This is the world you live in

This is the world you live in.

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Isn't Tinder just a hook-up app? Why does this surprise anybody?

Because there's a sliver of people who are tinder apologists and insist it's totally used for relationships.
According to people ashamed of hookup culture.
>godawful formatting
>Student in "sexology"
Yah nah m8

Well, I don't use Tinder so no it isn't

Yep I've already come to terms with it

Reminder guys, the girls that are playing hard to get with you on tinder, acting like they're too busy to meet up, or your game isn't good enough, are meeting up to fuck Chad the same night they match.

>The girls described the men's attractive personal traits as "they know what they want and don't hold back to take it"
orbiters on suicide watch

People on tinder are an accurate representation of the average person

>I don't like it so it's not real!!!!

Significant portion of people are using it, meaning a lot of people are having casual sex

you can use tinder for relationships. nobody is forcing u have to sex with these girls
majority of these girls hooking up are losers in their personal life. so having some guy whos better than them to fuck makes their week

takes two to tango

This is old, old bait. Completely made up bullshit study to bait low intellect gullible incels.

It's not a study, it's a troll post.

>I-i-its not real

It's not. Post a link to the actual "study" if you think it is real. Not a link to a forum post.

>No sources

'The Moral Animal' is a book that summarizes and explains sexual behavior in people very well. All backed up by studies from evolutionary biologists and anthropologists. Yes, the top few men are having sex with a lot of women. That doesn't mean a lesser man won't eventually have a gf/wife too. Girls are also very picky with who they have casual sex with, unlike guys. It's just an evolutionary engrained "mating strategy" that still exists, as getting possibly pregnant is a huge investment for women. One that lasts at least 9 months, so girls have to be very picky with who they have sex with. It has to be a guy whose appearance signals "superior attractive male". Meanwhile shooting some semen out takes barely any investment on the guy's part, since he can just get up, leave, fuck another one and also leave them, etc. For women it's quality over quantity and for men it's the opposite. That doesn't mean though that women are any less interested in having fun sex of course. It makes perfect sense that therefore only 50 men had a lot of success with Tinder, meanwhile almost all 300 women had casual sex. They all picked the most attractive ones, because they could and it's in their best interest.

Just read the book and come into terms with the times we live in. Adapt. Culturally enforced monogamy was advantageous for men as a whole, but disadvantageous for women. Sexual liberty and polygyny on the other hand is the reversed case. The mass shootings of incels are not a coincidence. The book was written long before this shit started to happen, but it even illustrates with statistics that young men with no active sex life are dangerous to society. Fucking spot on.

>post sources
Download it somewhere as a pdf, it has all the footnotes and sources.

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I already knew chad gets harems on tinder, this isn’t new to me

>have to match with them first
>only way to do so is to make a profile that is as superficial as possible
>weird that 80% of girls who match with a fake profile are thots who only care about looks
>weird that girls who only care about looks have higher rates of sex when they match with 10/10 super studs
>weird that people who match with thots are sexless losers who are desperately trying to match with anyone and everyone

OP's post has no sources, correct.

Seriously Jow Forums. You can't be so dumb as to fall for low quality incel bait.

Actually I live in the real world and not the dating app one. Using statistics from dating apps for purposes outside of said apps is retarded.

>I like it so it's real!
Being a dumbass is easy
Here's your (You), thirsty beast
I could use Tinder for relationships.
I could also make the lottery jackpot my retirement plan.
Doesn't make it wise, well-advised or a choice rooted in any level of foresight.

I'm taken and I didn't need dating apps to get there, but the absurd level of failure men appear to experience here with Tinder, I wonder why they keep using it and then I remind myself a lot of them perpetuate their own problems, their admission of that fact notwithstanding.

God damnit stop fucking adhering to this "bleh bleh muh bait" reaction as if there's anything to do on Jow Forums but reply
We don't have generals, thread games nor do we encourage random posting or image posting so we don't exactly have a lot to drive by and react to.

Providing a reply, thoughtful or not, is all there is to do on Jow Forums. Getting replies isn't 'baiting.' That's literally all there is on Jow Forums, replies and more replies.

Because retarded faggots on Jow Forums keep saying that the 20/80 rule doesn't exist.

i agree its the guy own fault & yeah finding a relationship on tinder is harder than a hookup. but its just something u do to put yourself out there while ur meeting ppl irl
i made some really good friends off tinder but i used it differently than most ppl

I guess that's just how people are wired. If you are hooking up on tinder you are a slut anyway regardless of gender so it probably doesn't make a difference in reality.

hate it to break it to you boomer, but dating apps represent the average young person

Retarded incels keep saying the 80/20 meme is real.

This is fake. Completely made up bullshit. Stop posting it.

Can you post a link that backs up OP's post that is not an incel blog? It is literally nothing more than one post on a random forum. There is no data, no sources, not a single thing indicating it is real.