Different race children

Me and my husband wanted mini versions of ourselves. I’m mixed half white and half black and he’s just white. We want to have a kid together because it will look like me and then we want a surrogate that’s white. We thinks it would be cool, but we’re scared how our families might view it. How can we discuss this with our family without it looking like race bait?

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He would love the white child more than you or the mulatto child.

Why do you need their permission? Just live your life

Why do you think that?

as long as the kid is biologically is he probably wouldn't care

Never tell your surrogate kid theyre not from you it'll make them feel inferior

Did not plan to

this is so fucked up

How? You do realize that some mixed kids end up being white anyways

go to china and they'll cook one right up for you

Whoop there it is. Almost had me but you blew your larp with this one. First of all no housewife is going to visit Jow Forums for adoptive advice, and no biracial person would ever say anything like this.

Please kill yourself.

I’m not a housewife and idk how this is a larp but continue to assume and go to the next post moron

Oh look they’re twins
Skin color varies I could have darker complexion kids or light complexion kids it really doesn’t matter. So it’s not weird or fucked up to have kids of different races because it could happen naturally.

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Children are not toys to be ordered in the style and color you want

>2 larp lards reply at the same time

Not treating them as toys just wanted two children of different races it makes no impact on anything

0/10 bait
this is stupid even for Jow Forums

Why do people think this is bait? Is having different children that ridiculous? There’s literally people who adopt multiple races there’s white people that adopt asian children... but somehow this is bait for you guys?

Lmao what a cuck

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Shut up bitch. Kill your self

You speak about them as if their only purpose for existing is as pretty accessories to be put on display

This but unironically

If this isnt bait you are going to have a messed up family also
Whatever kid you have is already going to have identity issues no need to make it worse just because you were selfish

Just tell them his genes were more prominent.
I mean he's already dating a gorilla and they're ok with that.

Are you sure? My cousin married a nig and they were not okay with it idk how much they talked about it to HER but they talked about it to me and did not like it.

If it's that big of a deal then just straight up lie and tell them you want to adopt or something. Or say he's sterile. Though you should probably consider working on your own issues

Do your future children a favor and dont have them. I can already tell you and your husband will make their life hell since you care this much about making sure one of them has white skin

Also, kill yourself

Don't do it user. Your both fucked the in head to want to create a child because:
>wanted mini versions of ourselves
>We want to have a kid together because it will look like me and then we want a surrogate that’s white
>We thinks it would be cool

You care solely to for fill your head fantasy that you probably won't even wha to raise these kids at all.

This is an optical illusion. The 2 children are actually the same color but the different shirt color makes them appear to be lighter and darker. Just cover up their shirts in MSPaint and you will see they are the same color.

Fuck you, OP. You shouldn't be allowed to have kids dumb idiot, kids are not toys you pick by color. Fuck you