Gentlemen. My wife is missing. She went to see a girlfriend three hours before I got out of work on Sunday...

Gentlemen. My wife is missing. She went to see a girlfriend three hours before I got out of work on Sunday. She said she'd be back before I got out at 5pm est. She has not called me or texted me. Noone knows anything. She left things that she would normally take with her if she was leaving me or something. Panties, toothbrush, etc. She didn't leave the dog food. Our security system recordes her leaving. She double checks the door. She didn't take anything. I filed a missing persons report. I don't know what to do. I called all the jails, all the hospitals. What the fuck....

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Start stretching out your asshole. If she's dead, you're probably going to go down for her murder.

Park in front of the girlfriend's house.

Have you guys had any fights or disagreements recently? Was she depressed at all? Is the route to her friends house relatively safe? Have the police checked the local CCTVs from the route?

Did her behaviour seem different that day?

What about her car, is that there?
Dose your neighbor have a security camera you could look at?
Do you think any of them witnessed her leaving the house?
Why not visit the local stores and gas stations to see if she was caught on security camera? Do it quickly though. Most stores will record over footage within a few days of it being recorded if there is nothing suspected.
What about her phone? Can you ask the police detective to ping it? It may not give you an exact location of where she is, but you will get a general idea. Private investigators will do this too but it will cost you money.
Think back to who she was talking about last time you saw her.
Is it possible she has any enemies?
Does she get into cars with strangers? Lyft drivers?
Where was the last place she used her credit card?
Has she been on social media since she disappeared.
Does her email show any recepts?
Does anyone close to her have a violent criminal record?

I don't know where she is, but these are the questions I would be asking.

Actually if it were me I would ask the police for a recommendation for a private investigator ASAP. These things get harder to solve with time. If her phone does for example, it will be harder to find it.

What was she trying to do that day , user? Think about it.

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Holy crap if you for real and not LARPing I hope your wife is ok

til death do us part..

holy fuck though, yeah maybe listen to that other anons advice and hire a private investigator

You didn't say anything about contacting the friend to see if she showed up, or if the friend was aware of this plan.

Contact her and your family to make them aware of the situation, if you haven't.

Get on the police to see what they're doing and if they have someone actively working on this. This person should have already contacted you, and if they haven't, you should get on the police about this. And I mean aggressively push them, as time is a big issue here (cell phones have limited battery life and getting a phone company to track location is much easier for the police than for you).

Uhm.. call the cops, and her family? That should be the first thing.

We're not going to help you with creating an alibi user.

She doesn’t want to be apart of your life anymore and wished to throw it all away for a fresh start.

No. We where fine. We woke up at 5am. We had sex. Showered. She made coffe. Watched her stories. Then we fell asleep together. I woke up and she ironed my shirt, and I went to work

She doesn't drive. The videos show her walking, just with her purse. I called the police and made a report. Idk man. I didn't ask what friend she was with. We don't do social media

I'm not larping. This is real man.

Called them. They came and searched the house. And then said they'd call me if she turned up.

I have the video of her leaving. She looks fine. Double checks the door. Her behavior was normal. We had a fight about what color lamps to buy. It lasted 20 minutes. Her parents died in a fire two years ago so she's always been sad


>didn't ask what friend she was with
U fucked up.

If you reach day 4 I'd say she's gone for good, but until then it's a high chance she'll show up

Please stop looking for me. I knew you would be here and I just want you to let me go.

She said some girls name. She called me at work. I was with a client so I really didn't listen. I regret that shit right now

Social media? phone localization? look for the code or something with gps traking.
The does not have?

Fuck you user. I'm serious here. She doesn't visit this shit hole.

Call all her friends, track her phone.

Keep us updated OP. I'm actually fucking worried, best of luck.

I hope she gets raped and dies. Op, you should kill yourself as well.,

Your number one purpose now must be to find out which friend she was going to visit and remake the route. Check for her stuff in your house, maybe she has a phone book, a diary, anything. If it was a good friend, she'll contact you because she will be worried as well. Bad news always spread like disease.
The second thing is to ask the police to triangulate the cellphone location. If they refuse (because it's been only 72 hours) then call a lawyer and make him do you a case. Countries have similar laws on this: He fills a plaint against "all who could be responsible" of her disappearance, then the judge issues an order to the public prosecutor to investigate, which will include triangulating the cellphone location.
Keep us updated user. I don't know you but my heart is with you.

Also it's not enough to call nearby hospitals for her. If she was assaulted and her ID was taken from her, she'll be listed as Jane Doe. Take a picture of her with you and visit the local hospitals personally while explaining the situation.

Whatever you do, don’t imagine the worst case scenario. That she’s been human trafficked and is currently drugged with opioids and getting dicked in every hole. What a waste of heroin..


this is how my husband's ex divorced him

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Do you get pumped up trolling in a SFW board? Do you know the rules of this one forbid to troll, you can actually report people for trolling outside of /b/?

for depressed people negativity means a loss of hope.. either she went somewhere to be alone for a while, or she maybe went to die, but I think most people choose to die either at home or in a public place to be found, she may be needing an escape mentally.

check her parents grave, old house, old town, everything like that

Like everyone else said, other than calling the police and mobilizing anyone that cares about her to a certain degree (friends and family) you should try looking into places where she might go to be alone.
who have you contacted so far?

OP, if you haven't done it already, tell your situation at work and ask for some days off so you can be 100% in her search.

You need to contact her work, family, and all her friends. Try to do it in person if you can. Gauge their reactions when you do it. I'd also look for a criminal and a divorce lawyer after 72-hours with no results, or if the cops knock on your door and ask questions.

Worth a shot, but hospitals in the states won't disclose if a patient is there due to privacy laws. The exception being if she said to contact him, if she was unconscious and it was obvious she wasn't in a domestic violence situation. If she was there, they'd just inform her and the police without letting him know.

Thanks man. Going to do this right now.

Already took a week off. Told my boss what's happening. He gave me the week off, and is not taking vacation days from me. He even is going to pay me for the week

Why does getting paid and not taking off vacation dayss matter to you so much you need to post it?
Seems like that could be your firsst clue why your wife left you, if she actually left you.

It sounds like he is just happily surprised about his boss being such a bro about the whole thing. Let him have 1 positive thing to talk about for fucks sake

Your intetions are probably good but there's no need to be ill to this guy.

OP I really hope you find her, I'm praying for your situation

Good, do the same thing with jails and any kind of medical facility that can make people stay, such as clinics or municipal stances.
Great, I am glad people around you is supporting you. We will do the same. Please keep us updated of anything, even bad results. Ignore the trolls, we are with you.

I don't have anything to contribute to this thread, but I sincerely hope you find her soon OP

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inb4 an user posts a set of gps coordinates and leaves

it happened once and there were bodies found but good luck op

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After hospitals and jails, and like other anons said, her parents graves, search in secluded areas, wide open parks, around the highways that leave your town, etc.
The most probable cause in 1st world countries for someone missing is assault, battery, rape and theft. In this cases, the assailants will take her personal stuff and drop them anywhere in a secluded area, mostly near roads (the'll throw them right off the moving vehicle). This can lead to other clues. If you find anything, try to touch it the least, put it in a plastic bag, close it and take it to the police.

Guys I found her...

She is in your house?

>who was phone, user?

God I hope you are OP and not a shitposter which I don't know what are they doing here in the first place.
Where was she? What is her condition?

this is probably a troll but I WOULD like an update on the situation, I'm invested now.


She said she was done with me. She said she wasn't happy and that I was a bad husband because I work to much.

You are a stupid troll, you answered neither of my questions. Fucking go to /b/

She getting fucked n doesn’t feel like going back to u

Dont rely on the police for anything. They wont do shit, I promise you. Hire a PI, preferably one who has worked with your police department.

I really hope you find her.
Putting myself in your situation is frightening as fuck.

Come on OP, what happened?

>no gf, eat pizza?


She is ironing your shirt at 7am? Haha gr8 b8 m8

op I hope you find her. when one of my friends went missing the police found him on a tree a month later. I hope she's safe

what really happened...?

Like I said. She left me. The police called and said that she checked in with them.. That she doesn't want to be with me.

What, really? Pls no b8

What a fucking bitch, instead of talking to you about it, like a normal functioning person, she just ran and got you worried to death?
If this isn' t b8, you are better off without her

you really don't know op or their relationship

it's shitty but maybe she didn't have another option, she needed to leave

Ok I believe you are OP, but where was she? How did you found her?

>she doesnt drive
user... Something may have happened. You need to do your own detective work, follow her usual route and ask for security footage along the way.

I wish the best of luck to you but this does not look good.

Oh nevermind youre probably an insufferable faggot


Really. I can't believe it. I don't know what to do anymore with this situation.

So instead of being an adult and confronting you about it she just vanished? what the hell?
I would try and keep in contact with her parents or friends to see how she's presenting the story, I'm not necessarily saying the words 'abuse' would get thrown around but this is a peculiar situation so I would, in your place, keep an ear out for any other nonsense.

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