My boyfriend fetishizes an ethnicity which is different from mine. He talks about it sometimes...

My boyfriend fetishizes an ethnicity which is different from mine. He talks about it sometimes. He even said he fapped to the thought of fucking someone from that ethnicity, but said that it wasn't a specific person and instead he made up the character. I don't think he's cheating, but it makes me jealous... Is this weird, Jow Forums? Should I leave?

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Sounds like your bf has some major issues he needs to work out and yes, this is a major red flag and you should leave

>Is this weird, Jow Forums
Yeah, something is guaranteed to be off.

He's not cheating, but he might one day because he straight told you already that he prefers a different partner. Ask him honestly and straightforward if that's true. Then face the consequences of whatever will come after.

I mean, you can make it work- but if he's already saying he fantasizes, that mean's he's not truly happy with you. You can get a guy that is 100% honest and want you only. Ask him if he can do that- if not, you already know what to do.

Lots of people have fantasies so no I don’t think it will be overly problematic if he’s a trustworthy person. Super inappropriate to say that sort of thing in front of you though. You should just consider your options. There are thousands of men who would be happy with you as a whole. Is this one worth sticking around and feeling inferior for?

What ethnicity

WM here, I only liked white girls until an asian showed me a good time. Now I like them too. I suspect it could work with any race willing to fuck me. I think it's just the familiarity.

I am Norwegian, and the ethnicity he obsesses over is Russian, or Slavs in general.

Are you fat or ugly?

No. My boyfriend is just obsessed with that culture, I guess.

he's doing what us, men, do. men want to fuck multiple women, this is simply WHAT we are. you can choose to accept it, or wail in your own ego.
if you can't deal with it, leave the guy alone and save him the headache of having to deal with your dumb shit. find a low test beta that you can domesticate and ultimately get tired of, stop loving and cheat on.

He probably thinks you will give him beta onions boy children. Start working out

We're both men, but I just thought this wasn't a suitable question for an /lgbt/ thread.

I was about to say that I'm obsessed with Norway and that I had a solution but nvm

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this is even worse to be honest. i'm not gonna pretend i understand gay men, but my understanding was that they are just regular guys that just have a different preference of who they want to cum in.
i'm now learning that they are gay men who actually, unironically, adopt a female's mentality.
learn something new every day.

Do you wanna hear more cringe? I'm MtF and he's FtM. He's more open about being a guy while I'm afraid to transition because I look too masculine and tall etc. You know, it's like he's really a man mentally, and I'm really a woman mentally.

fucking nordcucks

yo nigga, unless you are just taking the piss now, this is some 3D chess, and i'm not educated enough to know how hormone therapy affects the way of thinking. i can't be 100% certain if you are indeed mentally a woman now and if he's indeed mentally a man now. go to /lgbt/ and hope that there's someone there that understands how THIS shit works, and how OTHER shit works in general

Attention whore

It's not, I only mentioned being LGBT because of this post

How can he want to fuck russian sissies if he doesn't have a penis I don't get it

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Maybe he wants a Russian to nut in him. Idk

But he did make a friend with a Russian from Jow Forums before and showed me a picture of his face. It was a gay looking twink with long hair, and possibly another MtF?

He didn't cheat on me with that guy. In a Discord call, he showed me his entire chat with him because I felt suspiciously about it. Now I'm confident that they don't talk anymore.

I will date you instead, pretty please, I will not want anything other than you.

Idk, I invested a lot of time and effort into this relationship...

So a you are a boy and you are dating a girl. But since you are both a little odd, you decided to call it gay because it is more trendy this way?

And you came to the most reddit board because Jow Forums is more trendy than reddit now?

I call myself a boy because I don't feel confident enough to call myself a girl, but it just feels wrong to call him a girl desu. It feels like calling Chuck Norris a girl.


Just role play as slavs
also it couldn't possibly be a gay relationship since both of you, transitioned or not are of different genders...

Op, please post pics, this thread is letting me so hard that it hurts

>Just role play as slavs
That's kind of weird... I'm not even sure if he would be down for that...

Meh, I don't think that's necessarily reason to worry. I mean, if it really bothers you, I guess you could leave, but having a fetish isn't really a huge thing.

It's like, temptation is fine, as long as it's outweighed by loyalty. y'know?

Still though, a bit mean of him to tell you that directly, right?
I definitely wouldn't bring something like that up to my s.o.

Fucking white obsessing over slightly different whites. I thought he was into the azn cuties bc superior race of women. Dont age or get fat. Gl white girl

women are truly crazy.
by fetishizes you mean attracted to.
So because a man is attracted to multiple ethnicities he has major insecurity issues? OP has said that it is no one in particular.

OP, I will be frank with you. You are controlling and jealous. I would kick to curb and move the moment I smelt that


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show him this

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>role play as slavs
based advice
spend 99.7% of your time drunk with the only exception of staying sober 1 day a year so you can vote for Putin again

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HaHAAA sucks being a white roastie when bf wants tight young asian pussy


Okay this is bait

OP literally posted about this thread on /lgbt/

russian men don't age bad, it's only the women

Ah the advice of somebody who's never had a serious relationship. You're a fucking idiot.

Lmfao younare both doomed to be unstabke until you inevitably kills ypurselfs for maiming your bodies

Nice bait faggot