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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
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Women, how much of a dealbreaker/perk is it to find out a guy is a marxist? Where can I find a marxist woman? No fake liberal college marxist either but legit.

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What makes a woman a 'slut' exactly?

I hear women with private helicopters love them

Hedonistic sex without much emotional connection or loyalty. They aren't manipulative and do it for something in return like a whore, but they just love sex. As an adjective it's not as bad but the label usually implies lack of loyalty and emotional connection. That they fuck instead of make love. That's how I see it anyway.

If you tell a guy you need space because he pissed you off but you still want to be friends, would you message him or wait for him to message you

I'm not sure how much longer I can go without talking to my best friend but I really fucked up

>reactionary outs himself

lots of casual sex and/or excessively-provocative behavior

I don't think marxism is your biggest problem in getting women

How much would be 'alot'? Is it necessarily a bad idea to date one seriously?

looking for an answer to this too, she's stopped actively avoiding me now and seems generally friendly towards me again, but we haven't really talked and I don't want to send another unsolicited text when she ignored the last ones months back.

I can get women, it's just keeping them that's a pain and getting one's who aren't crazy. I'm no virgin nor incel, but I've been volcel for a while because most women disgust me as they are so plain and simple minded. I'm no slave to my impulses like many on here. I just asked out of curiosity.

More than 2 in a year span I'd say. It all depends as well on what your looking for and why they're like the way they are. Many do it as a way to cope with deeper mental issues which is always a red flag.

Why are most woman so easy to manipulate ?
And my GF is a great woman Im a pretty fucked up guy (cheated a lot,drugs ,lies ,other woman, the whole 9 yards basically) and we are 3 years into our relationship and all I did for the longest time was trying to push her away . Shes mad in love with me but I distrust people in general and I just want to know if a relationship this heavily burdened is salvageable or should I just let it be ?
Just as a side note not all is bad we have some really good times together and like each others company a lot but It's not easy with me and I just don't want to hurt her any further shes a good girl and desveres much better and I told her that so many times but love is a crazy think . I just dont want her to realize one day how fucked up this whole relationship is and get really unhappy with herself

Is she aware of all the cheating, drugs, and lying?

Only dumb women. Just like dumb men are handy work slaves for the psycho women who know how to press their buttons.

I'm looking for a wife desu. She did some slutty shit in college (5 flings in about 2 years plus 3 more FWB type things where she wanted more).
She does say she regrets it, says 'it just happened', not sure what to make of it. She does have issues, she said she used it as a way to get attention in some cases, or just let it happen when any man showed interest since it didn't happen often. I'd like to believe she's not like that anymore, as she says, but it's hard not to let it bother me.

Well good relationships are based on respect. If you believe and respect in her you may find it worth your while, but you'd obviously expect the same back right? There is no perfect guide but it's up to you to decide. I know my cousin was a bit wild in highschool and college and she married a guy like 10 years older than her and now she's a school teacher with a second kid on the way. It might be out of her system and she may be good of heart. But again you probably know better than me about your particular case.

Does she display any signs that she might still be the way she used to be at college?

Yes Im very open about all of it . Its hard to hide and we talk about those things .
If learned that its better to speak honestly even if it hurts like hell

People don't change they hide it better . Thats some hard pill to swallow but true only very few can change

like all people, some are just dumb as bricks.
just attractive-enough girls can stay dumb as bricks for longer because everyone enables them.

Girls, did you ever change your mind after rejecting a guy?

You're probably just good-looking which is all that matters to women.

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>A Marxist expecting any women he would be attracted to to be not insane
Maybe you should just admit to yourself that you're attracted to things that are insane instead of complain about why you surround yourself with such people?

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Girls, do you have a preferred way for close male friends to indicate they'd like to be more than friends? Alternatively, have such friends ever done something that made you consider taking your relationship further?

You know asking them out is a thing right?
It just gets complicated if you two already hang out by yourselves.

>If that doesn't work we can just find anither time

How should I interpret this.

I know, but I'd prefer to maximize my chances. It's a pretty good friendship, don't want to ruin it by coming on too strong.

I'll let you decide that I dont think Im good looking just a bit more charismatic thats it . But my best days are over so I hit the Gym and get Jow Forumster . I know my way around woman but Im trying to change my behaviour as best as I can and with changing I mean forcing myself to not be myself

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asking them out isn't coming on strong unless you're an autist about it. It's pretty easy to brush under the rug.

Then you two deserve each other.

fucking pretty bois

i could break your neck with one arm but you are in infinitely better position than me just because you happen to have better looking face

fuck everything

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Okay thats about the average opinion . People make mistakes you know and with enough hard work and dedication on my part we are gonna have a great time together .
The thing is shes a 10/10 woman and most of all loyal sure Im human scum but I'd be an idiot to let her go


Do you like futa at all?

what the FUCK is wrong with you? This would be sad and pathetic if it were a woman you were trying to date, but for a woman you're not even trying to date and just want to be friends with? This is beyond pathetic. Stop putting up with her shitty games and move on. Find a new friend.

It ain't about looks dude and Im just as insecure then any other guy on the planet .
Plus I doubt you could fuck me up and violence is never a good option.
Just change your mindset .
Be more confident in yourself .
And here some great tips that I can give :
Get a decent hair cut
Buy Hugo Boss Orange Cologne that shit is cash and all of the woman I fucked with loved it .
Wear nice woodcutter shirts
Overall try to look presentable the package is like 50% the rest is your character and all on you be open ,friendly and a bit distanced but in a polite way .
I had the same mindset for the longest time and I just changed for the better or worse but in the end woman ain't shit I had the luck to find the One if you would say but look even with all that I fuck up constantly and good looks won't bring you far its all about character in the end
And for me Im just a faggot that browses /b/ or Jow Forums from time to time and mostly a retarded mongoloid

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There's a difference between games and being upset you were betrayed.

Gee I guess you're right, she only motivated me along my self-improvement, got me Jow Forums and able to talk to women like a normal human being, I guess she isn't that important after all.

Still would date, ofc.

fooling around with more than 1 guy at the time.
not being a virgin.

Girls, do you mind if a guy is that hairy?

I am extremely hairy from wasite down, pic related is my leg
I shave my cock and the area around it, but not sure if i should shave my ass too, the few times I did it got irritated and I had pimples, though I'm not sure if its much more attractive either having half of the amazon forest attached to my butt
What do you think? Should i just shave my cock, or should I shave more?

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I do want to respect her, but knowledge of her past kills me. I suppose I will try to get over it, and hope she doesn't give me reasons to not trust her.

She's naturally flirty, but she said she's quit drinking, as she did the things she did while drunk usually, so I trust her, at least mostly.

I fully agree, I'm hoping she's the exception.

>She's naturally flirty, but she said she's quit drinking, as she did the things she did while drunk usually, so I trust her, at least mostly.

Yeah, this is a problem dude. Normally I'd say that having a ho or a player stage is normal and not a sign, but addicts are always addicts and she will relapse. "Naturally flirty" implies that is was more than a phase as well.

I'm a bit of a social dunce that has broken out of his shell and has become more outgoing, but still retaining the inability to pick up on signals.

>cute foreign girl in class
>she recently got a job on campus
>walked with her once by chance because I head that direction too
>sit next to each other, she keeps giving me mixed signals of interest
>some days she is cold, others she is warm with me, just chalk it up to the language barrier and her just humoring me
>for some reason today I muster up the courage of asking if she'd like to again
>she smiles a cute smile, nods her head up and down and says yes
>we walk and talk with a slow conversation because of the language barrier
>separate where we need to again and say bye

My question is for anyone to answer. Am I just seeing things where there aren't any, and that she's just being cordial with me since we head the same direction/sit next to each other? She comes from a culture where women are subservient, so I'm not sure if she's just humoring me out of habit or not.

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I'm pretty sure my girlfriend has lost a lot of interest in me, even though nothing has changed except how she's treating me. I've decided it isn't worth the stress of trying to figure out so I'm going to ask her what's going on in person tomorrow. What's the best way to go about this?
I realize I may not get a straight answer but if I don't I plan to just end things.

Most woman like hairy legs but on the ass naw dawg thats a no no for most of them dont shave wax its painfull sure but you wont get pimples and shit . Pro tip let your Gf do it for you thats how I handle it outsource that shit to your girl haha . Everything else is okay as long as you don't grow the Amazon rainforest down there

You're putting her on a pedestal, she knows it and it's creeping her out because she's clearly not interested and would rather you back off and just be her friend.

T. Woman who just went through this with a guy that wouldn't back off no matter how many times I told him

My ex-girlfriend and I came back from the club a few weeks ago after we went to her cousin's birthday party. My girlfriend got absolutely plastered, (I had a few drinks but remained relatively sober) and I was the designated driver. On the way driving back to my place, she kept trying to give me directions as to how to get onto the highway and back to my apartment whilst simultaneously rambling on and on about random stupid shit. I had a massive headache and told her to "shut the fuck up" because she was annoying the shit out of me. She went dead silent and began to cry and wouldn't talk to me the whole way home. I tried to apologize several times, because as she put it "you're so fucking mean," and admittedly, I do have a bad temper. But she wouldn't listen.

We get to my place, and now she says she "needs to drive home." I said "no fucking way, you're drunk and you need to get some sleep. You can go home in the morning." At this point she's on the floor of my room sobbing leaning up against my bed. It's like 2:30 in the morning. All of a sudden she start's crying saying "I want my Dad." At this point I'm fucking livid, because this dumb bitch is 23 fucking years old, and she's acting like an imbecile. So I offer to take her home, and have somebody come and pick me up at her place (we carpooled to the bar in her car). She doesn't answer me, again says "I want my Dad."

It's practically near 3am, and I tell her that I'm not calling her parents to wake them up at 3am to pick up her stupid ass. I tell her to go to bed. So she agrees. I get her some water. I get her some blankets and a change of clothes. We lie down.

A half hour or so goes by, and she's cuddling me and sniffling, and I'm lying there wide eyed and agitated. All of a sudden she complains "why won't you kiss me?" So I said "who said I didn't want to?", So I'm like "fuck it, she needs comfort right now, I'll kiss her, whatever."

So I kiss her, and she starts making out with me, feeling me up and down.

what does it mean when a girl ignores a question you ask her but still keeps talking to you

Girls who like glasses, what kinds do you tend to prefer on men? Big, small? Round, rectangular, somewhere in between? No preferences? Are there any that you just find outright ugly?

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Seems fair enough, I'll try to keep it trimmed to a bare minimum without touching the razor on my skin so much, until I get a girl at least, I'd be much more comfortable having her shaving my ass than a stranger

bigger frames look good in general but i'm probably biased because they look best on me. i absolutely hate small rectangular wire ones. they make people look old as fuck.

What glasses look good depends on facial shape. As long as the glasses are "fashionable" and suit the wearer it doesn't matter.

Just don't wear pedo glasses or those tiny rectangular ones

Depends on the question? Either she ignored it on purpose or didn't see it.

I feel like you guys could answer most of these questions by either thinking about it or googling

That's good, I love big frames because you don't need to clean them as often. I always get paranoid when people refer to them as "hipster glasses" though.

Coworker sometimes texts me out of the blue about random shit, but the couple times I've invited her to hang out she's made some excuses. But then she talks everyday like nothing happened. Only time we hung out was when she invited me. What's going on?

>As long as the glasses are "fashionable"
What exactly makes glasses fashionable? Does that just mean no crazy shit like leopard print?

She randomly texted "I was thinking with myself and thought" you are really cute""

I mean you can literally Google "styles of glasses currently in fashion" or just sort by popular on whatever website you're buying them from


All of a sudden, she's making out with me, and she gets on top of me and starts grinding on me. We do this for a good fifteen minutes or so. We're talking dirty to each other.

Then I pop the question, "you wanna have sex?" (not exactly in those words). She pauses briefly and says "...I don't know..." in a cutie flirtatious tone.

I assumed because of THE ENTIRE FUCKING INTIMACY LEADING UP TO IT, THAT SHE WAS AROUSED, AND SUGGESTED "let's try it out," and proceeded to put my penis inside of her (note she's still on top of me). She then responds with "What? No...!" And in which I said (whilst inside her slightly) "let's try it" (as in, she was not wet, but she was just grinding on me and so based on that I went ahead anyways), and then she started freaking out "I said no...!" And started crying.

At this point I got freaked the fuck out and pushed her up and off of me and was in agreement with her that it wasn't a good idea. She started crying and said "why didn't you listen to me..." I said no...etc. etc.

I was scared because all of that happened in less than a minute or two at most. I was confused for the rest of the night. I told her several times "I stopped because you said you didn't want to. You're right. It was a bad idea. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have pressed it."

Fast forward the next day, she gets home, I suggested we meet up at some point to talk about what happened (I was going to suggest that we separate for awhile), but instead her parents pressed her about the previous nights events. She broke up with me and her parents threatened to fuck me up if I ever step foot near her or their house ever again.

She also gave me herpes (getting tested Friday to confirm, but all the symptoms are there, blisters on my dick, etc. Etc.).

I am utterly destroyed. I have been contemplating suicide for the past three weeks. She won't answer my texts or my calls. I could care less about the herpes if I still had her. I literally wanna die.

I never made a move on her, we had a different problem.

>look it up
>leopard print is actually "in"
Oh, fashion.

Help please.

First, let me just say you're more than right to be skeptical about her, you're looking for a long term commitment, recognize this and accept that your "jealousy" is perfectly normal, and good in this particular case

You don't seem to have a lot of intimacy with her just yet, so remain skeptical for the time being, but make sure you manage to trust her if she proves herself trustworthy, trust is at the core of a healthy relationship, but a lil bit of skepticism is a good counter part as well

If she's flirty/acts sexually just with you, I'd say its a good indicator she is changed/trying to change

Personally, I don't think I'd marry a girl like thay unless she proved herself to have totally regretted it, turned herself into a better person, and were as loyal to me as I would be to her
I think of sex as something special, doing it with just anybody, especially to cope with issues, is something I disprove totally, I think this bastardizes the act and regresses us as a species by craving in to our desires so easily, but thats just me
As I said, I wouldnt slap a ring on a girl like that unless she turned a complete 180 and is now dedicated to her man

Reposting from ded thread

>meet girl at work
>don't work with her (it's a bigger building)
>work with her friend though
>don't remember why or how it started but we'd always talk shit to each other (playfully)
>told her friend I thought she was cute
>didn't really pursue anything not at the top of my priorities
>asked her friend if she was single recently (I'm kinda interested)
>said shes talking to someone but its not serious
>this girl literally cannot even look at me without cracking a smile or giggling
>I can literally say anything and she'll start laughing for no reason
>I always crack up too because it's funny to me

So does this girl have a crush on me? I don't like to pursue that kinda shit at work but it seems she undoubtedly does. Thinkin about going for it but it could just be the way she is

If you think you need to make a move on her for her to know you're a dumbass. I doubt you hide it well at all, I bet you constantly make off hand comments alluding to the fact you want to be with her or say something and follow it up "ahhhhhh fuck I shouldn't have said that"

You are being an orbiter under the guise of friendship, I know it, you know it, she knows it.

One day she'll block you out of nowhere and you'll wonder why.

If you actually want to be her friend, (which you don't, you just want to date her, you're taking the friendship as consolation) you need to learn to back off.

They try to bring it back in every couple of years but it never takes off because it's trashy

How about clear frames, is that a safe trend to buy into? I don't get new glasses very often so I'd be stuck with them for a while.


What do I do? I didn't mean to hurt her. I acted impulsively and assumed that she was aroused mentally but just not physically and went ahead anyways. I realize that I shouldn't have. I should have listened to her.

But I don't think that what I did puts me on par with a fucking rapist. I don't go around intentionally trying to harm people. I just thought incorrectly and I realize that now but she won't answer my texts or my calls. And I'm not going to show up at her house. It would only cause more problems.

Should I just move on? Should I turn myself in? Am I a criminal? I feel like a bad person but again, I didn't mean to hurt her.

And fuck, herpes. Christ Almighty. She must have gotten it from her ex. What the fuck do I do now.

You sound like a pathetic excuse of a man, that girl you got just isn't perfect because she is easily carried out by her princess fantasies that you're her prince

Listen uo faggot, if you truly care about this girl and would prefer to have pain inflicted upon you rather than her, than go and improve yourself, hit the gym, cut the drugs, reflect on your past actions, develop a moral code and stick to it no matter what, become the man you'd want her to date, its the bare fucking minimum you can do

I wear glasses I know the struggle user kek. Honestly I would recommend two if you can afford, one in a standard black square/rectangular frame, and a second one for fun. I wouldn't personally pick the clear because they can scratch up, discolour and don't suit everyone but if you like them go for it!

You can always check out an optometrist and try on some styles in store so you know what to look for

you're clearly projecting, I never did anything of the sort with her- I was tunnel-vision orbiting a manipulative cunt at that time that she was trying to steer me away from.
I was never even attracted to her until well after shit went downhill and we stopped talking.

To me it sounds like she's definitely into you, especially the smile and nod, not every woman is this cute to a stranger
So what if that's her culture? She clearly seems to enjoy being with you, why not keep in touch?

Be honest.
Tell her exactly what bothers you, what's been on your mind, and how you would prefer things to go


>I didn't mean to hurt her.
You did hurt her, you sexually assaulted her if not full blown rape. She will have to live with this for the rest of her life you selfish fuck.

She said no and you continued you're not "like"a rapist you ARE one.

Get yourself into therapy, stop contacting her, learn to live with what you've done. Learn that if someone says no it means no, not go ahead and do whatever because you THINK you know better.

If it's not enthusiastic consent it's not consent

So, something like "I feel like things have changed between us and I would really like to know what's going on."

You wouldn't be on here desperately asking for advice because you can't bear not to talk to her if I wasn't even a little bit right, user. Take this as a wake up call and stop putting her on a pedestal, learn to function without needing her in put

You've done fuck up, user
Never, EVER try to get intimate with a girl if she's drunk, its much safer to blue ball her than try anything, even if she whines at the time, she will definitely realize it was the best later
Second, she explicitely told you "No", you should havw stopped by now and I'm glad you realize this, you meant no harm sure, and I don't think you should turn in, you did something bad, you recognize it, and (i hope) apologized for it, if she doesn't want you back, I'm sorry man, but you'll have to move on

About the herpes, I cant do much about it, not familiar with STDs, you're better off asking a professional about it

Maybe she just doesn't wanna hang out would prefer to just chat

someone else asked, I just added to it because I'm curious.
I've been going with the "wait for her to message instead of sending another unsolicited text" plan for a few months now, since before I knew about Jow Forums.

Also for you:


A few months? You should definetly text her. Even if she doesn't reply you should make sure she knows you care for her.

I think it would be natural for her
to message, but if you think it's been a while and want to talk, you should message first

What was it?

Yes, thats a good conversation started, gets the point across in a direct way
Go ahead user, wish you luck

>few months
Oh she's already abandoned you, you guys aren't friends anymore.

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I posted the original question
To be clear, I'm upset she won't talk to me because I fucked up. We used to talk almost every day (if it matters, we initiated conversations equally as often) but there would be times we just didn't talk. That's different from actually avoiding talking to me, which is what I'm struggling with now.

girls, do you prefer flat skinnymode stomach, or abs on guys?

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She very clearly doesn't see you as a friend anymore if you haven't talked in months and she ignores your messages.

did NOT mean to click that image

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Thanks. I just can't go on like this, I'd rather be single than in this weird limbo.


for some asinine reason i get hair on my ass but not on my chest and barely anything on my legs

But are there no degrees to this type of action? Is what I had done just as bad as someone who violently holds down the person they are trying to garner sexual gratification from? I didn't use any sort of physical means to hold her down. She was on top of me. There was sexual intimacy leading up to the event. She even gave a flirtatious response. I had no intention of harming her.

Am I supposed to immediately shut down? How am I supposed to sexually calm myself down after she worked me up?

I admit I did the wrong thing. I should have listened to her the first time.

But do none of the events leading up to the act that bothered her have any bearing on why it could be that I may have gone ahead and did what I did?

I'm not saying that ignoring her expressed words and inserting myself inside her anyways was okay by any means.

>What was it?
lots of shit compounded together because of all of the stress we were under at the time, still haven't fully sorted it out in my head.
First she told me she was selling personalized fetish pics on some site "because it's not like she has a boyfriend anyway", I tried getting her to stop before it digs even further into her self-image which is what got her there to begin with (she has a long list of shit, very real PTSD I'm 90% was from being raped but she never outright said it happened). Of course I worded it badly and came off sounding like I just thought she was a shitty person instead of being concerned for her health like I was.
The thing is, that just stayed under the surface for a few months after that until the day shtf when she brought it up saying I was lecturing her.
Meanwhile during those few months (again, can't overstate we were both under super high stress) I was constantly becoming avoidant to the point that it would sometimes make a scene when I left, and I was easy to set off. The day shtf everyone was apparently looking at her when it happened, so she blamed me and was mad about how easy I was to set off at the time.

But what I can't wrap my head around is the fact that I am supposed be just as disgusted with myself as you are. Yet I am not and I can't.

Trust me. In a way, I feel horrible. I hurt a person that I love, and I think that what made this situation what it was was the fact that we got into a bitter argument earlier in the night that riled her up emotionally, and the alcohol.

I assumed because of the fact that we were in a relationship, and the relationship was relatively happy and cheerful and fun, and ultimately because of the fact that she was grinding on me and talking dirty to me that she would have been aroused after awhile.

You are saying that unless the other party says yes out loud, and unless there is at least some hint of enthusiasm on their part either in their voice, body language, eyes, facial expression, etc. Etc. that I have no right to insert myself inside that person. That I am essentially violating their personal space and their body and them essentially.

If that is what you mean, then I am in agreement with you, and I am in the wrong. However, I fail to see how I am a monster, or how this was an atrocious, soul destroying act.

I do not believe what I did puts me on par with serving a life sentence as some sick motherfuckers do for really violently assaulting people sexually.

I do however believe that I committed a crime, that I should probably serve time or be charged with some sort of misdemeanor.

But I do sincerely believe that there needs to be degrees to these sorts or actions and behaviours, and for you to throw everything leading up to the events out of the window on one overarching generalizing principle, then you also write off thousands of others before me as if they are just as evil as Ted Bundy or Marilyn Manson.

I think I did a bad, stupid and foolish thing. But I do not believe that I am a monster who should suffer the guillotine.

Thanks for your time. I will try to seek out psychotherapy if I can get it.

women prefer garderhusars

I hope its not as bad as mine
Imagine all that leg hair on a butt, its pretty much what I have

>But are there no degrees to this type of action? Is what I had done just as bad as someone who violently holds down the person they are trying to garner sexual gratification from?
I wouldn't say that, you did fuck up but not to that extent

>Am I supposed to immediately shut down? How am I supposed to sexually calm myself down after she worked me up?
If she can't control herself with alcohol she shouldn't be drinking in the first place, she has some guilt in this, but still explicitly told you "no", so you're in the wrong here

>You are saying that unless the other party says yes out loud, and unless there is at least some hint of enthusiasm on their part either in their voice, body language, eyes, facial expression, etc. Etc. that I have no right to insert myself inside that person. That I am essentially violating their personal space and their body and them essentially.
For safety reasons, especially when dealing with women, you should do exactly this

As I said above, she DOES have fault in this as well, couldnt handle the drink and was sending weird signals despite not wanting any action, but again, as i said, you pushed her even after hearing "no", so your fault is bigger than hers
I'm not taking a side her, just recognizing that both parties are at fault, and you more than her