How to tell if im a psychopath?

how to tell if im a psychopath?

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If you are asking chances are you are just an edgy teenager who spent too much on the internet.

Go see a psychologist. Self-diagnosing and role-playing is gay and so are you.

How do i know for sure though?
Im not gonna ask some roastie psychologist why i enjoy abusing animals and fantasizing about mass murder, i would be locked up in a prison

Why do you even want to know, then?
Does it matter? You are whatever the fuck you are, why do you need any labels?

There is no other way than seeing an expert. Other than that you sound way too edgy for a psychopath.

Stop being an edgy teen and go do something productive. 0/10 not even bait

I guess I'm just curious. Idk why it bothers me
so is that a no? why just call me edgy I don't get it?

Unironically if you are too young for this website you are just being edgy, come back in 3 years and see if you still think you're a psycho.

A real psychopath wouldn't ask, he would avoid bringing it up

im 19, not too young but not old
even anonymously?

>anime girl
>facebook filename

FYI psychopaths aren't edgy teenagers who have deep dark fantasies about murdering everyone they see, even animals women and children

also this.

Now get the fuck back to school, go watch American Psycho, and come back 3 years later when you have dubs to check

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so how can i tell though? you're not helping

Here's how you can tell if you're a psychopath:
You can't. Only a doctor can. Go to a doctor, if you don't want to then you're not a psycho. Get proof.

>Asking if you're a psychopath

You're not a psychopath. Psychopaths are entirely well aware of themselves, and they do not care.

Ok. Are you.socially flawless? Do people love you? Do you react emotionally to things involuntarily (like others... A psychopath has a great poker face. If for example one of the murder types has someone locked in his trunk and he pulls up to a police stop, there is no inner emotional reaction. Pure calm, all game).

Are people play things to you? Do you use them for status? Money? Entertainment? Are you a masterful liar?

If you said yes to all of these, still only maybe.

psychopathy doesnt exist man. if anything, ASPD/psychopathy/etc should be lumped into the ASD pile.

yes to all, I couldn't care less about people but they are drawn to me and other people just react differently to things than me.
That and also I have frequent evil thoughts is why I ask this question.
I might be autistic though like is suggesting

I guess labels don't even matter though, I'm just curious. Wouldn't wondering if I'm a psychopath go against being one though?

Frequent evil thoughts is totally normal. That's just being human. Some people get OCD just from worrying about their evil thoughts.

Wondering is definitely against it. You'd know.
Disliking people isn't really enough. You'd also have to be a bit of a chessmaster with people as your pawns.

I think I had a brush with being one, when I was a kid I had a few months where I would kill frogs by throwing them from the top of the hill onto a rock, or insects I would rip their legs and stuff, after a few weeks of doing it, I started to realize that this is wrong and I shouldn't be doing it, and stopped altogether, since then I had a lot of pets, cats, dogs, hedgehogs, fish, lizards, sneks , frogs, tortoises, I treated them extremely well, all of them died of old age, I still don't know why I had that impulse to kill those frogs and insects when I was a kid, I started hating humans along the way tho.

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here's the psychopathy checklist. rate how close each one of those applies to you from 0 (inaccurate) to 2 (accurate).
>glib and superficial charm
>grandiose (exaggeratedly high) ?>estimation of self
>need for stimulation
>pathological lying
>cunning and manipulativeness
>lack of remorse or guilt
>shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
>callousness and lack of empathy
>parasitic lifestyle
>poor behavioral controls
>sexual promiscuity
>early behavior problems
>lack of realistic long-term goals
>failure to accept responsibility for own actions
>many short-term marital relationships
>juvenile delinquency
>revocation of conditional release
>criminal versatility
if your score is in the high end, close to 40-35, might mean you're an actual psychopath.

Sounds near identical like my husband. What tf would make you want to kill frogs? Or make an adult admit it? Idk. He had a fucked up childhood, maybe trauma is the answer here.

>He had a fucked up childhood, maybe trauma is the answer here.

Fuck, the same here as well, maybe that did it, I have no idea why I had that impulse to do it, literally no clue, it just gave me a rush or something, I despise that I did it, probably that's why I tried to make it up by helping/saving every animal that I could find.

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If you're worried, you're not. Psychopaths have absolute conviction they're right and everyone else is wrong.

That doesn't mean you might not have other psychological problems

see a doctor

OP stop being an edgy retard and do your home work

why does it anger you so much that OP may be an edgy teenager?

OP i know it’s you behind that post, just take my advice retard and get off the internet


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could be a sociopath or a schizo or a ton of other things

internet isn't a qualified doctor