introvert make.
Met my ex at a bar. Both of us were regs there so we started small talk about the things happening around. After a few months, we were on friendly terms and started dating.

>still being attracted to a guy after months of no advances
honey you were wasting your time

Because I'm 99% sure she wasn't hit by a bus. Maybe she was, do you want her to be? Maybe the user you insulted this month killed himself and you helped push him over the edge. Who fucking knows. Jeez.

I'd reject any guy that makes advance in less than a few months of knowing me. THAT would be a waste of my time desu.

As the other user said, introvert =/= shy and socially retarded.
Current boyfriend is a pretty big introvert. He works from home, and spends 95% of his time alone, by choice. I'm the only person he tolerates spending a lot of his time with.
We met through friends. He's close friends with the boyfriend of a friend of mine. After a few times we were hanging out together with our other friends and we were having a good time, I slid in his DMs and started chatting him up. Then after a couple months we just were spending more and more time alone, and things turned into a relationship pretty naturally.

And you're single, right?

>look up introvert in the dictionary
>"A shy person."
Guess I'll ask for literate girls next time

How nasty is your skin? Damn.
Yes. Use a safety razor now but thinking of switching back to something else.
>the concept of cheating does not exist in relationships and is a social construct created by ego.
Actually, factually, retarded.

Do you shave your ass too?

No, funny you assume that. Finding like minded people in this case is pretty easy.

How did you do that?

You sound like an extraordinarily vapid woman.

Good stuff femanon desu

Introvert is a concept defined in psychology, and it is different from shyness.
Look it up before using words you don't fully understand.

If a guy is too afraid to make a move before a couple of weeks then he isn't worth anyone's time.

Not her.
I don't see how a guy could know me well enough after 2 weeks to say "sure, this girl has the qualities I look for in a partner, and I deeply appreciate her as a person".
I don't care about casual dating or casual sex, I want people who are serious about me. If someone asks me out just because I look pretty we're not meant to be.

And you're worth nobody's time daysoo. I was going to argue with you, but I'd be contradicting myself

I'm not saying he has to propose after two weeks, but if he's not asking you out at that point then move on

I don't care about going on dates with guys who date girls because they're hot. If a guy asks me out straight away, I know it's because he likes superficial shit about me.
I want to date guys who appreciate me as a person. And you have to know someone to appreciate them.

But going on dates is how you find out if you appreciate them. If you meet a guy at a bar you think might be nice what do you call getting to know them better?

Being friends.
Dates means that you're going out to see if they're suitable partners, and it's fair to expect sexual or romantic involvement if you go out on dates. I just want to talk to people and do shit together, without any expectations of sex or romantic shit.

So you set up events with guys as just friends? What's the point

>act conventionally friendly, but showing no particular sympathy/preference
>mentain emotional distance, tho putting emotional inteligence to good use
>give no room for advances
>not bringing up private matters or any deeply personal interests into conversation
People weed themselves out after a while. Those interested evolve into (casual) friends or more.

Personal views I guess. I see dating as something you do with someone you already have enough friendly raport with. Getting to know them first in socially neutral situation is better than dating for that.

Yeah. Making friends and getting to know people.
If we like each other on a more substantial level, we might progress to dating. I don't see why I should date a guy just because I think he looks okay, and set up his expectations, when there's so much more to relationships.

>I don't see why I should date a guy just because I think he looks okay

Girls, do you prefer your romantic relationships to start as friends, or as strangers? I personally don't have the mental capacity to start dating a woman I know nothing about, but it seems like that's the way most people do it because they don't want to get stuck in the friendzone.

I only date people I'm at least friendly with. I don't need someone to be my friend for years to go out on a date with them, but at least knowing each other for a couple of months.

And how does the transition from friends to lovers work? Are there subtle hints that the man can give to suggest he wants to be more than friends?

I personally prefer to be friends first, as you said, it's weird to get romantically involved with someone you know nothing about. I would start anything close to that with a stranger only if I wanted a hookup, not an actual relationship. To date someone I want to know and be sure we have mutual interests.

With my boyfriend, we honestly just grew emotionally closer to a point where it was fairly obvious that we liked each other as more than friends. I told him I liked him, he told me he liked me too.
In the past, my ex simply told me he liked me and asked me out after 2-3 months of talking.
Often if we start hanging out one on one and one of us initiates some form of physical contact, things progress fairly naturally.

Yeah, I figured physical contact was a pretty good way of getting the ball rolling. I just worry about screwing up the friendship by being too obvious with my intentions.

how tf should I approach packleader /stacy of her own clique which happens to be also filled up with literal fortnite dancing betafags when she's in her group? I'm into her since s year and she's into me too.

If you're sure she is into you, just start texting her and try to go on a date. Simple as that. You don't have to do that in person, especially when she's surrounded by "her pack"

Personally, I don't think you should worry too much about screwing up the friendship, especially if it's just a few months in.
Get to know each other, after a few months see where you stand, if you don't stand on the same page go in different directions, if you stand on the same page progresso to dating or become proper friends.

Mm, mutual interests is definitely going to be a problem for me to overcome. All of my interests are pretty male-dominated.

There is always a girl that likes that kind of stuff, too, I'm sure. But also, it doesn't have to be /all/ interests that I want to share with a possible partner, it's more fun when you can go from discussing something you both love to introducing them to new stuff.

That's a bit painful though, isn't it? Working on a relationship for months only for it to fall apart because you ended up not being on the same page.

I don't find it particularly painful, no.
It's life, not everyone is going to be a good match for me, neither in terms of friendship or in terms of romance. It sucks sometimes that you have to go different way with someone you liked, but heh, shit happens.

No, I could even get away without shaving my legs my hair is so fine and light colored (shave em anyway though).

That's true. Now that I think of it, I do have a fair bit of interests that I'm sure I share with plenty of girls. Thanks for the advice.

What is the limit to sexual partners someone you would date could have?

Their current age multiplied by 4

I wouldn't think that at all. One of my straight guy friends has been a dancer for years and guys who can cook are always in demand. Knitting's not as interesting or useful I guess, but I'd still appreciate it. Photography maybe? Volunteering with animals? I dunno I don't have much in common with other women.

0, just like me.
But I understand that's unreasonable considering that most women are worthless sluts.

Why can't I get images to load on Jow Forums?

I have disabled my adblocker. I have tried using 2 other browsers that don't even use any extensions at all, much less adblocker. I tried disabling Kaspersky, both the app and the browser extension.

I actually love animals, so might need to look into that one. Thanks!

I don't have any hard limit, it's mostly the way they behave when it comes to their sexuality.
My boyfriend slept with 8 girls, and they were all girls he dated: some he dated for 2-3 months, a couple were relationships he had a for a year. It's higher than ideal, but I can deal with that.
If he slept with 8 girls but they were all prostitutes, FWB or ONS, it would bother me a lot more.

Any girls here contracted genital herpes before? When you had your first outbreak, how long after it until you felt sexual desire again? Weeks? Months? A year?

664. Reaching 666 is freaky
But seriously, idc. It's not a conversation I'd ever have with someone.

What's "ideal"?

So if someone you were looking to date had told you they were seriously in the triple digits, you wouldn't care?

Why do guys always smack their dicks on your pussy before putting it in? Literally every single one of them.

I never had sex because of the 80/20 rule, but I wouldn't do it.

Ideal would be only serious relationships. He was 27 when we met, so 1 to 3 would have been ideal, up to 5 maybe.
He's not too far off, don't get me wrong. I'm pretty happy with it, given where he went to school and how attractive he is.

I would never consider dating someone who had PIV sex with someone before marriage, but if someone was in a longterm relationship I wouldn't judge them for doing non-penetrative sexual stuff.

Miraculously I found a partner who shares my exact views, which I have come to realize are very uncommon.

It's fun.

I plan on marrying a woman if I'm going to date them, so zero. It's really not that hard to deny sex.

>dating someone that talks about his sexual activity
Yeah, no thanks. That guy is not relationship material, not because of the the number of bedrooms he's visited, but because he is socially reatrded enough to talk about it.
Don't ask, don't tell is my policy in this matter.

How do I avoid feeling like I should swerve my car into oncoming traffic at my dead end job?

Are you asking boys or girls?

Both, I guess.

Relationships are a pretty good way to feel like not dying. Explore some interests and make some friends.

Not possible in my current mindset.

I don't know what you expect me to do about that. I'm a stranger on the internet. A change in mindset can only come from your own will.

I have no will for it. I can't choose to be ignorant but I also can't muster the will to change myself.