Which is your best tinder opener?

Which is your best tinder opener?

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have sex

That's exactly why I'm asking

no, that’s the opener

Nice, didn't think about it

I want to paint you up in green paint and spank you like a disobedient avocado.

Jiggly jiggly I’m coming for the booty

What’s the difference between a truckload of bowling balls and a truckload of dead babies?

You can’t move bowling balls with a pitchfork.

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Yeah you can. You nudge them along. 0/10.

Hey baby, wanna be a single mom?

Aye gurl let me suck the stress out them titties

50/50 successful rate



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I hav penis for sex

Have a (you)

girl, I wish I was a fart to get inbetween your asscheeks

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Ask about whatever interests they have listed.

No profile? Compliment their make up or hair.

> Compliment their make up

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i'm cry

virgin detected

>compliment their makeup
jesus christ user I’m in stitches.

>compliment their make up

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This is what i tell women when i want them to walk away ffs user

The Chad response

Not that user but this is how unironically landed the first date with my current GF. It's similar to women complimenting your gains. They put in work to look fuckable so pretend your care about it for a second.

No, user. You landed your first date DESPITE complimenting her looks.

her make up*

give me the rundown on this meme

The reality is that your opener doesn't really matter - it ultimately boils down to whether you're attractive or not.

Attractive guys can say literally anything and they'll get responses, that's assuming the girl hasn't messaged first. For regular guys like you and me, it depends on the girl. If her bio doesn't have a whole lot going or anything at all, and/or she looks the physical manifestation of a brick then there's not much point pursuing her.

Generally speaking, there's several schools of approaching women and everyone has their style: you can be funny and meme-tier, you can be cocky and carefree, you can be enthusiastic and warm, or you can be casual and nonchalant. Find what your natural personality gravitates towards, and play towards that. For example, I'm more of a warm and casual guy but not really a meme-lord so I go for easy openers like commenting about something she's interested in (bio info) or maybe compliment her on what she's wearing in her photos. But honestly dude, it's Tinder - you don't need a whole lot of effort into talking up girls and you just figure it out for yourself. If you don't know how to start a conversation or what to say, then you're not going to be able to go any further.

From what I know, some guy posted it in a Tinder thread with a screenshot, and it worked out well for him. It's been shilled as a meme for its decent success rate, and it actually works because it's meme-y enough that it makes them laugh, but suggestive enough that you have their attention and make your intentions clear.

Thanks do you have the image?

No, this was several months back from what I know. But from what I've heard, it was just a generic Tinder screenshot with some white-girl tier reaction like "OH MY GOD I CANT EVEN"