I am a male CIS student at a major university. I am involved in student government and a lot of things on campus. I went on a few dates with a fellow student who did not tell me she was born a male (pre penile op trans but testicles removed and on hormones since 12 and looked female). When I found out I stopped seeing her and made the mistake of telling a few people it was because I preferred to date females since I want to have a family someday.

It has become a big thing, people are calling me a bigot and transphobe, my positions in the university are in jeopardy and there may be a hearing.

What should I do to mitigate this damage to my reputation?

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Well it's like being found out for being a racist, you have to deal with the consequences

U fucked, lesson leanrt

Tell em she's not your type

Youre kinda fucked because colleges can basically have a court of public opinion on these things. I think you should just play the religion card even if you arent that religious. "I want to save myself for marriage with someone i can have my own children with."

say you're a devout muslim and ask them if they want to be branded as islamophobes

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What’s wrong with saying you always planned having children? You liked the trans-op as a person but your life goals are different.

Maybe you shouldn’t run your mouth and talk shit to everybody. But it’s not like anybody can force you to be attracted to trans people. Just don’t be an asshole about it

>You’re an asshole if you say you don’t want to date trans because they can’t had kids
Fuck off

>trans people.

>feminine penis

There’s a difference between not wanting to date somebody and being a jerk. Apparently your reading comprehension skills need some work. or at least you need more quality trolling training. Want me to teach you?

user, the issue isn't that you don't want to date a trans person. The issue is that you went and told people that this person is trans, and that you refuse to date this person for such reason.
It would have sufficed to simply tell her that you want to have biological children with a partner someday, and thus can't continue to see her. If anyone asked, you could have told them that you just weren't feeling a connection with her.

To answer your question, yeah nah, your reputation is pretty fucked now and there isn't much you can do to recover from being publicly labeled a transphobe. Good luck faggot.

Tell me how OP was being an asshole by telling some people he prefers biological women for a valid reason. Go on, I’m waiting.

How is that any different when the entire reason he can’t have children with her is because “she’s” trans? OP never even implied in his post that he outright said “I’m not dating her because she’s trans” he said exactly what you’re saying. Clown world.

Are trans people really THAT common nowadays or is Jow Forums just memeing?

An hero. It's the only option. Take as many liberals as possible
>In Minecraft

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How is it fucked? A guy can say the same for not wanting a redhead, or a girl with smaller tits, or a girl who's too short, or a girl who can't fucking cook, or even a girl who is too dumb or too smart for him.

Why do we have to tiptoe around people who are ultra sensitive? Why are they such a protected species? Which is fascinating when traditionally, it's just been women who enjoyed that spot because of their vagina.

how do you even fail to get dubs on a slow board like Jow Forums

It's not that they are ultra sensitive it's that you fragile white cis straight men whine because you can't act like edgy assholes anymore.

Christ you retards lack empathy, and apparently reading comprehension too. It's perfectly fine to not want to date trans people, as a matter of reproduction or even just as a matter of preference.
The issue is that OP felt the need to blab about the person in question being trans (outing a trans person who evidently was passing just fine).
If the matter of not wanting to date a trans person had been kept between OP and said trans person, OP would very likely not be in this shitshow.

I'm brown enough to get a free pass to be as edgy and bigoted as I want, I just don't like seeing whites be retarded, seeing as they are usually nice, pay taxes and keep my country running nicely.

>can't call someone what they are

>why is he mad that i called him an idiot? It's what he is! I was just describing him!

are you saying trans is a pejorative? would you like us to book a re-education session for you?

>OP is the bad guy for outing deception

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>are you saying trans is a pejorative?
yes, of course it is in our society

I fucking hate trans people.

>I fucking hate trans people.
that's going to be illegal soon

Op is faggot dated a chick with a dick