Do women even find men sexually attractive? Feels like most women are either full blown gay or bi

Do women even find men sexually attractive? Feels like most women are either full blown gay or bi.

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Some of them are nice to look at but I wouldn't want to do any sex things with them.

Yes they do.

Emotionally yes, sexually not so much. Asexuality is lots more common in women than men just because women just don't have much of a sexual hunger.

Lol. I have so much sexual hunger.

Yeah but that's because you're a male on estrogen, you see.

Hate the meme that women don't want sex very much. I wanted sex way more than my boyfriend did. Everyone is different.

OP the answer is obviously yes.

Lol. Momma of two. And married.

What you call "so much sexual hunger" is basically just a regular bordering on low libido male.

On average women want sex significantly less than men and that's pretty much a studied fact.

Yes. I wanted to fuck my boyfriend so much, all the fucking time.
I couldn't even meet up with him when I got a yeast infection because I wanted to fuck him silly and couldn't help myself.

Well I'll change it to high sex drive then. Haha

My boyfriend is on the high libido side and I can keep up with him without any problem. We've been together for 3 years and fucked nearly daily, and most days we fuck more than once.

Hm yes...

There is one guy who really does it for me which is part of why I like him. The thought of him makes my heart happy and can turn me on instantly. Writing this did the trick

Most women seem really fixated on one guy for [insert reason] and basically aren't giving a fuck about anything else.
Of course, that guy can be her bf, and that guy can also be someone who is not her bf so she will cheat. I still don't understand the mechanics and metaphysics of it. I mean some girls are easily obsessed with some random ass guy who is ugly and stupid as fuck, and basically ignore the best other guys out there. If you're that guy, congrats, you can use and abuse her however you like. You can beat her and treat her like trash, get her money, take her house keys, fuck her however you want, she will never leave.
But if you're not that guy, you can objectively be the best person in the world, she simply won't care.
And because there are so many high status high value men out there who are willing to have more than 1 girl (side bitches and stuff) that means there's cases of 3, 4, 5 girls for 1 guy, and 3, 4, 5 or more single guys who have to step on each other for 1 single girl.

Does this make sense?

user has done this woman's husband a great service this day.

>Asexuality is lots more common in women
usually in women whose most significant physical exercise is vigorously scrolling instagram

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every woman on the internet is high libido
in real life like 80% of libido mismatches are because the woman doesn't want sex nearly as much as men

don't trust these larpers too much OP, women do usually desire sex much less than men, they just hide behing "uhh it's because you don't take care of yourself/i'm not in the mood/depressed/whatever" as if those things didn't affect men just as much

Very very very few women are gay. Almost all lesbians are straight women.

Yes women are sexually attracted to men, it’s just more complex than men’s desire. It involves other factors like what kind of person, status, etc

Yes, on average women want sex less. But there are exceptions of course.

And a lot of times in long relationships the bad relationship and he lack of libido are intertwined. Guys will usually have sex even in a bad relationship

All women are bisexual.

oh christ yes we do.

Lesbians are just rape/abuse victims who got turned off by men. Lesbianism is more of a culture than it is a sexuality.

Asexuality is more common in women. Women also tend to experience more "responsive desire" as opposed to "spontaneous desire". Spontaneous desire is what most people think of when they thing of sex drive, with a sudden "I wanna fuck" with little to no trigger. Responsive, on the other hand, awakens in response to something, such as foreplay, making out, sensual touch, or even just a reduction in stress.

However, even considering both of these, women absolutely can and do get horny, and women absolutely can and do get sexually attracted to someone.The horniest person I know is a woman.

Due to the reasons above, it can definitely seem like the bulk of women just don't experience attraction, but that's more because of the way that female attraction tends to be wired.

For example, women watch less porn than men, but read and write more erotica than men. Women also tend to be slightly less appearance-focused when it comes to attraction and likely to be attracted to other things such as voice or a specific kind of behavior or action. In a lot of cases a woman's attraction originates from liking the personality, which then becomes an appreciation and then an attraction for physical aspects.

When it does come to appearance, women also commonly are attracted to things men might not expect, such as dexterous hands.

The important thing to remember is what while our sexual parts and sexual preferences and sexual behaviors may be different or tend towards different things, they're all just variations on the same foundation. The same root, the same base, growing in different directions. Sexualities are more similar than they are different.

ty i am a female and have had precisely the same experience. i know many other females with higher sexual drives than or matching sexual drives to their partner. maybe this is due to less cultural demonization of sexually active women...idfk.

I would like to mention that the idea that women are practically asexual is a cultural one, for sure, rooted in the Victorian era's sexually repressive and sexually secretive tendencies.

Back in ancient Greece it was believed to be the exact opposite, that men were the ones with subdued and controlled sex drives and that women were the relentlessly horny ones.

But now the narrative has changed completely. In the end both men and women have varying levels of horny and not. It depends on the individual much more than it depends on the sex.

Not really, it's based on studies that show men think and value sex much more than women do.

I wouldn’t say that. Most are nominally hetero but could be bi

Because you have higher sex drove or know people is anecdotal. Women have a sex drive it’s just usually lower than men’s.

Women also have higher anxiety and libido is crushed by that. It gets worse as women age, the anxiety

It does vary by person but on average women have lower sex drives.

It doesn’t have to be equal to be true

I don't care about you you stupid faggot

That isn’t true or we would have hear of Hera screwing all these dudes while Zeus looks on jealously

Hey I don’t care about you either. Congratulations dumbfuck

Yes. Just not us.

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I’m 100 percent only attracted to men. Women are too soft and vaginas are gross.
T. Genetic female, I have a bunch of lesbian friends tho

>I’m 100 percent only attracted to men. Women are too soft and vaginas are gross.
>T. Genetic female, I have a bunch of lesbian friends tho

LOL it's only a matter of time until one of your "friends" fists you in a dark bathroom

Enjoy your domestic abuse

Many of them have tried. I’m pretty attractive so I don’t blame them but It does suck when you think a person is your friend and in reality they’re just trying to fuck you.Boys at least let you know they’re trying to fuck you early on so you don’t waste your time.
I suppose hypothetically I’d fuck a woman if they were ftm and they were successfully male presenting but I don’t want fingers in me, plastic or glass or anything in me or to touch someone else’s pussy so the relationship would squarely be them eating my pussy ( but why would I waste my time and not just find real dick in that case?)”

Of course we are. I wish some of you could hear the actual discussions me and my girl friends have about men, how horny we are about them.

This is the most common response


Most “lesbians” aren’t even lesbian, they just want to be with women for other reasons: cool/being alt, lack of ability of getting a man, fear of men.

Almost all lesbians would date a man

Well I mean I’m not gay so I can’t assert an opinion but I’m sure that there are truly gay woman out there

Yes. Most of the times I have sex, I'm not the one who offers.

There are, it’s just really rare. Ask lesbians yourself: if they can date a dude they aren’t lesbians, at most bi.

oddly I had this discussion with my boyfriend last night.
I'm sexually attracted to him but I have less of a sex drive than him so I think it's hard for me to show personally...
unfortunately I have some trauma with sex and sometimes I believe MEN being sexually attracted to someone means that's just it and you don't care for them aside from that.

Me too. This thread is full of guys who don't get laid answering OP's question. Women are not, as a whole, asexual. They are not gay, though some have bisexual tendencies. Women have been the initiators for sex my whole life. Granted, I'm tall and not hideous. Only for my girlfriend have I had to initiate when I want it, but even then, I was okay with not having sex in the beginning and she pushed for it. It is sometimes a chore and sometimes good depending on a ton of factors.

She lets me know she finds me attractive and sexy. Many women have. The girls I talk to who aren't my gf go on about their sexual escapades and their attraction to certain people. One girl I know has fucked through an entire group of friends and says "I need to get laid". I've learned that we are actually in a total free-for-all right now. The whole 80/20 thing from that tinder study is bullshit. Everyone is getting laid, and not in a good way. It's basically a bunch of pigs rolling around in mud. You can be a total manlet, dork, idiot, slob, you name it, and you can get laid if you're simply in the right place at the right time. Women will fuck anything. They can find anything about you sexually attractive, really.

I remember being younger and not understanding the logistics of getting laid. I had sex multiple times but I didn't understand how people just "had sex", mainly how guys made it happen. It's just a matter of being in social settings and flirting and making moves. That's literally it. You might fail, but keep trying and you eventually will get laid. I've heard many stories of girls fucking guys in their social circle simply because they wouldn't stop begging to (not literally begging but just pestering them for all you autists)

Your tranny discord clique isn't a girl conversation

>It's another "tall attractive man who has had girls initiating on him off sheer attractiveness going haha guys I don't know how you struggle with this lol" episode

getting a bit tired of these reruns desu

But you don't understand, I know ugly fucks who get laid more than me, just by virtue of being social. That's all it takes. Manlets, fatties, slobs, dorks, you name it. My chubby dorky friend has had a threesome and his exs sister wants to fuck him. He's fucked twice as many chicks as I have. I think part of it is how picky Jow Forums guys are. You have to be willing to stay in your lane. Try going for that model looking chick, sure, but you're mostly going to be banging fat girls and nutcases.

Straight women never get cummies I feel sorry for them.

I swore off men after countless awful run ins, they can be good friends but I could never date one, not unless they were extraordinary.

>tfw girls find me attractive
>they even like my personality
>tfw I probably actually have plenty of options
It's a darn shame I'm such a PTSD-addled faggot and still very much in love with the person who made me into a PTSD-addled faggot. I might be able to accept what girlies have been trying to offer me for the past decade if it didn't make me want to fall down, bawl my eyes out, and die on the spot. I sure am glad I booked that appointment for tomorrow.

Depends on the woman. My ex of 2 years was asexual and was attracted to my personality, our mutual interests, and that I took the time to get to know her. She also really liked my scent- she had an orgasm in her sleep almost every time she fell asleep with her head on my chest. Yet she broke us up because she didn't like anything even remotely arousing and couldn't answer when I asked why she was unwilling to give me the same basic affection she gave her family and friends. I stuck around because aside from that she was a perfect match. Some therapy for her would go a long way but of course her closest friends became the "men suck, he raped you emotionally, wymyn power, let's get drunk and watch cat asmr videos on YouTube" types in college who have outright said they want her to go lesbian for them and I'm the one with all the problems. She told me she'll get back with me before even thinking about dating a woman and so far she's kept her word, but it's been long enough since the breakup that I'm not waiting for her to decide what she wants in life anymore.

You'll find a decent guy eventually. I make sure a woman cums at least twice as part of the foreplay unless she's the type to get super sensitive afterwards, at which point we'll edge each other for a while before sticking it in. I don't last long but I do want my partner to have a good time too so I do what I can to make up for it.


Stop projecting
I cum all the time with men. Even if they couldn’t make me cum I’d much prefer to fuck boys then girls. Jow Forums Men’s bodies are my weakness

Your anecdotes don't prove anything

It's funny how on the internet everyone knows some quasimodo guy who is just pretty much a complete casanova. Oh and for some reason they basically know every single detail of his sex life and his bodycount, too.

Good post, too bad it's so ignored.

Yes user, people do have friends that they talk to about things.

I'm a quasimodo guy who is a failure, if that makes you feel any better. I have soft feminine features, fat, man boobs, covered in stretch marks, short, etc. My only good physical feature is my dick, but it only looks average because I'm fat. I also have a super high sex drive, but women won't even give me a first glance let alone a second.

>I'm pretty attractive so I don't blame them...

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