How do I gain motivation to do anything besides sitting on my computer lurking and posting on imageboards...

How do I gain motivation to do anything besides sitting on my computer lurking and posting on imageboards? Where should I even start?

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Buy six dogs. It’s crazy life decisions time!

Drawing, panting. Enjoying nature

I couldn't handle more than one pet, besides I'm not an animal lover.

Any suggestions for a start up for someone who literally has no money and very minimal storage space for supplies. I mean literally like nowhere to put anything. My room is almost like an episode of hoarders.

Forced habit.

You need SMALL ACTIONABLE GOALS for each day and SMALL ACTIONABLE GOALS for each week.

Start small, and work up.

You want to start working out?

Find a bodyweight guide to follow. Do just a few minutes each day at a specific time, and then increase it each day but a few minutes.

Simple shit.

Would starting with 10 push ups today be too small?

There is no such thing as too small.

Just do 5 more each day until it starts to be too much of a gain. Then only add 1 a day.

I also recommend you do cardio. It's much more important to overall health than push ups. 30 mins is a good target goal for a day.

Buy a little art carry case. Few pencils and sharper. And an sketch book. Not really expensive.

What kind of budget would I need?

5 might be a little much unless I space them out. I can do pretty much 11 and then I start to experience pain.

What cardio exercise do you suggest?

>for pencils and a notepad
r u srs

This , motivation is a false god only disipline get things done

Look for many things to do to limit your available time, because if you have a lot of time available you end up doing nothing, and when you have a limited time you value each individual activity more.

Drink water instead of sugar.
Clean up your lack of hygiene.
Get a job and flirt with female coworkers.

Or be a lonely neet who devolves into a incel when your tinder date ends up having a cock.

If you have a pc, get a drawing tablet and download krita. Then just watch tutorials how to use the program. You won’t need to buy paint or pencils after getting a drawing pad. If you want to get better bang for your dollar, buy an xpen 12 display tablet for $200 on amazon.

Yes, I'm serious.

>Drink water instead of sugar.
I'm drinking juice right now but it's better than having soda without a meal.
>Clean up your lack of hygiene.
I cleaned up myself earlier today.
>Get a job and flirt with female coworkers.
I don't have any transportation to get to a job and there's no jobs within a walking distance to me.

I have a PC, but I don't have enough for a tablet. I literally have no money.

Get a bicycle.

You can get them for really cheap, and it doubles at fitness.

And you can get one. Ask around. Ask if you can borrow one. Ask for a $50ish loan and get one. Ask a friend if they have a spare one. Ask a stranger within walking distance. Literally, if you ask enough people you'll get a free bike.

Just say 'Im unemployed with no transportation, do you have a bike I could have?' maybe offer to pay them back in a couple months.

And don't you fucking dare tell me it's too far. When I was 14, I was biking 5+ miles everyday to my friends houses and sometimes to school (which would be 10ish miles on those days). Why? I had no choice. My dad wouldn't take me to my friends houses and left for work before I left for school, so if I missed the bus I had to.

So it's not about distance, it's about determination. You CAN do it, you just don't want to put in the work

Also, juice has the same or more sugar than many sodas. It's not any better unless you water it down.

>Get a bicycle.
Kind of scared to, my town isn't exactly cyclist friendly. Also here if you're not a kid riding a bike you're associated with being a homeless drug addict. Police are constantly harassing any adult on a bike. My brother used to ride his bike through town and would constantly deal with all kinds of problems. Plus the homeless have been on a stealing rampage of anyone who owns a bike. I don't have a proper place to store it and it would be risked on getting stolen everyday.

>really cheap
>Ask for a $50ish loan
>Ask a friend
I don't really have anyone to ask, I have no friends IRL, the rest of my family doesn't have anything to do with me anymore because I'm a "loser" NEET. My own siblings have pretty much disowned me. Life sucks right now.

Ideally do something you find fun and have a way of measuring progress in. Other guy says to do 30 min cardio but that's stupid. Just do as much time as you can without getting bored or hurt. If you have to set a time aim for 15 or 20 minutes and try to improve every workout.

Oh and running is good. look up proper foot placement on youtube if you hurt afterwards.

Maybe learn how to code. Creating trash games in Unity is fun

I agree with this fellow indie dev

1. Don't rely on motivation to get things done. Self discipline is what you're after- it lets you work on things and sort your life out even when you don't want to. Motivation is something self-help books sell to make you feel like you can't change without help
2. To gain self discipline you practice, same as anything. This means putting in half an hour of work every day for 7 days. If you fail, you try again. If you succeed, you increase that to an hour and on and on until you're working 8 hours a day (or whatever your goal is) on different aspects of your life- be they money, health, hobbies, socialising, or whatever
3. Ensure you're not depressed. It kills discipline for most people on Jow Forums and is as simple to deal with as
>Regular exercise
>Regular sunshine
>Regular social interaction with peers
>Good sleep hygeine
>Good diet
>Good management of stress
Yes, some people get depression from medical issues like thyroid problems, or from recent traumatic events in life, but for everyone else and 99% of the basement dwellers on Jow Forums depression is simply a symptom of sitting in a room for 10 hours a day playing video games and jerking off instead of living a healthy lifestyle

t. Someone who went from NEET to 2 successful businesses and a power-lifter in 2 years