Have you ever had to protect/defend your woman/assert that she is yours to other men? Verbally, physically...

Have you ever had to protect/defend your woman/assert that she is yours to other men? Verbally, physically, or otherwise.

I'm kinda new to this whole gf thing and my girl is, eh, a bit out of my league. She's taller than me, has a hot body, and a look that kills. I know the day will inevitably come where some dude tries her right in front of me and I'll need to know how to stand up to that. My first instinct is to always fight, but I don't want to embarras her by being dramatic.

So, any stories? Trying to get educated here. For reference, it is not an exaggeration to say we look a bit like pic related except she's only a few inches taller than me, about 3 or 4.

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Don't fight. Just tell him something like
>What the fuck are you doing? She's my girlfriend. Fuck off.
And that's all, be confident while saying it and look at him like you want to kill him and that's all.

You dun fucked up OP. You fell for the hot girl meme and now you are fucked. Chad hits on her and if you do nothing she sleeps with him. If you "defend" her then she calls you jealous and/or controlling and sleeps with him. Nothing you can do to stop this.

Next time get yourself a nice average girl with a good personality.

I know this is hard for you to believe but she is loyal to me. We live in Vegas and visits the strip from time to time. She casually turns down big-time ballers all the time, one guy even hit the lotto for 40,00 and she didn't even give him her number.
That won't work with every guy. What do I do when they start laughing at me or try to ignore me? If I'm right there and they're trying to hit on her, they're probably prepare to start some shit.

>instinct is to fight
Yeah that helps nobody, if you want to maintain your status then maintain your status. Don't hang around shitty degenerate guys and have confidence in yourself and abilities. If you're physically vulnerable then take some martial arts course, if it's verbally then learn how to speak.

Time to get muscular and be physically dominant

I’ve had to stand between her and a crazy black dude talking to himself and hitting cars stopped at a light. I don’t think he was her type kek

I am both of those things but short.
I already know that. And shitty guys are everywhere. Like I said, the day will inevitably come where they try me.
Not exactly the kind of defend I was talking about, but... it counts

You've answered your own question. It depends on your girl. Any guy wanting to fuck her is going to ignore you or outdo you and that guy will still get btfo by a simple no from her.

Now you can't control your girl but you can control yourself. Be confident in what you do, be competent, treat her special but always as if she could be replaced because I don't think that's how you think atm.

>I know this is hard for you to believe but she is loyal to me.

Then why make this thread? No reason to other than you are insecure or don't trust her.

I'm 5'9 125# with a hot gf, so yeah it comes up.

Verbally if someone compliments or talks to my chick in front of me I'll say something like "stay jelly bro."

Physically, we go to a lot of shows, so a lot of people have groped my gf. I tell them to fuck off and that she's taken even if they look like they can stomp me because 99% they won't do shit and I'd rather not look like a bitch than not accost them. I've had my ass kicked multiple times and even won a couple people don't really maim each other over petty shit. If you can just not fall down and keep your dukes up for 30 seconds people will pull you apart anyway so nobody loses face.

Otherwise--women are very sensitive to posturing and emotions. If you make moves like you'll lose her any second she'll help you make that a reality. If you move like you got the real game and you've got hoes on standby she'll be the one claiming you and hanging on your arm begging for kisses.

Tl;dr: skinny runt telling you not to be insecure

Oh and make friends with good people.

So you're willing to get brain damage for a girl?

Is that not normal? I am insecure like every other person on this planet. I'm just trying to be prepared for confrontation when it happens and there is nothing wrong with that. I trust her, but want to ward off threats on my own, because I am a man... I made this thread so I can learn, lol
You've got 6 inches on me. Your height alone is enough to avert escalation. But could you tell me about a time you had to fight? How did it get to that point?

What's the alternative? Don't bring a girlfriend to a music festival? Look like a bitch when someone lays hands on my woman?

>every other person on this planet
Look man, at some point it's a woman's responsibility to Just Say No.

If she needs you to gladiator every mofugga who comes up to her with so much as a side-eye, then maybe you'd be better off with an onahole for some time until you find a girl who isn't an onahole with voice features.
You dig?

So if I understand correctly you will never throw a punch to defend your woman, you instead leave it to her to turn them down and just stand there and let him shoot his shot

I know you can't expect a woman to do certain things but if you can't expect her to say no on her own then perhaps she's not the one and you need to reconsider why she's so important to you.

I've never actually had to fight over my girl.

I went to a kevin gates concert a couple of weeks ago (i didn't bring her this time) and a guy cutting through the crowd shouldered me in the chest and I didn't move out of the way and he stopped and squared up. I turned toward him and said "what?" He said I stepped on his shoe--I know I didn't so I told him so, he shoved me and said I stepped on his shoe. I just said "fuck your shoe" and shoved him back. He put up his hands and told me I fucked up, I took what looked like a legit karate stance and death stared him. He made a few feints but didn't actually approach, and his boys pulled him back.

The last time I actually got in a fight fight I was drunk and fucking with an acquaintence, being a real dick insulting his intelligence and career. I got up close and said he wouldn't do shit, he got up and shoved me, I shoved him back, then he took me out with some kind of clothesline punch. I don't remember being knocked out but my boy says I fell really sloppy. The dude helped me up and I told him round 2 would be different.

in other words, her vagina isn't special, every woman has one, you're staying with her because she's loyal and if she isn't well then she's doing you a favour by fucking some other dude because the only thing that made her special has fucking disappeared and you're free to take your commitment and time elsewhere now

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I'll tell a guy she's spoken for but if he, quote, "laughs and ignores me" am I to just physically impede on him and appear threatening?
No, son, if my telling him she's spoken for won't work, then yes, she's to tell him I wasn't in fact lying and if she cared to be with him she would be with him, not me.

That said, there's a lot of variety possible. I'll step in when her dignity is disrespected, and I'll step in when someone is being downright threatening or awful. But if you think every time a guy gets an idea you have to do this machismo chest puffing, I think you're gonna have other issues, and I think that's what those guys rely on. Dragging you down to their level and winning with experience.

Thanks for the accounts, good references.

you sound like a total degenerate

unironically yes. if the girl decides to leave, she was always gonna leave anyways. all it takes is one bad hit and your life could be destroyed, you could be hospitalized, or you could be sent to prison for killing someone, and for what? getting in fights for women is for literal retards.

>he's low class scum that goes to music festivals
hard yikes


At least you’re honest

if it's verbal you can expect your girl to say no, if it gets physical of course you step in, girls are not there for that

The only thing im concerned about is making sure i can defend myself and my gf, i know the odds are against it but if i have to defend us i just plane on getting a ccw. I also plan on learning judo/muay thai but thats more for getting in shape.