Is this true?

Is this true?

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I found my gf without having a job, not being somewhat muscular, didn't commonly approach women, 24% body fat, super high intelligence also super nerd, rented a shitty apt, couldn't afford a car, same height

the other points were true at the time, but this list is stupid

its been 4 years and I don't have a job now, we drive her car, live in her house, she makes lots of money, but I am more muscular and lowered my bf% down to 20. It doesn't matter, she's mine and you're gonna die alone a bitter husk of a man OP


Just in this board you can find 6 or 7 threads where betas DEMAND a 20 something with big tits, big butt, unreasonable anime body proportions that is flirty and sexy but also a virgin and completely submissive. And that's because people are rarely aware that having a partner like that means you also have to be in that tier and the best you can do is settle for less.

there are plenty of male NEETs who live on their girlfriend's salary

prove it

stop with this shit and just be a good guy and respect your woman, fuck man

No, but because we can't provide empirical evidence of every case where it's not true, nobody will ever believe it and will keep telling themselves it's girls' standards and not they themselves that are at fault.

Given all the married landwhales and spergs and nerds and short dudes and scrawny dudes and fat dudes and whores and ugly chicks and nice guys...
What do you think?

half of the shit on that list is just the bare minimum for being a self-sufficient adult

if even the lowest bar is that much of a hurdle for you, you should actually never reproduce

>life partner
No such things. If you can't be happy on your own, you will lead a miserable life.

It is absolutely true.

>you should actually never reproduce

women dont need even half of this to reproduce they just have to exist and not be morbidly obese

>tfw thread full of females trying to disagree with OP

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More like adult males laughing at incel beliefs.

Okay female specimen

t. early twenties MASSIVE landwhale who lives with mom and dad

if you just want to get laid so bad you can fuck guys
like you say, they have no standards


>sexual experience
lolno. I've been propositioned three times in the course of a year, once explicitly, and still remain a virgin.

basically yeah hahahahahaha learn to live with it

the true redpill is having a partner is not success

nope. i am dating a guy who is a nerd, socially awkward, and has an avg body type, and he’s all i could ever ask for. don’t fall for the bs, it only hinders you.

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Thank you. All these guys wanting 10/10's when they aren't worth shit. How can you be mad at that? I'm a volcel, but I recognize that if I want to find my one, I need to be worth her as much as she needs to be worth me.

Yet I will still be worth more you in the end with a stomach full of wine and a hooker's mouth around my cock.

I'm personally fine with just 20 something, not totally ugly, and submissive.

None of the female responses mean shit if they don't post pics. Most of these women are obese and ugly so their opinion doesn't matter anyway.

>Im actually pretty good looking ur butthurt lol

Guaranteed to get this as a response.

Op, the answer is absolutely yes. If any femanons disagree post body and selfie

Find me one thread.
I'd be willing to date a fat nigress at this point and I'm a white guy who works out regularly and have a six pack. And the only girl I did date for several months was a fat girl, so fuck off.

>if a post doesn't agree with my incel cultist beliefs it must be a female

Post body faggot

This is most definitely true. Think of it this way. Why, as man, would you not want to be all those things? Why would you not want to be the best guy walking around? Being a guy like that means you can have options.

If you want a hot gf, you have to be the hot shit bf she expects. It's shallow but that's how women think. Women WANT you to be better than them. They want you to be smarter, stronger, richer its what they find attractive. The better you are over her the more she will realize that she has the best man she can get.

All she has to do is keep being hot, respect you, and have strong social status. Relationships are a dynamic men find women attractive in different ways, and women find men attractive in different ways. The problem I have with this picture is that all girls have to do is not be fat, but in reality if a guy knows his worth, knows he's the best shit she will ever get (and actually is) , he can have a list of demands he expects women to have.

>t. trap

Yes. It's obviously a slight exaggeration but overall it's true. Women have much much higher standards than men do. Physically, all a woman has to be is not fat whereas women judge men on things like height. Women are also a lot more demanding on personality, wanting the man to adhere to traditional gender roles, etc.

Like I said it's obviously exaggerated but the overall principle is true. As long as a woman isn't fat she'll have a boyfriend whenever she wants, whereas a lot of men put effort into finding women but still fail.

>None of the female responses mean shit if they don't post pics. Most of these women are obese and ugly so their opinion doesn't matter anyway.
there are still attractive women who claim that dating is hard for women too. They're still full of shit though. Pic-related basically.

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Every meme like this has some truth to it, men have to put in way more effort to be attractive than women, that is a fact and no one can prove me wrong.
Especially when men always have to initiate everything.

>just lower your standards bro!

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The hypergamy is real, if you are not 7/10 or above you are basically invisible to women at best

Lol, she hates you and lusts after men who can provide for her.

No. For three reasons
1) Real world doesn't work like this. Delusional bitches might demand this but they are the female equivalent to the cargo shorts wearing neckbeard who wants a top model.
2)" Don't be a landwhale" isn't as effortless as oblivious men might think. Women put a lot of time into their appearance. Flattering Choice in clothing, thin and firm body, perfect smile- this isn't granted to them for free.
3) Women face conflicting expecations for a much longer time than guys and yet they managed. Most women aren't exactly models.

You do realize that men and women will both lower their standards to the bare minimum required to score. If a fat lard is able to fuck Chad, good for her.

>You do realize that men and women will both lower their standards to the bare minimum required to score

women dont need to do this.


Here is my reality.

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Nah, I honestly used to think this way then lucked out. I don't know how to say this without sounding like a cunt but my gf is in med school while I'm currently a fucking neet and she's so sweet. That said we get along great and the neet thing is temporary (father is sick and needs a lot of care so working is tough) anyways, right now I'm not the best me by any stretch but because we get along well we're together, that's it.

So you are saying that in the world there are 0 lonely women?

Kind of
Women have what is probably the most valuable thing in the world: a womb. Most men do want offspring which means they'll probably be happy marrying down if it means they get to have a child.

You on the other hand have no intrinsic value, sperm is very cheap and now there are banks filled with it. So you need to build up your extrinsic value, while women can coast just because they have an uterus.

Lonely women are just women with absurdly high standards.

So you think every woman could find a man. No woman is lonely with realistic standards IN THE ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD.

Do you know how fucking dumb that sounds

>No woman is lonely with realistic standards


Could? Yes, there are more men than women until you enter the 60+ stage.
However most women will just recycle the same 60% or 50% of men that are above average and pretend the rest don't exist, all while complaining how lonely they are.

>All she has to do is keep being hot, respect you, and have strong social status.
Wut? I never ever cared for my gf's social status.

You should leave the basement once in a while and see the world is not like your incel echo chamber says it is.

>No woman is lonely with realistic standards
Depends on what you call "realistic standards".

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There are men that will become incredibly bitter looking at this picture and will hate the truth.
Then there are other men that will have the correct realization - because of this picture, you now understand that at any point in life, men are, OBJECTIVELY, better than woman in every possible way other than not being able to give birth. Once you TRULY realize this and accept it, you can go through life with a new mentality.

>super high intelligence
internet tests and self diagnosis don't count

He's too intelligent to get a job or lose weight.

The men who see this image and agree are also the men who want a gf who is a combination of their mother, a cleaner and a secretary and is filled with contradictory behaviour.

Women need to have just two things to find partner. Not being landwahle and lie about her cock count.

>uhhhhhn incel
Great comeback how does he do it lads

The thing here is that Charlize probably would never consider a man who:

Isn't at least as rich as her
Isn't at least as famous as her
Is exceedingly attractive

The problem is that those men can already bang a different 18 year old every day. She essentially wants a Chris Hemsworth, but why would he date her when he can date a model?

How do you know this? Have you personally talked to her?

Why would she "settle" for something less? She's hot, rich and famous. In her mind she wants someone equally or better.

So you don't know and are just projecting your fantasies onto reality.

It's called simple logic, which is simple to do if you have a basic ability for empathy

Do you think she would consider a regular normal dude? Do you even think she has even contact with regular people? Hollywood people live in a bubble and pretty much only socialize with each other.

I'll screencap this and post it again once she dates someone and it turns out to be a completely ordinary guy.

You might be waiting a while considering she's been single for 10 fucking years.


>Is exceedingly attractive
I dunno. Charlize used to be engaged to Sean Penn who is pretty ugly. But yeah, when she said "somebody needs to step up", by "somebody" she probably meant some other multimillionaire celebrity.

No. Have you ever heard of a woman leave the house without make up? Have you ever left your house OP? If you’ve ever interacted with a girl you know they put a lot of effort into making themselves look and smell nice, doing their hair, that kind of thing

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me too, i’m super intelligent man!

No one gives a shit about that. They make themselves to look nice because they are insecure.

Your outside resembles your inside. Nobody will believe you're a totally tough and self-assured fella while you're skulking around in the shadows with your vans and a black hoodie.


she was the one who dumped him btw
so yea you probably get the idea of the kind of man she thinks about

Nice projecting roastie

Hes saying girls have higher standards than guys so if you want to be fucked for existing go gay

Just admit you have literally no life experience. Get out there and break through the traumas and malaise of negativity. Or you can sit online and shitpost about how lonely you are. Up to you. Nobody is going to help your sorry ass but you.

That image is false equivalence at it's finest.
One specifies exactly what a dude should do to keep himself good looking and generally not a bum, the other is a retarded oversimplification of what women do.

A better image would specify what exactly they do to not be "a land whale".

Or just simplify the male side to say "not be an incel".

to not be landwhale just dont eat. Simple.

And have a good sense of fashion, know how to use make up (which is a pain in the ass if me seeing my gf is any indication), do workouts, eat well and explain to people how they do all this because they like to feel good about themselves and not for the approval of a random entitled average Joe on an image board.

On the other hand, dudes just have to look at Jow Forums and do the opposite. Plain and simple.

That's literally the baseline most young people do. And women don't need to workout, or eat well either. It's not like building muscle which actually requires planning your diet

>empty platitudes
He strikes again! Should I be myself next?

Do you research anything that you spew out like you are a personal trainer?

I'm not anywhere near buff, but all my life I went to the gym and had a diet due to medical stuff, a condition if you may. I basically know by now all there is to know on how the body works when it comes to building yourself.
There are people that don't need the gym to get good looking, but believe me when I say those will get way uglier way faster with age. Men and women.

Plus, women statistically go to the gym more than men on average because they tend to care about themselves more. It's the same reason why they also tend to live longer because they go more to the doctor.

Meanwhile, there's an incel with mold growing out of his ass from being on Jow Forums so much saying how women have it easy.
People are out there doing their all and still have to pay respects to your flabby ass?

pathetic post

Every lonely trash lady ive every met has said this.
I have only met one man who was this stupid and when we slapped some sense into him that he was no catch who needed to increase his own worth to land the catches he want he straightened right up.

Every shitbird 3rd wave feminist says that all men want a trophy who bends completely to their will and will clean and feed them. When in reality most of us want a basic companion. Most American women in their mid 20s cant even cook for themselves let alone someone else. Expectations are low. And not even in dating, in everything. Women have been cheered on to be equal and even better than men but have only come up short. You cant even compete in daily life, usually want someone to take care of you but have the nerve to say "men just want someone submissive, a slave"

Im guessing you cant take care of yourself and in that feel insecure, projecting what you expect from yourself onto the desires of men.

Take care of yourself. Everyones rooting for you to be the strong wahmen you chirp about.

Anons should describe what trials they face within their gender to his thread. Then we can all compare.

Women, why do you have it hard?
Men, why do you have it hard?

>Plus, women statistically go to the gym more than men on average because they tend to care about themselves more. It's the same reason why they also tend to live longer because they go more to the doctor.
Do they really? At the gym I go to men outnumber women 10 to 1 despite the fact that membership for women is cheaper for some reason.

Tee hee but i stretched on a mat and ran for a half hour, im so devoted, its so hard on me u_u,

If you have all of that and get in a serious relationship or: moving in together or marriage, most of it fades over time or you gotta put up with her complaining that you don't have time for her. Seriously been thinking in my 30s that females are attracted to what they can destroy.

Women are children who deserve to have their rights taken away

Yes and no. You need to do this stuff to get hot women, usually. There is a whole world of women you could fuck, but you dont see them because they aren't hot. You probably dont go out much or are that sociable so you dont see a lot of normal women.

But yeah, if you want to cold approach a hot woman in public, you have to be hotter than her.

Seriously, just leave your house. Sit at the mall or the airport and people watch. There will be plenty of hot women with inferior looking men.

Perfect example, google Yulia Nova. She got married 2 years ago. Arguably the best body to ever exist. Married some Frankenstein looking mother fucker with acne in his 30s. How does a man even have noticeable acne in mid to late 30s? The actual fuck.

Put down the porn and get involved in some stuff. You'll eventually find an above average girl that likes you.

How? I do everything right, constantly try to improve and maintain my appearance, try to put myself out there and socialize with women, and still I get no attention whatsoever. Kissless dateless handholdless virgin at 23.

Love is stupid. I'm watching this with a female friend. Her husband is a real pile of shit. But I have to admit she is partly at fault. She acts perfect and sweet when she has the hots for a guy. She let's them ignore and step on her boundaries. And she copies them.

So she gets with these dudes and they think she is perfect, then she starts to be herself and they hate it and she gets her feelings hurt and it all eventually falls in on its self.

The tragedy of it is she has 3 or 4 male friends that do know who she is and do like her, but she wont date them. So you get this shit cycle of hiding who she is from the guys she fucks while getting validation from friends that do know who she is.

Love is the dumbest shit.

Having deal breakers is healthy.
Having absolutely no deal breakers is unhealthy and shows a lack of self esteem and self appreciation.

The contrapoints video on men kind of addresses that in general.
Women in the public space will tend to be treated as a spectacle, while men will tend to be treated as invisible or dangerous.
The point about men being "expendable" is also true to some extent.
The thing is, some people on either side will tend to blame the other gender, or even individuals, for these very real problems. While, in fact, the system is to blame.
I'm part of these people who think that feminism is overall a very positive thing, while also thinking that men's suffering is very real and that a men's rights movement is necessary. However, its creation would need to be taken seriously unlike Jow Forums tier bullshit. I'm honestly considering creating my own movement sometime this year.

The problem with mra's is that they see the gold old days as the solution. Which does nothing to solve male suicide, unfair divorce law, etc.

Agreed. The good ol' days already had expendable men, them doing the hardest and most dangerous work, etc. It just also had worse conditions for women.
Hopefully I find a feminist association that will support my movement